Aura Reading with Elisa: 

An aura reading and healing can have a subtle but profound impact to provide more clarity and insight. Particularly when addressing blocks that you have been working on for a long time. Before we get started, Elisa will explicitly ask your permission to look at your energy - permission is important in this work. During the reading, Elisa will be looking at your energy and sharing the pictures she sees with regards to your topic(s). She will share with you the information that she receives. In most cases, what Elisa sees is information that you are ready to let go of, sometimes in the form of old beliefs, pictures from childhood and past lives.

Once we have explored each layer of the aura, Elisa will be quiet and perform a healing to move those pictures that are ready to go out of your space. Then she will end with a healing energy and energy balancing for integration. Most people feel lighter and clearer after a healing. But everyone is different, so Elisa highly recommends self-care in the days after a reading as the integration takes place. Note: Elisa does not tell the future, give advice, or read other people’s information (however she can read your information in relationship to another person).

About Elisa:

Elisa has studied spiritual modalities including Clairvoyant Healing, Aura reading, Reiki, Shamanism, Ayurveda, Theta and Professional Coaching. She is a graduate of Psychic Horizons Clairvoyant Training, a Reverend of the Church of Natural Grace, a Reiki Master and a ICF accredited Coach. As a healer, she leverages the strengths of business and spirituality to help clients bring their full self to the world and embrace their calling. 

Client Testimonials:

“An aura reading with Elisa is like a spiritual shower of love, you leave clearer and lighter”


“I find that her aura readings are a great method for healing and letting go of emotions, patterns and behaviors that are no longer an asset to me. In addition, it’s a great check-in on how I’m doing overall and a way to spot “sticky” areas that are holding me back. What I find most beneficial is that at the end of the reading, Elisa clears all the things I’m ready to part with. I’m always amazed that in the weeks after the reading I’ll realize that the items she identified have resolved themselves. I also always feel more hopeful and energized after a reading. One thing to know, Elisa uses metaphors a lot and these can be very funny. - the Teletubbies came up in my last reading 😆 - so while the readings may be bringing up some heavy stuff, she always balances it with the lightness of humor.” 

“Working on my energy allowed me to heal the past and roll forward with the present and future. If you want to live your best life each and every day, then I recommend getting your aura reading by the one and only, Elisa Brossard.  Her magical gift to the world will supercharge your chakras and leave you feeling at peace!”

Payments: Cash or Credit (via Venmo or Square)
Psychic Fair Rates: $45 for 30 minutes / $90 for 60 Minutes
Standard Store & Phone Rates: $60 for 30 minutes / $120 for 60 minutes

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