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  • Spring Equinox

    ‘Special edition’ –
    “Dancing with the Stars”
    By Janis Page   c2011
    These are extraordinary times, and call for extraordinary measures – including writing a spring equinox  ‘special edition’ update!    First, a reminder that the planet of chaos and disruption, but also cosmic consciousness, Uranus entered fiery Aries last week on Friday the 11th – the day of the Japan earthquake, one of the worst five earthquakes in history, now upgraded to 9.1, the resultant tsunami, and the start of the continuing worsening disaster at the nuclear power plant in Japan.   Wow!  There is nothing subtle about that.  
    I’ve been studying the charts for a while now, reading what some of my astrologer colleagues are writing, and sit here Friday night before the full Moon tomorrow morning, and this window of time is extraordinary.  
    We are currently in a powerful seismic window until at least March 26, though I’d give it at least through the new Moon on April 3rd, where there is the possibility of more radical Earth shifts and extreme weather patterns.    Consider the Pacific rim “ring of fire,” indeed!    There have been a series of destructive earthquakes progressing around this Pacific rim recently, starting with the 8.8 quake in Chile on Feb. 27, 2010, and in the more immediate past, the 6.3 quake in Christchurch, New Zealand on Feb. 22, 2011, and now the Japanese 9.1 quake on March 11, 2011.   I can’t help but notice those master numbers in those last two dates…  and while there has been tragedy, people are showing up in compassion and camaraderie to help each other.   If the circular progression continues, North America may be next for a bit of Earth dancing, as she clears, discharges and rebalances energy in her rebirthing process.    Many are working to ease the energies, we’re ok.  
    We may see some activity by the time you read this…  This full Moon in the morning is a “supermoon”  when the Moon is at her perigee, or closest distance from the Earth.   This is the strongest, closest supermoon that we’ve had in about 18-20 years, and the closest we will have until 2016.   What I wrote in part at the start of the month:
    The full Moon at just under 29 degrees of Virgo falls on Saturday, March 19, at 11:11 am.  (more master numbers!)  The full Moon is conjunct the asteroids Atlantis, bringing a potential sense of ‘impending doom,’ water disasters, and issues of confidentiality and ethics; Terpsichore, about dance, grace and flexibility, body language; and Nemesis, relating to scapegoating, Achilles heel, seeking to place blame.   This complex mix of energies opposes the Sun at the end of Pisces, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, calling for working with the shadow – what do you not see within yourself, that you may repress and then project?  The Sun and BML are also conjunct Uranus, so a lot is going to blow open.    But even this isn’t all… the opposition makes an exact square to the nodes of the Moon, bringing in emotion (as if the full Moon isn’t enough for that) and impact on the collective level.   The south node of the past and karma is conjunct the uranian transneptunian Hades, which squares the full Moon axis to the exact minute.  Whew!   We are called to break down old structures and belief systems that no longer serve us, and at times we may feel like the ground is eroding away right under our feet.   Out in space there are black holes, quasars, and other space phenomena, including several ‘blazers,’ which emit electromagnetic impulses.   There is one at 28 Gemini, where Hades is sitting, called the Blazer Machine (no, it isn’t a sewing device)   The Moon was at this same degree conjunct the Blazer Machine during 9/11, the Asian tsunami, and the eruption of Krakatoa – hopefully we will not see an event of this destructive magnitude, but do note how powerful this full Moon is… 
    Then the next day, Sunday, March 20 is the spring equinox, when the Sun enters Aries and conjuncts Uranus at zero degrees, exactly on the universal/Aries axis.    Clustered with them on the 90 degree dial are Black Moon Lilith (shadow), Hades (breakdown at the end of cycles, purification or putrification, essential authenticity) and at the square, the Moon’s nodes.    For Denver, the ascendant is also on the Aries axis – for Washington, DC, the descendent is 1 degree Aries and the midheaven 1 Cancer, so all the angles are part of this major activation.   There is another cardinal cluster here as well – the uranian transneptunian Zeus, Saturn, and the Moon running from 13 to 17 degrees of Libra opposing Jupiter at 12 Aries and Mercury at 18 Aries, opposing watery Neptune across the dial, to add the possibility of water crises, some confusion, but also compassion and awareness.    Add powerful Pluto at the midpoint of the two cardinal clusters on the dial, and we can see great transformation, more revolution, including revolution in consciousness.    These planetary pictures can manifest in many layers, on many levels.  Take the high road to a rocket-boost evolution in consciousness!    Though at best, it’s not likely to be very comfortable.  
