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  • Attract It! Guest Blog with Egan Sanders

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    Attract It! is a fun new board game based on the Law of Attraction that helps you become magnetic to your goals. Let's gather together to play a game of Attract It! and increase our magnetism by sharing, visualizing, laughing, learning, growing, and being inspired to make our goals a reality. Come with a personal goal in mind of something you want to bring into your life.

    Saturday, May 5th, Egan Sanders will bring his new game, "Attract It!" to For Heaven's Sake Lakewood (12pm-3pm). It is a free event, however, space is limited. If you are interested, please call to the store to RSVP: 303.953.8760.

    If you'd like to attend, this guest blog post will help you join the game prepared to attract what you what in life!


    Three 'Law of Attraction' Tips, By Egan Sanders



    Know what you want. Imagine you are ordering at a restaurant. If you are vague and simply just ask for “Food,” you have no real control over your order. You might end up with something you don’t really want. Take time to clearly write out what you want to attract into your life. Ask yourself how you will feel when you have reached your goal?


    After you have set a goal take action. Sometimes you will get a clear sense of a simple step you can take toward your goal. If no action is possible, or nothing seems appropriate to do at that time, wait until one does. Affirming, visualizing and other Law of Attraction techniques are powerful. When followed up with action, they become even more effective. We live in a physical world. Outer actions are needed to change your life to maximize the Law of Attraction.


    Let things play out after you have taken action on your goal. Release the need to mentally figure out how your goal will be achieved. Just as you trust that the sun will rise every morning, trust that your goal will manifest in time. If you are focused on a goal and consistently taking action on it, the universe will do its best to fill your order. The Law of Attraction works best when you ask for what you want and then allow new situations, circumstances to develop in a natural way. Allow yourself to grow into your goal and new reality. Be willing to let go and trust that the universe is working with you to bring you your heart’s desire.

    We hope you join us Saturday, May 5th, 12pm - 4pm for this free and exciting event! Call the store to RSVP: 303.953.8760

  • What Is It Like In Heaven?

    Medium Heather HunterOur dear friend and psychic medium Heather Hunter, who is lovingly called "America's phone line to Heaven," answered this question recently on her website and we wanted to share it with you! We hope you enjoy her insight into Heaven, and be sure to see her upcoming For Heaven's Sake Lakewood event details at the bottom of this post.

    What's It Like In Heaven?

    If I had a dollar for every time I have been asked that question...I'd have a fortune by now!

    So what's the answer? Well, it depends.

    It truly seems to depend on who (in Heaven) you ask!  I once began to bring through a deceased husband for his wife.  It was only a few minutes into our session and I had just described this man's appearance and manner of passing when she blurted out, "What's he doing over there?" Her husband showed me a very large, crystal clear lake with water so calm it was smooth as glass. The surface of the water perfectly reflected the blue sky with a few white fluffy clouds.  In the very middle of this giant serene lake he showed himself in a small boat, fishing.  As soon as I shared this image with his wife he showed me a new scene.  In this next scene he was in the middle of an enormous  golf course of the brightest green. His wife was a bit incredulous.  She shared that fishing (especially alone) and golfing were absolutely two of her husband's favorite things to do while he was here on Earth.

    At this point you may be wondering if we can actually fish and golf in Heaven?  My answer would be that it seems we certainly can.  Or, we can at least create the experience of fishing and golfing.  I've also been shown diabetics enjoying their favorite meals and sweets, and those who were athletic participating in their favorite sports.  It could be that they wish to share images of themselves doing their favorite earthly things to simply let their living loved ones know they are happy.  I have also been shown we go on to learn, and possibly have "jobs" of sorts.  For those who had significant mental or physical health issues while here in the physical I have sometimes seen healing taking place in a pleasant environment that appears to be a cross between a spa and a hospital or recovery center.

    The overall impression I get from the spirits is that the colors, the music, the nature, and even the experiences on the other side are so much more profound and magnificent than here on Earth.  It's as if Earth life is like the first black and white part of The Wizard of Oz movie, with crossing over being comparable to Dorothy stepping out of her misplaced Kansas home into the wonderful world of Oz--surreal and brightly colored.

