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Prismatic Healing

Reserve your seat by October 10th and recieve a free 16 oz. Drinking Jar from the Vibe Bottle team! (a $20 value / limit 12)


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In this workshop I teach you everything I've learned in the last 6 years in a 2.5 hour period so that you yourself can move forward on your own path to discovering more about Sacred Geometry.


Warning: This will explode your mind into tiny little pieces but don't worry...we'll put it back together into some sort of a platonic solid or something useful. :)


Sincerely if you are a novice or an avid Sacred Geometry veteran I promise you will get gain something from attending my workshop.


- Zo Peacemaker



Class Segments include:



- Elements, Platonic Solids and how they relate to our Personalities

- The Relationship between the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube + Light and Sound

- Decoding and Mapping Sacred Geo

- Practical Uses for Sacred Geo

- Diagrams for Improving Personal Health and Life Purpose

- Using Sacred Geo for Manifestation

- Guided Meditation

- Q+A Segment

- Videos, Handouts and Exercises




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