    While many consider the winter solstice/Capricorn ingress chart the universal chart for the following year, some consider the spring equinox/Aries ingress to be the significator chart for the year.    At the least, it will define the three months until the summer solstice.    I would say that we could expect massive change in our country over the next three months, if not over this weekend!    Things have been so intense for so long, at least we’ve been in training and know how to roll with it, right?  
    We don’t get a break then, either… the upcoming new Moon chart for April 3rd promises to be every bit as intense, volatile, magical and powerful, with a cardinal cluster of the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Zeus and Saturn, and another cardinal cluster of now Mars conjunct Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, still with Pluto at the midpoint.    Wow!    And as we had Uranus enter Aries early this month, the day after the April new Moon, giant watery Neptune will enter its own sign of Pisces.   It feels as if the island we’ve been standing on is awakening, and we’re finding ourselves on the back of a giant whale starting to move…  or somethin’ like that!    Check back at the start of April for more on the Big Events next month.
    In the meantime, be aware, take heart, consider and refine your priorities, stay in joy, gratitude, trust, acceptance, and creativity, and have a very blessed full Moon and spring equinox.    Now the balance shifts, and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the light surpasses the dark.   That is happening on other important levels, as well…  There is much to celebrate!     Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at  
  • Winds of Change~A Nick Message

    There have been many changes occurring that have been very evident these past few weeks. Drastic external changes and others internally. These are the winds of change. It is the process of moving from the old into the new. Many of you, as biological beings, have been asking for these changes, whether it be conscious or subconscious. That in which is given energy is that which is created. Many biological beings are choosing to make their transitions at the time, many are young. They are the catalyst for change for those biological beings remaining on this earth plane, helping to bring them into awareness for/of change. The process of bringing about something that is "new" is in truth the bringing into ones experience that which has already been known but is being remembered. The earth, your blessed planet, is going into a change of rememberance, of when it was in its purity, without the pollution, without the wars, without the negativity of lower vibrations. This process of drastic change, is in effect, changing the lives of biological beings on this planet; which in turn changes the vibration. This vibration begins at one point, such as a pebble that is dropped into a pond. The waves of change flows outwardly, changing and moving the energy of that which it comes into contact. Some waves are more powerful that others, making larger and faster changes, such as your situation in Japan. A new way of living, of life, for these biological beings will now come into their experience. It is the process of change in the highest degree. This wave of change will flow into the cosmos and bring changes on other planets and galaxies. All is as one...Remembering that your experience on this plane is also an experience for others on another. Many blessings and love.~Nick~3/17/11

    April 11, 2011
    Monday evening
    7 – 9:30 pm
    - through the Major Arcana of the Tarot
    This is a dynamic presentation that goes to the heart of why the Tarot is such a powerful tool in reflecting upon your journey in life. You’ll learn about Tarot Numerology and find your Life/Soul Card. No Tarot knowledge is necessary and everyone is welcome! You can bring your Tarot cards, purchase a deck at the store, or cards will be provided. Please don't miss this unique workshop! 
    Cost:  $25 advanced
    registration / $30 at the
    door (after 5 pm)
    10:30 am – 6 pm
    Tarot Consulting
    Dream Analysis
    Katrina brings her unique transformative style of Tarot work to Denver. A renown professional, she combines close to 40 years’ experience with the Tarot and other metaphysical traditions with over 20 years as a mental/spiritual health counselor, Katrina helps you understand the meaning of your life’s journey. With wisdom and compassion, she assists you in integrating the challenges and blessings from your session. Any topic is welcome and will be explored in a safe, personal and professional manner with light and love!  Prepaid sessions:  $80/hr.; $50/half hour.  Visit Katrina’s web site for more information.
    ABOUT KATRINA  Katrina Wynne, M.A. is an international metaphysical teacher and soulful counselor. She has studied Tarot and other metaphysical traditions for close to 40 years with emphasis on Tarot wisdom and transformation. Katrina comes to FHS from the Pacific NW for this limited engagement. Visit her web site for more information. 
  • Upcoming Events

    March 26, 2011
    Saturday evening
    6:30-9:00 PM
    Meet and Talk with Mayan Elder Miguel Angel Chiquin
    2012 - Mysteries of the Mayan New Year Revealed
    "The Mayan calendars are part of something bigger.  These calendars are part of a larger cosmology which will never end.”
