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Our Deepest Needs

Our Deepest NeedJane St. Croix

            with Jane St. Croix Ireland

Work with Angels and Guides to manifest your heart’s desire

Our deepest need is for love and support.  We have a deep desire to be accepted and embraced as who we are, to express our self and to feel like we matter.

Love includes this, but also goes beyond.  Love is the connection that allows us to live authentically and meaningfully.  It lets us use our gifts and talents to contribute, experience the abundance, joy and purpose our heart desires.

Life experiences separate us from our being, our authenticity and our ability to create what we desire.  We get lost in the outer, which causes frustration, confusion, conflict and imbalance.

Intuitive readings, work with spirit guides and energy teach you:

How to manifest your heart’s desires quickly and easily

What’s keeping you from having all the love and goodness your heart desires

What subconscious patterns may be present

How to unblock yourself

Where there’s the most opportunity for success

How to put it all together for optimal flow

Jane St. Croix Ireland is a gifted intuitive who’s helped hundreds of people across the country heal, reach their full potential and live happy, successful, abundant, fulfilling lives.  Her sessions are fun, revealing, uplifting, experiential and participatory.  She uses her intuitive gifts, along with her signature warmth and humor, to help you find the answers within.

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