April Curry - Akashic Reiki Reader

My name is April, I'm a Reiki Master, Intuitive Reader, and the author of "Awaken Your Intuitive Intelligence."

It's my life purpose to help others discover their encoded intuitive abilities so they can live in connection with their soul purpose. I have spent the last decade creating energetic clearing techniques that help myself and my clients grow energetically, intuitively, and spiritually.

When I personally learned that I could tap into higher vibrational energy, my intuitive abilities were strengthened. finding this intuitive alignment created a sense of harmony, magic, and effortlessness that vibrated into my everyday experiences.

My mission is to empower people to find the answers within themselves and to confidently act on their intuitive gifts so they can create the life that they were inherently meant to discover.

I love Reiki because it connects us to higher vibrational energy, balances our energetic system, and creates a supportive space to listen to our intuition.

I love offering intuitive readings because it uncovers current intuitive gifts, future intuitive potentials, life purpose energy, lineage, relationships, and a chakra blueprint that clarifies and accelerates intuitive development.

We are all here to unlock our intuitive intelligence and it's my honor to be the conduit to help you navigate your inner wisdom.

Love, April

1 Hour Reading: $120

All sessions are via Zoom/Facetime. Call the Applewood store to book your session with April: 303-284-3470