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How can you use your intuitive abilities?rochelle

Our world is filled with so many choices, making this the best time than ever before to develop and trust your intuition. Your natural, intuitive ability is your greatest asset in navigating our environment, which is saturated with information and choices.

Gaining skill and ability to develop and open up your intuitive voice is what this group class is all about.

During this 90-minute introductory class, you will learn the four practices that support your intuitive awareness.

You will also learn the foundation grounding meditation and participate in a group exercise that clearly demonstrates how the four practices come into play. See for yourself how easy it is to really hear and follow your intuition.

The registration fee is just $10, but don't let the low price deceive you. This is a power-packed class where you apply new tools and gain insights into how your intuition works. See for yourself how you can trust and follow your intuition more in your daily life.


$10 - Register today!