Crystal Chakra Boom Workshop with Elisa Brossard

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Join Elisa Brossard in the exploration of chakras in this two-part workshop series, the Crystal Chakra Boom.

Saturday Jan 15 & 22, 7pm - 9pm

For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

In these immersive and interactive workshops, you will:

* Learn basic understanding of chakras and how to get unblocked

* Gain knowledge of what crystals support each chakra

* Have fun in a supportive and joyful environment

In the first workshop on Saturday, January 15th, we will explore the first three Chakras, focusing on grounding and being human on this planet in present time. In the second workshop on Saturday, January 22nd, we will explore chakras 4-7, learning more about our hearts and spiritual wellbeing. In both workshops, we will be working with crystals, integrative exercises and self exploration.

Meet your instructor! Click here to learn about Elisa.

$40 single; $70 couple (price includes both workshops). Limited to 15 participants.

Proof of purchase required for entry. There are no refunds on event/workshop tickets.

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