Randy Birke is only offering phone readings at this time. Please purchase your time with Randy for one hour and we will call you to schedule your time with him. 

From Randy, "My foremost gift is mediumship. I see and hear spirits as well as people's deceased relatives and friends who want to communicate. I talk to these spirits mentally and see their faces. They give me specific facts, details, identifying traits and situations which the client confirms. I am closely connected to angelic forces, feel their presence, and receive insights from them to share with the clients. As a clairvoyant, I see the past, present and future. I see things in my mind's eye like snapshots or photographs, usually very detailed." 

In 2002, Randy Birke opened Kevin Costner's movie "Dragonfly" in Denver. 

Dragonflies are messengers...

"When someone you love dies, are they gone forever?" 

"What would you ask someone who passed over to the other side? "

Get to know Randy by listening to: Topic of Conversation Season 2 Episode 7 - Randy Birke. "Live From The Denver Press Club - Radio Podcast" Hosted by Rob Scoggins Jr. (Sponsored by Reed Art & Imaging)

Book a private session with Randy for a phone reading. $125 hour (As of 3/30/2021, Randy is only offering 60-75 minute readings. Your reading will be at least 60 minutes but no more than 75 minutes). Call the store to purchase: 303-964-9339