    "Through dark times there have been external forces that have pushed the Mayan people to remain strong.  Our people have lived a period of 5,000 years that have been very difficult.  The native peoples began to walk through a very dark tunnel. But the culture, spirituality and energy of our peoples more than ever is present.  The Mayan people were cleansed of resentment by their ancestors and that their goal is sharing wisdom.  We need to bring a message of goodwill, humanity, clarity so we can all walk on the path of light, clarity, (toward Dec. 21, 2012).”
    This past Mayan New Year, Feb. 22, 2010, marked an auspicious alignment of six significant energies known to accompany big happenings in the past. Their alignment is expected to present tests or challenges until April 14, 2012...  What's next?
    This is a free event; donations appreciated.  Please call the store to register as seating is limited:  303.964.9339 
    Repeating Events: 
    3rd Mondays 7 to 9 PM
    Sheryl is the channel for Metatron, the Archangel.  His powerful messages and energy
    are so needed in today's chaotic world.  Metatron's messages bring powerful predictions of world events,
    weather changes and energies that impact daily life.
    Call to register.  Cost:  $25/person.  For more information, call (303-688-1245),, .  You can also contact the store:  303-964-9339 ,  Presented by Sheryl Watson, Metatron channel, Palmist, professional intuitive, spiritual counselor and teacher with over 25 years experience.  "I believe each of us is a powerful, autonomous being.  My work is to empower and encourage each person to live life fully and to know and remember:  "You are the Master of your own life."  Personal channeled readings are also available by appointment.  This is a very powerful way to receive answers and guidance. 
    4th Mondays 7 to 9 PM
    While sitting in on paranormal Meet Up groups, I noticed that there were so many attendees who wished to tell their stories and share their experiences regarding their encounters with the unknown. Most Meet Ups are not equipped for this venue and often some attendees were required to cut their personal stories short so the real group discussion could begin. I also noticed that these attendees never returned. Many paranormal Meet Up groups are primarily for the purpose of paranormal investigation and research. This group, "Haunted Like Me" is dedicated to those who have experienced or are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and in their lives and are looking for answers and solutions. Here is where the story -- your story counts.
    This is not a group for those interested in conducting paranormal investigations but for the forgotten person -- you. You are the person who is going through or have gone through events that you can't explain. Not every person , in fact very few, who are experiencing serious paranormal events wants to be paranormal investigator. Usually resolution is the primary goal.
    The purpose of this Meet Up is to assist in providing support, education and possibly some answers regarding your unusual journey. You will be able to freely share and speak with others, like yourself, who have or are experiencing events that seem unexplainable.
    Guest speakers, such degreed Para-psychologists, Clergy, licensed Counselors and hand picked paranormal investigation groups will be invited to assist attendees in providing some comfort, some answers and perhaps some resolution for your situation.
    • PSYCHIC FAIR & SALE – Denver’s Best!
    2nd weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    $1/minute; 20 minute minimum on all services AND 10% storewide sale!
    4th weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    $1/minute; 20 minute minimum on all services AND 10% storewide sale


  • Where is your Abundance?

    March 15, March 29 and April 12, 2011
    Three (3) Tuesdays
    Although your presence is requested, it is NOT required,
    because we will be doing our work subspace. 
    Where is your Abundance?
      Do You have Unhealthy Beliefs about Prosperity?
    Are you experiencing Frustration and Fear?
          Why am I Here at this Amazing Time???
      With the QXCI/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Device!
    As we move through 2011, many of us find ourselves stuck in old patterns, fears and doubts and wondering, “What is my life purpose?” These blocks limit and hold us back from experiencing and manifesting all that we are, all we know we can be, and all we can have/be in the now and in the future; whether your goals are personal or business related. Using the remarkable QXCI/SCIO, Quantum Biofeedback Device, let’s move beyond these limitations and old restricting patterns to gratitude for all we have and will have. 
    We will be holding three powerful evening gatherings using the QXCI/SCIO facilitated by Bj Hambleton, a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist.  Although your presence is requested, it is NOT required, because we will be doing our work subspace. 
    This is GROUP work.  The power of the group augments and magnifies each of our experiences.  We will come together for our own intense work and to assist each other and to be assisted by others collectively.
         Week 1:  Tuesday,  March  15, 2011; 7 – 9 pm:  Ridding ourselves of fear hang-ups.  Clearing old emotional patterns and beliefs held in our spine and brains and auras.   Accepting change and assisting ourselves to maintain abundance.  Preparing for openness and creativity.   
          Week 2:  Tuesday,  March  29, 2011; 7 – 9 pm:  Checking our systems for remaining hang-ups.  Clearing our energy fields, stimulating creativity, and connecting to Higher Source; being open to listen to your guidance and allowing ourselves to be open and receptive to manifestations – whether personal or business.
