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Singing Bowl Symphony

Sound Bath with Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl

July 15th, 2017 7:30 to 9 pm - Saturday Evening

Savasana with alchemy bowls! Surround yourself with a symphony of sound as you relax in the yogic corpse pose. Immerse in healing sounds and vibrations that soothe body and soul while “mind” escapes everyday life to trance-journey where it will. As part of a small group, you will be able to lie on the floor and feel the healing vibrations of the alchemy bowls and other crystal sounds “up close and personal”.

Attuning to the gentle sound allows the physical and etheric bodies to harmonize with the vibrations, while balancing chakras, integrating left-right brain hemispheres, and clearing blockages. Peace, balance, joy and healing are part of the transformation and on a soul level, the angelic music of singing bowls help connect us with All That Is.

This is a floor experience, so bring a mat and light blanket; wear layers; bring water.

Mary has been "playing" with sound and crystal healing for over 20 years. The love of crystals led her to energy work with chakras and energy fields; she is a certified Master of Crystology. The love of music and sound brought her to crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and other sound healing modalities. Mary has studied with sound healing masters, Jonathan Goldman and Suren Shrestha and credits Rasamayi for introducing her to alchemy bowls. She is a trainer for the Oneness phenomenon, dedicating many hours to training, service, and trips to India.

Cost: $33 prepaid registration, $38 at the door. Register by calling or visiting For Heaven’s Sake at 303-964-9339, or online at  Registration link. Register early – the group will be limited to 10 people.



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