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Event Listing

September 28th-30th, 2018, FRIDAY-SUNDAY


Denver's BEST Psychic Fair

$1 minute/30 minute minimum for MOST READERS! 


FRIDAY, 10am-7pm Denver; 11am-6pm Lakewood
* Melodie Matice – Clairvoyant, Angel Cards, Reiki 

* Deanna Gloyd - Dowser, Spiritual Response therapy, Akashic Records Reader, Psychic Medium, Transformational Coach

* Dia Nunez - Tarot Cards, Crystal Readings, and Spiritual Guidance 
* Michelle DeWitt - Psychic Medium, Removes Emotional Blocks, Helps You Define Your Soul's Purpose LAKEWOOD
SATURDAY, 10am-7pm Denver; 11am-6pm Lakewood
* Melodie Matice – Clairvoyant, Angel Cards, Reiki 
* Kris Gibbs - SPECIAL GUEST READER! Angelic, intuitive Tarot readings and consultations
* Deanna Gloyd - Dowser, Spiritual Response therapy, Akashic Records Reader, Psychic Medium, Transformational Coach
* Dia Nunez -Tarot Cards, Crystal Readings, and Spiritual Guidance LAKEWOOD
SUNDAY, 10am-5pm Denver; 12pm-5pm Lakewood

* Randy Birke – Transformational Psychic Medium, “Messages from the other side” (cash only $40/30 minutes; $80/hour)

* Michelle DeWitt - Psychic Medium, Removes Emotional Blocks, Helps You Define Your Soul's Purpose  

* Melodie Matice – Clairvoyant, Angel Cards, Reiki

 Call the Denver store at 303.964.9339 and Lakewood store at 303.953.8760 or email: info@forheavensake.com to pre-register OR drop in







Cost: $45 single;  $75 couple pre pay; $45 day of. Register early! Space is limited: Click here to register





Fall Equinox Meditation & Activation

Receiving the Essence of Abundance, Love and Gratitude

with Regina Sisco


Saturday September 22nd, 2018

Where: For Heaven’s Sake Lakewood


Cost: $40 single, $70 couple pre-pay; $45 day of




The Fall Equinox is the time of equal daylight and night – perfect balance. When you are in balance you are in the ideal state to receive. It is also the beginning of the “Harvest Season” of Abundance. Those seeds of desire that you planted in the Spring will begin manifesting now.

In our time together I, Archangel Michael and Pegasus would like to assist by:

  • Clearing away anything that may be blocking you from receiving your Abundance now.
  • Provide tools to increase your awareness so you can maintain a higher vibration of Love.
  • Offering a guided visualization on Gratitude. Expressing gratitude and appreciation will always bring your desires to you sooner, and in unexpected ways.
  • You will receive powerful energy activations that will assist you to acclimate to the higher vibration energies that continue to come to the Earth to transform humanity.


If you are ready for expansion and called to receive Abundance in greater ways, this may be the ideal event for you! Click here to register.


Regina Sisco is a Cert. Life Coach, Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Channel. She is here to serve individuals to help them awaken to their higher consciousness and to become their Authentic Self. Regina also works with leaders to help them to transform to be Authentic Leaders who lead from their inner knowing, higher awareness and love. For more information go to www.reginasisco.com. Contact her at info@reginasisco.com or call 720-771-1116.



TAROT 101: The Awakening by Richard Hartnett
Friday September 28, 6-8PM
For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

We have all seen Tarot cards, but what are they really?

This evenings presentation will be a basic introduction to The Tarot. We will discuss the Five suits that the tarot is comprised of: Diamonds/Pentacles, Hearts/cups, Spades/swords, and clubs/wands as well as the unique suit that is known as the Major Arcana. There also will be some exploration on how the cards are used in readings.