          Week 3:  Tuesday ,  April  12,  2011; 7 – 9 pm: Connecting to inborn intelligence, stimulating psychic abilities, aligning to your higher purpose, claiming our power and right to be co-creating our lives, sacred geometry attunement.  Final clearing and anchoring of our work into dream patterns.
         In the period that I've been working with Bj, I have become aware of an opening of my consciousness about abundance.  I now expect abundance in many areas of my life, whereas before I was doubtful.  This has lead to experiencing more abundance. SE
        After this class, I met a wonderful man – who may or may not still be with me, and from whom I learned one of my life’s most valuable lessons. L.
    Fee:  For all three sessions: $60 by credit card, $55 cash or check.  Remember, your presence is requested and not required, since this group work will be subspace – through the Quantum, Unity Field, your physical presence is not necessary.  You will receive additional benefit from being present as we will spend some time each evening sharing and debriefing.  Notes will be taken and emailed to all group participants.
    To REGISTER  or  to Pay: CONTACT either:  Bj Hambleton:  Steps and Wings Healing Arts:  309 Ford St. Golden, CO 80403:  303-378-6630 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              303-378-6630      end_of_the_skype_highlighting:, or For Heaven Sake:  303-964-9339 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              303-964-9339      end_of_the_skype_highlighting:
  • March Astrology Highlights

    “Dancing with the Stars”
    By Janis Page   c2011
    March brings several notable events…  and dare I say yet again, Happy New Year?  March 5th is Losar, the Tibetan Buddhist new year.   Tashi Delek!    Ok, for us in the Mountain time zone, the new Moon at 13 degrees of Pisces falls the day before, on March 4th.   The Sun and Moon are joined in watery Pisces by Chiron, Mars, Mercury, Black Moon Lilith, and Uranus – that’s half of the ‘standard planets’ plus a few friends, and if that isn’t enough water for you, we also have a Cancer ascendant for this chart.    People might be just a bit on the emotional side, shall we say?   And some may be a bit ‘spacious’?  Ok, spacey.   And idealistic, and feeling their thoughts rather than thinking them.    I get an image of a butterfly struggling mightily for its rebirth, emerging from the chrysalis, exhausted and wet, but just about ready to take flight…  have you been thinking/feeling/meditating about how you want to emerge into your life for this next evolutionary phase?    How to better come into alignment with Who you are, What you were created to be and do, and how to move forward, perhaps drawn forward by the teleology of your Essence’s calling?    That would be a better utilization of the energies than just having an emotional meltdown into confusion, don’t you think?    We have a major assist here with noble, expansive (and sometimes excessive) Jupiter in warrior Aries sitting proudly on the midheaven, bringing optimism and a bold stepping out into that calling.    With Jupiter in a tight square to Pluto in Capricorn, do stay in highest integrity, as being distracted into the use and abuse of power will not be to your highest good…  use the power of Pluto to transform and align with Spirit – and we’re back to our butterfly.   Sweet!  
    The quicksilver messenger planet Mercury is the first to fly out of that Pisces stellium into into heroic Aries on March 9th, like a pony express rider bringing the message to pay attention, and get ready!   For two days later, Uranus also moves into Aries on March 11th.   This is a very big deal.   We had a preview of this energy last summer, when Uranus was in Aries from May 27th to August 13th before retrograding back into Pisces – but not until after that extreme intense grand cardinal square in early August.   Erratic, explosive cosmic consciousness Uranus in the fiery sign of new beginnings, of ‘ready, fire, aim!’ is already shaking things up, even before it makes its next square to ever-present Pluto.   The Uranus-Pluto square is the signature for revolution!    You’ve been following the astonishing movement of rolling revolution thru the Arabic countries in the Middle East, yes?    Then, also, closer to home, in Wisconsin, where people are standing up and calling for their rights to stand against steamrolling corporate greed.   Here and across the ocean, people are starting to stand up to abuse of power, and to break down the corrupt power structures.   It won’t be easy, but it’s important.   And since Uranus and Pluto make their exact square seven times (!), there will be multiple waves of change.   On a deeper level, hopefully we will see a revolution in consciousness as more people wake up and become warriors of spirit and heart.   That’s really the point. 
    Sunday, March 13th, Mercury squares Pluto, so there may be some conflicts of will, but also the opportunity to go deep into a more profound level of understanding – and daylight savings time begins.   On a mundane level, watch for obsessive thoughts, secrets, erratic driving and behavior in general.
