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Somatic Money

An Evening Of Group Money Mediumshipmagic money
with Dana Stovern, Money Medium

Saturday, July 22, 2017
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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$30/person pre-sign up.
$35/person at the door.


About The Evening -

Consider your money relationship in a whole new light:

Imagine money as a holistic vehicle for healing.

Imagine money as a somatic divination tool.


Dana StovernTreat yourself to an extraordinary evening experiencing your money relationship though an entirely different filter -- a multi-dimensional living money filter that will forever change the way you think and interact with your money!

Usually, we keep our money compartmentalized. We use it for transactions, to pay for items; to budget, making sure we have enough; to invest, creating our manifestations.

We also keep our spirituality compartmentalized with spiritual things like meditating and consciousness practices and energy work. We use words like abundance and manifestation and Law of Attraction towards money, but these concepts never really directly touch our money because  . . .

Mixing money and spirituality is taboo in both the spiritual community AND the business community. Most of us practice never letting our money and spirituality touch.

And this is exactly where we get stuck. We don't let our financial peas touch our spiritual potatoes on the plate of life and sometimes this stops us while the obvious answer is right . . . in . . . front . . . of . . . us.

That's when it's time to make a change -- to let our spiritual practices directly touch our money.

So, if you're ready to break the spiritual-money taboo in a holistic, powerful and cool way, you'll want to join us for an insightful, shift-filled, fun evening of group money mediumship! (



Who Is Dana?
Dana Stovern is a highly attuned and experienced empath channel who is establishing the emerging field of money mediumship with clients across the United States. She supports business-oriented intuitives and sensitives in solving money challenges holistically through body-based and spiritual-based money relationships. After a decade of spiritual work, Stovern was called to this field because of devastating losses in her life, including financial challenges. These changes required her to dig deep and team with Spirit World, creating new financial solutions for herself and others. The result is what you'll find at The Magic Of Somatic Money. Stovern lives and works in Paonia, on Colorado's Western Slope with her husband and their furry family of four.

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