A fun evening for everyone regardless of ones level of understanding. This introductory presentation will be followed up with an in-depth weekend workshop on how to actually read cards for yourself and others....so please come join us and learn the art of reading tarot. http://www.Quantumspirit@ecentral.com

Richard Hartnett is a 30-year teacher, published author and speaker on the subject of Tarot. He is a certified Master Tarot Instructor with the American Tarot association. He is a published author of several books. You can also purchase his latest creation, Evolutionary Tarot at For Heaven's Sake.

Presentation Cost: $20/person prepaid; $25/person day of

Register on-line HERE or call the store: 303.953.8760


John of God: Tranmissions from The Casa

Presented by Dr. Joy Patten

Saturday, September 29th, 2:00-4:00pm

For Heaven's Sake Lakewood


Ignite your intuition! We all want our intuition to be fully open, and to clearly receive our guidance. Learn the energetic basics of your Human Energy Vehicle and how to utilize these tools for healing yourself and others. Sometimes when we are stressed, confused or feeling a need for insight, it seems harder to find our direction. We will address these situations and share specific practices and postures. Dr Joy will be sharing direct guidance she received while she was with John of God in Brazil. 

 At this practical seminar, you will learn:
  • Location and energetics of your Central Channel.
  • Significance of the Upper Matrix and how to connect with it.
  • How to do a self scan and see where you’re needing attunement.
  • Opening to and collaborating with the Divine.
  • How to assess the information you are receiving.

This is the introduction to an ongoing course about receiving direct information from the Divine.


$35 Single; $65 Couple pre pay; $40 Day Of. Purchase tickets onlne: http://bit.ly/TransmissionsFromTheCasa


Dr Joy’s guide, Caboclo Sete Fleches (Master Guide Seven Arrows) will make an appearance, to assist each person in opening to their own divine channel. Dr Joy Patten is a practicing chiropractor and healer who lived and worked in Brazil for 3 years. She is an official guide for the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, and is a medium of the Casa.


Dr. Patten will be offering private readings at For Heaven's Sake Lakewood the following day, Saturday, September 29th from 11-5:00PM. Call the store for an appointment: 303.953.9760




An incredible Evening of Mediumship with Randy Birke

Saturday, October 6, 6-9PM

For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

Randy sees and hears spirits as well as people's deceased relatives and friends who want to communicate. He talks with these spirits mentally and sees their faces. They come through and provide extremely specific facts, details - identifying traits and situations which the attendee confirms. Randy is closely connected to angelic forces. He feels their presence and receives insights from them to share with attendees. As a clairvoyant, Randy sees the past, present and future

$35 pre pay; $40 day of


Don't miss this opportunity to join him. Click here to purchase tickets. 





Let's Get Stoned ~ A Gemstone Exploration

Saturday, October 13th

7:00-9:00PM Denver Location

Special Guest: Lisa Nickens


Topic: Energetic Crystal Healing for Animals

How can we support our beloved animal companions through physical ailments of aging, arthritis, and general health issues, as well as emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, aggression, and grief? Animals, like us, are energetic beings, and working with energy addresses the whole animal- body, mind, and spirit. This presentation is an exploration of how to work with the energies of crystals to support and enrich the lives of our pets. We will explore various techniques for crystal healing with animals, including:

~Crystal massage for animals
~Crystals to assist chakra balancing
~How to create healing crystal grid layouts
~How to make and use crystal elixirs with your pet
~Uses for crystal pendulums with animals

We will be focusing on specific ways to use the crystals and stones to support and enhance the wellbeing of our animals. Some of the stones we will discuss include amethyst, boji stones, mookaite jasper, lepidolite, blue calcite, labradorite, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, clear quartz, and rose quartz.


