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Brush, Makeup Wand w-Lemurian
Dioptase Specimen- Rough
Sphere, Ruby Fuchsite 3in.
Opal, Koroit Nut Boulder, Cabo
Fluorite Cluster on Matrix - R
Wand, Aventurine/Green
Fluorapophyllite Cluster
Kyanite/Blue - Rough 27-30oz.
Wand, Amethyst
Wand, Amethyst
Sale price$110.00
Wand, Rose Qtz w-Velvet Bag
Fluorite, Green Cluster 3.85lb Madagascar
Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Sale price$105.00
Calcite/Honey Egg,  Aprox 5x3in.
Chrysoprase - Tumbled
Obelisk, Quartz/Clear
Herkimer - D/T $98
Herkimer - D/T $98
Sale price$98.00
Moonstone (Cat's Eye), Lingham
Quartz/Smokey - Cluster
Fluorite - Polished Point
Flame, Jasper 3.7lbs  Approx. 6 x 5lin.
Fuorite Cluster on Matrix
Fluorapophyllite Cluster
Crescent Moon Formed From BismuthCrescent Moon Formed From Bismuth

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