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Pluto Workshop with Rob Paul

Rob Paul

May 10th, 2017 - 7 to 8:30 pm


Pluto in the birth chart represents our Soul’s intentions. These Soul-level intentions can also be seen as our deep emotional and psychological attachments, the thread of existence that strings together our entire lives.

Astronomically, Pluto may be downgraded to dwarf planet. Astrologically though, he only continues to rise in prominence.

Astronomers say that Pluto still holds an outsized place in humans’ hearts. I believe this is because many of us intuitively sense the profound power that this planet holds.

This workshop will serve as an excellent introduction into the planet Pluto from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective. It will teach you how in understanding Pluto, it can help provide coherence to the seemingly disparate experiences that have patterned your life. This will then provide a fresh perspective on everything that’s ever happened to you.

This workshop is both accessible to beginners and suitable for long-time students of astrology. You will leave with a deeper understanding of how Pluto shows the Soul’s intentions in a birth chart, and how that might manifest for each individual. You will also gain a deeper understanding of each sign of the zodiac.


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