Nina Schulze is an Integrative Health Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. She uses her knowledge and gifts in holistic healing and regression therapy to bring forth a deeper method of healing, helping those to discover the root cause of their struggles- be it repeating patterns, behaviors, and cycles, pain, trauma, or unresolved emotions.

Overview- Past Life Regressions are done through a method of hypnosis where you are in complete control. Theta brain waves are activated (just like in meditation) which helps the conscious mind to take a step back, and the subconscious to take the wheel. Past Life Regressions can be both intriguing and healing. With that in mind, at any point you will have the option to become the objective observer if your regression begins to feel too intense. This allows you to still experience what's happening, as if you are listening to the radio as opposed to witnessing it like a movie. Past Life Regressions can reveal undiagnosed pain that we are currently living with in this lifetime, people that we feel deeply connected to that we might have shared another lifetime with, reasons why we may be struggling in relationships & careers, why we struggle with certain behavioral patterns and cycles, as well as our callings in life. The process includes deep relaxation and establishing a safe place to become an objective observer, 4 past life regression scenes, moments prior and after the death of that lifetime, healing residual energy, bringing back to consciousness and if needed, regulation of the nervous system (through meridian tapping) and a chance to share your experience.


30 minutes for $45

60 minutes for $90

90 minutes for $135

Psychic Fair Rates: $1.50 per minute

Nina works at For Heaven's Sake Denver each Monday. Please check the Google Calendar for dates where she may be guest reading at Lakewood or Applewood. 

Call the store to book a reading with Nina: 303-964-9339 or click the button below to book online. 


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