    The following weekend is another intense one.   The full Moon at just under 29 degrees of Virgo falls on Saturday, March 19, at 11:11 am (contrary to what my pocketbook astrologer calendar says).    The full Moon is conjunct the asteroids Atlantis, bringing a potential sense of ‘impending doom,’ water disasters, and issues of confidentiality and ethics; Terpsichore, about dance, grace and flexibility, body language; and Nemesis, relating to scapegoating, Achilles heel, seeking to place blame.   This complex mix of energies opposes the Sun at the end of Pisces, conjunct Black Moon Lilith, calling for working with the shadow – what do you not see within yourself, that you may repress and then project?   (note the scapegoating and placing blame elsewhere from Nemesis)  The Sun and BML are also conjunct Uranus, so a lot is going to blow open.    But even this isn’t all… the opposition makes an exact square to the nodes of the Moon, bringing in emotion (as if the full Moon isn’t enough for that) and impact on the collective level.   The south node of the past and karma is conjunct the uranian transneptunian Hades, which squares the full Moon axis to the exact minute.  Whew!   We are called to break down old structures and belief systems that no longer serve us, and at times we may feel like the ground is eroding away right under our feet.   Out in space there are black holes, quasars, and other space phenomena, including several ‘blazers,’ which emit electromagnetic impulses.   There is one at 28 Gemini, where Hades is sitting, called the Blazer Machine (no, it isn’t a sewing device)   The Moon was at this same degree conjunct the Blazer Machine during 9/11, the Asian tsunami, and the eruption of Krakatoa – hopefully we will not see an event of this destructive magnitude, but do note how powerful this full Moon is… 
    Then the next day, March 20 is the spring equinox, when the Sun enters Aries and the balance tips to longer days than night, to then conjunct Uranus the following day.   Things have been so fast and so intense for so long, and this month will just up the ante even further… 
    The following weekend we have some sweetness as magnetizing Venus joins dreamy, idealistic (and sometimes deceptive) Neptune on the 26th, then just after midnight enters Pisces, which is a wonderful sign for Venus.   Here is a bit more gentleness and idealization.   Don’t cross the line from hope and positive thinking into denial and magical thinking, but if you stay grounded enough, you may find spiritual insight, guidance, and inspiration.    Then on March 30th, Mercury turns retrograde to begin its first three week term of three Rx phases this year, inviting us to rethink, adjust, realign to set our intent with renewed clarity and focus.    
    The end of March will likely find us in a different place than where we started from…   remember to laugh, to take time to just be, to reflect, to align with and trust spirit…
  • Every problem starts from stress; every healing starts from relaxation.

    March 4, 2011
    Friday evening
    Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, and Bio-Energy Master from Russia.
    Topic: every problem starts from stress; every healing starts from relaxation.
    Let me tell you more about it!
    Misha will do short work on volunteers, and Yuliya will do acupuncture.
    On March 4th, Friday, 7-9pm at For Heaven's Sake.
    Misha, a Russian from the valley of the Volga River, is a Bio-Energy Master with the ability of intuitive insight into the human body. In the stress of everyday life, the human body accumulates blockages that affect the flow of energy.  Misha's healing hands enable him to sense precisely where these blockages are impeding the proper flow of energy, causing malfunction in the body, and to release them.  His loving, gentle hands assist the body's own healing even when the body is in a weakened condition due to injuries, stress or conditions with which one was born. Misha's Bio-Energy hands can help balance the energy fields of the body while removing congestion associated with past, present or even future physical problems and health issues. His work supports the body and its own immune system in preventing illness and in some cases eradicating problems instantly. Even if the body and soul are tired, exhausted by overwhelming stress, physical pain or severe illness, he can help make the body feel stronger, happier and more confident that one's life is changing for the better.
    Misha is an internationally known spiritual teacher, lecturer and Bio-Energy healer. Time spent upon his table has been a life altering experience for those who have allowed his hands to assist in their healing. He was asked by ISSSEEM to give a lecture at their convention ( Evidence Based Spirituality) this last June, 24 2010 in Westminster, Colorado. He has appeared on both television and radio speaking about his healing abilities, while extensively
    working on thousands of people in Boston, New York, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Europe.  His education spans expertise in anatomy, physiology, massage therapy, reflexology, x-ray, wilderness emergency training, and he is a nationally registered EMT.
