Delaya Diana

We are surrounded by the wisdom of energy all around us and I believe that we are constantly invited to tap into that energy of wisdom and possibility. Sometimes we need help to do this.

I use Tarot as a point of contact to tap into these energies and gain information to offer insight and to awaken your own innate knowing and discernment.

I also use my gifts as a claircognizant, clairsentient and an empath and channel to help bring as much guidance as possible. Because I am deeply connected to animals, Horses in particular, I also connect with my Soul Herd to assist in my Tarot readings.

In addition to Tarot readings for humans and animals, I also do channeled Readings with animals/familiars. 

Psychic Fair pricing on Tarot Readings Only. 

Gateway Reading $97

This is an introductory Reading providing information for Pet/familiar and Human to step into deeper partnership and understanding through insight provided by the emotions, purpose, desires, and challenges of the Pet/familiar. This often includes insight into purpose between you.

“I am fortunate, I have within my care a Human. She is within my care because she understands how this all works, and she is in my care because I know who she is, and she knows me. Together we create stability and purpose. I care for her; in ways she does not even know. I keep her within my holding of space in her daily life. I watch over her in her darkness. I believe that she is of great treasure, and I am fortunate to have this responsibility. It is my gift and my obligation. I came here for this.” Excerpt from JC, gelding


Coyote Wild Reading  $140

Ready for some fun and mystical insight? Is your pet/familiar a Mystic, and what does your Pet/familiar have to do with your Astrological Chart? Find out with a Pet/familiar and Coyote Wild Reading.

I will do a channeled Reading with your pet/familiar, and Dr. Elisa Robyn will dive into the Astrology Reading. I will need a close-up photo of the eye and a body shot, name and gender.

The Coyote Wild astrology reading will look at the nodes of the Moon and the way Mercury and other retrogrades are influencing your Soul’s Journey as a trickster. Please provide your birth date, time and place, along with the Pet/familiar information above in an email after purchase, and then be prepared for some audacious insights.

These Readings provide an alternative look into the partnership you have with your Pet/familiar that will help guide your relationship with wisdom, clarity on desires and challenges, and a good bit of humor.

The Pet/familiars Reading is sent in a PDF and then we gather on Zoom for the Astrology Reading, and then go over the combined Readings. This is both fun AND insightful!

“Let go of the lies and illusions that you carry; they are not yours.” Excerpt from Sierra, QH mare.


Soul Purpose Readings  $300

These are a direct communication from the Pet/familiar, they choose the topic and the words that they have come to share this lifetime. I find that Pet/familiars most often talk about their life purpose and that usually relates to their Humans purpose, as well as their concern or observations of their Human.

I have learned that Pet/familiars and Humans experience many of the same challenges and success in life, from personal crisis to personal triumph. I have also experienced that sometimes as I ‘read’ for the pet/familiar, that they are ‘reading’ their human, and the information passed on is more for the Human than the Pet/familiar and reveals how the Pet/familiar is there to support their Human.

These Readings are for those who experience their pet/familiar as a part of their soul journey, they are very in depth, personal and compelling. After I channel with the Pet/familiar I write the Invitation, this is where I apply practical application from the information contained within the Reading. This provides ways to incorporate the message from the Pet/familiar into your daily life, the Pet/familiar is still involved in the Invitation. This process makes them highly personal and accurate; most Readings take 3-4 hours to channel and translate for the Pet/familiar. This work has tremendously expanded my education in the wisdom, the depth, the concerns, the insecurities, and the altruist nature inherent within the secret lives of Pet/familiars.

"When you are surrounded by those that resist who you are, those that drain who you are, wake up. Let them go. Without explanation. Without apology. Without guilt. You have compromised enough." Excerpt from Ember, Newfoundland Puppy


Each Soul Purpose Reading is delivered in a PDF and Readings average 12 - 16 pages, each Reading includes a follow-up conversation with me. After purchase, please send an email with a close-up photo of the eye, a full body shot, and name and gender of the animal for the Reading.

**For all Readings I will need a close-up photo of your Pet/familiar’s eye, a body shot, gender and name, please send these in an email after purchase.

"I had to slowly and painfully find my way to the understanding of what was lost and what was found. I had to learn about forgiving and trust, I had to learn that there was more to my life than my dreams. I had to learn that I had purpose and then I had to understand that my purpose would save me. I had to learn that I could be satisfied and be of benefit at the same time. This is Reconciliation." Excerpt from Dido, Mare


-“Delaya has done Soul Purpose Readings with all four of my horses and she was able to connect into each of them completely in the uniqueness of who they are.

I was moved to tears by every single one of them, which speaks to Delaya’s ability to clearly channel the essence of what my horses each wanted to share. It was such a gift to receive each of their readings! I have read them all multiple times and each time I do, more is revealed. 

The readings have been such a beautiful connection point for my horses and I. Delaya was able to put into words things I had felt but couldn’t quite make full sense of. I love how each of their voices shone through and how Delaya clearly connected with each of them on a soul level.

On top of how impactful these readings have been for me personally, something that speaks volumes of Delaya’s gift is that two of my horses have since asked for a second reading with her. This means the most to me because it shows me they trust her to deliver their messages with clarity and accuracy. And their trust in Delaya deepens my trust in her too.” 

Angela Saieva, Canada

Equine Elevation

Sovereign Horse

-“This is REALLY freaky! I have felt that we are done with ‘training’ and that we are working on connection at a much deeper level. There is no way you would know this, it had to have come from Red.”      Joyce, California

-“I pride myself on having a dep soul connection with my horse, and I’ve resisted animal communication up until this point because I feel like ‘I know what she is thinking. I don’t need that.” But boy oh boy, was I ever wrong. Delayas reading laid to rest about six things I have been second guessing in my horsemanship journey. The accuracy had tears streaming down my face and the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Now I understand that we are ready for a change in training philosophy AND that there's absolutely nothing wrong with our relationship. We just need to learn to communicate better. Whenever we hit a patch of resistance. I worry that she doesn't understand my intentions and thinks I'm just being bossy for no reason. After this Reading I know that I don't need to worry about that at all. My horse sees me fully. I see her fully. From this reading I now understand how incorporating my horse into my spiritual life will bring such a benefit to all aspects of my life, including my business. We simply need to step into our power. THANK YOU, Delaya!”     Laura Langfitt, California