About Lisa: Lisa Nickens, CCMT, CCSMT Lisa Nickens is the owner of Canine Wellness Colorado, a Denver-based business offering canine massage therapy, animal reiki, and a variety of canine services. She holds a CCMT (Certified Canine Massage Therapist) and CCSMT (Certified Canine Sports Massage Therapist) from the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage and is a Level 2 Animal Reiki Practitioner. Lisa grew up in Colorado and holds a BS of Geology from the University of Colorado and an MS from the Colorado School of Mines. After working as a geologist for 25 years, she decided to pursue her true passion: Dogs! Lisa’s lifelong love of dogs led her to open her own canine-focused business in 2014 devoted to the support of the emotional and physical health of our furry best friends. She was a former instructor and the Director of Development at the Colorado School of Animal Massage. Lisa believes in empowering pet owners and caregivers with the knowledge and ability to support their animal in every stage of life. Her teaching interests include senior canine massage and emotional and physical rehabilitation.

The idea of Let's Get Stoned has nothing to do with marijuana...and instead references the natural 'high' we get from working with rocks and minerals - sacred gems hold great potential! Come play in a magical room of stones. We'll soak in awesome energy! Register early - space is limited!

$12 Single; $20 Couple (pre-pay). $12 day of.

Purchase tickets online http://bit.ly/LetsGetStoned or by calling the store: 303.964.9339. 


Accelerate Consciousness Expansion

A Concert Experience with Paradiso & Rasamayi

Monday, October 15, 7-9PM

Arvada Center

Don’t miss this transformative celestial sound-field! The didjeridoo, singing bowls and voice-work create powerful, musical mystic soundscapes with the capacity to unlock new levels of meditation, self-healing, and connection with the higher self and the divine. Their music has supported events and projects with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Masaru Emoto and Steven Halpern. 

Internationally renowned sound healers and back to back Best New Age Album of the Year winners Paradiso and Rasamayi present their new CD and the experience of Celestial Resonance: Journey into the Infinite Heart.

Carnegie Hall didjeridoo artist Paradiso and singing bowl master alchemist Rasamayi bring concerts that are doorways to multidimensional journeys and experience regular reports of transformative experiences. Experience “Ezra” the Kundalini serpent didjeridoo crystal singing bowls infused with crystals including citrine, platinum, morganite, azeztulite, diamond and more.



Crystals 101 Workshop

Tuesday, October 16, 6-8PM

For Heaven's Sake Lakewood

Join us for a special evening of learning about and loving crystals! Learn how to choose and cleanse your crystals, learn how to develop a chakra set to optimize healing and meditation, experience a brief group sound healing with the gem-and mineral-infused Alchemy Singing Bowls, and more! Rasamayi is a crystal communicator and Alchemy Master Teacher who has served extensively in metaphysical and New Thought communities nationwide. Come with your questions, and feel free to bring one to seven of your own crystals.

Learn more and register for these exciting events on Paradiso & Rasamayi's website. 




Beginning Pendulum: Accurate Pendulum Dowsing with Deanna Gloyd 

Friday, Novemer 2nd, 2018 7:00-9:00pm

DENVER Location

The beginning pendulum seminar that helps spiritually minded people to connect with basic dowsing techniques that will quickly build your confidence.

How to dowse easily with accuracy.

Do you sometimes feel that you are spending too much time wondering if your pendulum answers are correct? Do you wish that someone would finally show you the steps required to get answers that made sense?

Many people wish they could use dowsing and learn the secrets of working with the pendulum to get clear and precise answers. Deanna Gloyd of toolsofenergyprotection.com developed the Accurate Pendulum Dowsing System ™ to teach others exactly how to create a solid foundation in dowsing skills essential for accurate answers and building skills toward top notch dowsing with a pendulum.


 At this practical seminar, you will learn:

- The importance of choosing a pendulum that is optimal for you
- Learn proven methods for establishing accurate answers
- Experience real time exercises to build your confidence
- How to hone your questions to render competent responses
- Identify when the answers are being blocked and what to do about it
- Gain trust and confidence in your ability to work with a pendulum

Energy Investment: $35/person or $70/couple prepaid; $40/person day of. RSVP Online or call the store:  303.964.9339