    In his own words, "I can help prevent problems before they manifest themselves on the physical level in the form of specific stress that arises from different negative experiences in everyday life. The energy of stress tends to stay in the body long after the actual event has occurred. This forms energetic blockages in different areas of the body that stops bio-energy (or life-energy chi) from flowing normally. These energetic blockages weaken the immune system, provoking different pain syndromes which at the end can result in physical illness. This entire sequence of causality can be interrupted and freed during a session."
    Many have had the privilege of feeling the sensation of Misha's hands, of experiencing the quality of penetrating heat that is generated by his gift. He has been told that when he places his hands over the body, the person receiving the energy has the sensation of radiating heat coming from his hands. His gentle, loving nature invites one to an experience that is enduring. People have sought his help for stress associated problems, varieties of back pains, sciatic pain, migraines, imbalance in the digestive system, infertility, depression, hormonal imbalances, blood pressure problems, weakened immune system, sleeping disorders, and numerous other health issues. After experiencing his work, many have attested that they have more energy for their work and family, which gave them a quality of life that greatly improved.
    Misha knows his life mission is to help those in physical and emotional distress and he is tireless in his dedication to the effort for the last seventeen years.  Misha can be reached at 832-630-7519 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              832-630-7519      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or you can speak with his wife Yuliya Jirnov who is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner. Yuliya can be reached at 970-318-0198 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              970-318-0198      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.  For more information please visit our website at
  • Vision Quest Guide to Make Several Denver Appearances

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact Tom Anderson at or (913)642-5777 Vision Quest Guide to Make Several Denver Appearances Author and vision quest guide Tom Anderson will be making several appearances in the Denver area on March 30-April 1. Tom will be at For Heaven’s Sake Book Store, 4900 West 46th Avenue in Denver from 6:30-7:30 and will then give a free talk from 7:30-8:30 titled: An Introduction to the Vision Quest. Please call the store in advance to register as seating is limited for this free event: (303)964-9339. Tom will give the same free talk on Thursday, March 31 at 7:00 at People House, 3035 West 25th Avenue in Denver. Tom’s book, Your Place in the World: Creating a life of vision, purpose, and service will be available to purchase at both events. The book is an inspiring story of self-discovery related through the author’s vision quest experience that offers readers a guide for their own heroic journeys to lives of vision, purpose, and service.  Tom will return to For Heaven’s Sake on Friday, April 1 for a workshop, Creating a Life of Vision Purpose and Service. The two-hour experiential workshop based on his book starts at 7:00 and is $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Call For Heaven’s Sake to register.  *** Tom Anderson is an inspirational speaker, vision quest guide, and the author of Your Place in the World: Creating a life of vision, purpose, and service. In the past, Tom has been a successful commercial mortgage banker and real estate developer but today, he describes himself as an activator of purpose whose passion is helping others to discover theirs. His message is as applicable for individuals facing challenges in their personal lives as it is for leaders of organizations searching for ways to thrive in times of rapid change. With the head of a CEO and the heart of a spiritual warrior, Tom offers a unique perspective that needs to be heard. Tom lives in Overland Park, Kansas with his wife and two children. A complete press kit is available at

  • For Heaven Sake Interesting News

    After five years of running her Tennyson Street bookstore, For Heaven's Sake owner Dianne Fresquez had an epiphany - to effectively market her store, she needed to get out from behind the counter and get involved in the community that comprises a large chunk of her customer base.
    Little did she know when she co-founded the Berkeley District Merchants Association in January that she'd also be helping position the community for participation in a new city initiative aimed at boosting small businesses like hers.
    On May 1, the city of Denver announced the Denver Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative, a pilot program from the Office of Economic Development aimed at strengthening neighborhood business districts and their surrounding communities and helping small businesses grow. One of the districts chosen was Berkeley/Tennyson Street.
    "The timing of our Berkeley Merchants Association was one reason they picked us," she said. "We were organized, and we really needed to have that."
    More than half the city's general fund comes from retail sales taxes on small businesses like hers, according to the OED, and many of the retail establishments are in smaller business districts outside Denver's downtown core.
    The city chose five districts to participate in the pilot program, using a set of performance criteria that categorized each district's current state of development as somewhere along the spectrum between challenging and thriving, said economic development administrator Bo Martinez.
    The criteria were based on several factors, including property value trends, lease rates, vacancy rates, sales tax trends, private investment and private sector leadership. The goal was to get a good mix so that the districts might also help each other.
    For example, Cherry Creek North has an established Business Improvement District and a thriving retail base. The district also has gone through growing pains, from parking issues to dealing with change as some long-established independents were replaced by more national chains, Martinez said. With these experiences under its belt, Cherry Creek North might prove a mentor for younger, less successful districts.