    I will be sharing more on this subject and covering many more questions about the spirit world and our ongoing connections with our passed loved ones in an upcoming book.  My hope is to have it available for purchase within a year or sooner, and those of you on my email list will be among the first to have the opportunity to read it. (sign up for Heather's email list here)

    Blessings~ Heather

    Heather will be joining us at our second location on April 29th, 2018, from 5:30-7:30pm. This is an intimate, 8-person Spirit Circle that will last for two hours. Do you have someone waiting to communicate with you, or someone you hope to communicate with? Join us and have the incredible opportunity to communicate with loved ones on the other side.

    This event will sell out. Purchase tickets for Heather's 8-Person Spirt Circle by clicking here: http://bit.ly/HeatherHunterApril2018 or by calling the store: 303.953.8760 We hope to see you!

  • Q & A with Psychic Medium Heather Hunter

    Coming to For Heaven's Sake THIS Sunday, Oct 2 with her live readings event: "An Evening with Spirit!" 6:00-8:00 pm. Seats are $25, or two for $45 and are available online at: www.HeatherMHunter.com.

    Door price: $30

    Q: What is "An Evening with Spirit?"

    A: An evening with Spirit is exactly that--an opportunity to connect with the Spirit Realm--most specifically, your own deceased loved ones, friends, neighbors, and sometimes even pets!

    I will be offering messages from the Spirit World, randomly to those attending, as Spirit steps forward to me and makes themselves known!  Sometimes I am shown by the deceased loved one a particular memory such as a vacation or favorite place enjoyed by the family.  Sometimes Spirit comes through with funny stories regarding a certain event. They may show me their distinct personalities, physical features, favorite items, occupation, hobbies or talents, or even a favorite food they liked to eat. Often our passed loved ones will come through with validations for you that they remain aware of your life and enjoy talking about what you have been up to!

    Q: What if something negative comes through? Are you making predictions?

    A: My channeling of your passed loved ones is always about comfort, healing, and reassurance.  This is not about making predictions whatsoever, and nothing negative comes through. Usually if Spirit is offering caution about something, your loved one is usually only validating something you already had concerns or doubts about.  Mostly, they take the time to reassure you of their identity and that they are indeed able to connect with you and remain aware of your life.  My goal is to show those in attendance that love never dies.

    Q: Am I promised a personal message?

    A: At this type of event, I am channeling randomly to various participants as I make a connection with their spirit person.  Usually I cannot get to everyone in attendance.  However, what is incredible and amazing are the similar themes that go around in a group setting that help other participants feel a connection to their own loved ones and feel some peace and closure through the messages for others. In fact, I truly believe Spirit intentionally designs who comes together in these groups and will bring through certain topics that will resonate for more than one person!

    Q: When did you first start to see Spirit?

    A: Actually I believe that Spirit saw me--and my abilities--long before I was aware!  I was receiving nighttime visits from Spirit as a child, but of course I was terrified!  My parents just thought I had the most active dream/nightmare life!  I know now Spirit was drawn to me because I could open up.  But that shut down for years until I went through a personal crisis years later. That crisis brought about an uncanny intuition, psychic abilities, and medical intuition as I worked as a family therapist. Eventually the dead wanted me to help them connect with their family members during my counseling sessions! Before long, channeling the deceased became my primary work.

    Q: How do I book a private session? What other services do you offer?

    A: Private sessions are available through email: MediumHeatherHunter@gmail.com.  I also offer small group Spirit Circles limited to 8 to 10 where everyone hears from loved ones and gets one on one support from me for two hours.  All Spirit Circles and upcoming events are posted on my website: www.HeatherMHunter.com.

    Q: Any testimonials?

    A: Yes, on my website, on Yelp, and I am also listed in Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory.  I also have comments/reviews on my Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/PsychicMediumHeatherHunter

    I hope to see you on Oct 2 for an amazing evening of Spirit connections!

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