    Between now and the end of the year, most of the effort will be on gathering information and neighborhood input, and creating neighborhood marketplace profiles featuring background information, demographic data, information on the mix of existing businesses and data on commercial development, Martinez said.
    The city is also partnering with Social Compact, a Washington-based nonprofit that will help Denver develop a plan to be used to attract investment in neighborhood development. Finally, the city has formed a Business District Alliance to represent the city's diverse group of small-business operators and property owners in the various districts, Martinez said.
    City Council members Rick Garcia and Jeanne Robb had been pushing for such a program for about two years as a way to help small neighborhood businesses grow and thrive, Garcia said. The Denver initiative is loosely modeled on a similar initiative in Chicago, he said.
    One of the initiative's key goals is to foster and support the entrepreneurship that exists in small neighborhood business districts throughout the city, he said.
    "I really believe that there has not been a focused economic development agenda," Garcia said. "This has been one of the first examples of giving small business a leg up, and I think we finally have something we can look at and say this is a program that shows City Council is supporting small business development."
    Also as part of the initiative, the city reorganized staffers within the Office of Economic Development, assigning a point person to each council district. Each assigned staffer will become an expert on his or her district so as to better understand and address the issues each district faces, Martinez said.
    The Berkeley/Tennyson Street District, which sits in Garcia's council district, already has some success stories, Garcia said, including demographic changes to the neighborhood in recent years that have brought in higher-income residents who enjoy the ability to walk to shops and restaurants, and to participate in events like the First Friday Gallery Walk.
    As the city's initiative progresses, Fresquez said, she hopes it will result in more joint marketing promotions as well as address potential stumbling blocks to growth.
    Number one on her issues list is parking, she said. She also wants the city to help during a planned street improvement project that could result in temporary drops in business. She's more optimistic now that, with the initiative, her concerns will be addressed.
    "It's really nice to see the city come together as a single, focused organization," she said. "They've made themselves available and that's comforting. They're meeting us on the street level and showing they care about what happens in the community. I feel like I'm the customer for a change."
    Development tools Next year, the city will ask for other districts to get involved and give them a chance to compete to be part of the program. Participating districts will have access to the following:
    * Creation of special districts such as Business Improvement Districts or Community Improvement Districts
    *Technical assistance (real estate, district formation, marketing) from city staff, community development corporations, other nonprofits or consultants
    *Local access to Denver's Business Support Offices and the Business Assistance Center
    *A citywide Business District Alliance
    *Home and Community Development Block Grant funds
    *Small-business lending
    *Streetscape improvements
    *Work force recruitment and training
    Program's five districts
    Denver's Economic Development Office chose five neighborhood business districts in different stages of development and levels of success for the pilot program of the city's new Denver Neighborhood Marketplace Initiative:
    * Morrison Road (Morrison Road, from Knox Court to Sheridan Boulevard)
    * Welton Street Corridor (Welton Street, from 20th Street to 30th Street)
    * Bluebird District (Colfax Avenue, from York Street to Colorado Boulevard)
    * Berkeley/Tennyson Street Corridor (Tennyson Street, from 38th Avenue to 45th Avenue)
    * Cherry Creek North (district boundaries include First Avenue to Third Avenue, and University Boulevard to Steele Street)
  • February Astrology Highlights

    “Dancing with the Stars”
    By Janis Page   c2011
    Happy New Year!   Again!  After the very frigidly cold transition from January into February, the month starts with a sweet, idealistic trine from Venus to Neptune right before the new Moon in Aquarius, which is also the start of Chinese New Year.   Because of time zone differences, the new Moon for us here in Denver is Wednesday, Feb 2 – Happy Ground Hog day, too!  (I don’t know if that little critter will see his shadow this year…)    In China, the new Moon is Thursday, Feb 3, so that is the beginning of the Year of the “Gold” metal Rabbit.   Rabbit years (like rabbit feet?) are considered lucky, generally more peaceful  and quiet, when you can catch your breath and finally calm your nerves, giving a bit of a break after the more intense, fast-moving and dramatic Year of the Tiger (2010 intense?  Fast-moving?  Dramatic?  Um, yes.)    Will the Year of the Rabbit really be more peaceful and quiet, with more focus on diplomacy (not force), personal development, and family?    I’m not going to promise that, but we can hope!   Then again, some sources say it may not be quite as lucky, because 2011 will usher in the Wood Rabbit in a Metal Year, and since the metal element tends to work against the wood element, we might expect at least some continued troubles and uncertainties to be carried over from the Tiger Year.  But that’s starting to get into territory that’s beyond our scope here.   It will be a shorter year for the Chinese zodiac, ending January 22, 2012, with the next new Aquarian Moon.    And we’ll get yet another New Year celebration next month on March 5th, which is the Tibetan Buddhist Losar. 
    So what does the Aquarius new Moon chart look like?    The Sun and Moon at just under  14 degrees of Aquarius are less than a half degree from Mars, in our local 6th house of health and service.   Focus on efficiency in your work, and please be very mindful of your health.   Aquarius is happier floating in the future than being consciously present in their bodies, and while this combination can be very focused and productive, there is also potential for agitation, being accident-prone, and possible inflammation.   All this is further amplified by several asteroids within that same tight orb – Zeus (asteroid, not the uranian TNP) - organization, explosive, inflammation; Ophelia – self-defeating emotional overreaction; Poseidon (asteroid) – spiritual, understanding, imagery, light; A-Urania – differences in how people think, and that is the astrology asteroid – it’s a good time to get an astrology reading!   These all make a free-flowing trine to Saturn – discipline, limitations, responsibility, conjunct the uranian TNP Zeus – same meaning as the asteroid mentioned.   It’s notable that Venus is at 28 degrees of Sagittarius, almost exactly the degree of the Sun at the lunar eclipse on winter solstice in December, so there may be activation off all that eclipse seeded.    On the 90 degree dial, this lunation activates Hades - disintegration, purification; Juno – equity of energy exchange in partnerships;  Icarus – taking flight; Astraea – sight, witnessing, incomplete resolution;  and the Midheaven – public self, reputation.   So if this new Moon activates anything in your chart, there is great potential for accomplishment if you don’t lose it, get into long lingering conflicts with others, and get overly emotional.   But you wouldn’t, would you?
    Over the next three days, Mercury enters visionary Aquarius and Venus enters practical, hard-working Capricorn, then the Sun gets busy and motivated as it conjuncts Mars, Mercury makes an opportunity-making 60-degree sextile to expansive Jupiter, which is nicely balanced by the Sun trining stabilizing Saturn followed by Mars making the same trine to Saturn, and then Venus making a potentially overindulgent square to Jupiter.    That’s all in the first week of the month!
    Then there is generally smoother sailing until the 9th, when Venus conjuncts Pluto – passion, obsession, possible great success.    Valentine’s Day has a sweet, sentimental Cancer Moon, and should be a pleasant enough day.  The Sun makes its annual idealistic and potentially confusing conjunction to ethereal and sometimes deceptive Neptune on the 17th just before the full Leo Moon on Friday the 18th.  This full Moon is at the last degree of the sign, 29 Leo, just as the December lunar eclipse was at 29 Gemini, hours before winter solstice.   These lunations at the last degree urge us to finish up old business to be ready to move on.   After a challenging ‘reality-check’ square from Venus to Saturn, the Sun enters Pisces early that evening.   For this full Moon, the Sun is conjunct Mars and Neptune in Aquarius, and Chiron at zero Pisces, struggling to assert itself in its idealism, and willing to break a few rules along the way to seeking healing and breakthrough.   Choose your ‘civil disobedience’ wisely, with the integrity to have respect for others’ right to be as well as your own.    With a bit of redundancy, which astrology often is prone to, on the dial, again Zeus and Ophelia are activated, adding to the possibility that situations may be made more complex because of over-reaction to anger or to the demand to stay focused and accomplish something!   So, you are forewarned not to go off the deep end and do something counterproductive and mildly self-destructive, which can happen in situations where someone has had to grit their teeth for too long…  some of this activation may carry over to Sunday, when Mercury conjuncts Mars – agitation - then Neptune – confusion, potential deception, then Mars conjuncts Neptune, which can bring in some idealism, but also more possible confusion and exhaustion.    Over the next couple days, both Mercury and Mars enter Pisces, which is Neptune’s sign, and tensions  may dissipate and chill out a bit.  
    The last busy day for the month is Friday, Feb 25th, when Mercury conjuncts the Sun, then sextiles Pluto, Jupiter squares Pluto, then the Sun sextiles Pluto.   There is a lot of powerful positive potential along with some power plays.   (I did not mean that to be so alliterative!)  But someone might win the lottery with that lineup.  
    Generally, February is actually more peaceful than most previous months, with some pretty sparky phases.    Stay warm, be peaceful, and Happy Valentine’s Day!   

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