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  • PASSION IS MY FLOW by Dianne Carol



  • Relish the shifts~A Nick Message for June

    This is a time of major energetic shifts, which may have been very noticeable with the past two eclipses. We ask that you bring attention to your inner guidance. You are able to now access information which has not been accessible prior to the last shift. The portal to the next level is now available to many that have been unable to "tap" into that part of Self. It's re-connection time! We have called this the Year of the Phoenix due to the solar eclipses which bring very powerful energy into the Cosmos. The Venusian eclipse triggered the feminine energy into a much higher vibration. It is activating the female energy in both male and female; the pulling of the Goddess energy into the light, which has been hidden within you for centuries. This is a gentle re-awakening. One which will open the communication between your biological "self" and your Higher Self. Correspondence between the two will be more powerful and noticeable. No need for the Postal Service here! The picture below depicts the flow of the recent energetic shifts. One can almost "feel" the powerful energy emanating from this picture. Relish the shifts, embrace the change, love thy self and bring your inner guidance to new levels of appreciation. ~Nick~ 6/8/12

    Channeled message by Deb Klepsch

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  • June Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    ~ 'The awakening of a tempest in a storm' (from a dream, June 1, 2012, 5:00am)

    Happy June!   And you might want to get a cup of tea and settle in comfortably, my lovelies, because someone has ordered up a big ol’ honkin’ family-size dessert sampler platter of major astrological events for this month!    This month’s forecast is going to be a long one…

    June opens in the turbulent, alchemical container between paired eclipses, following the annular solar eclipse of May 20, which was conjunct Alcyone, the ‘sorrowful star’ of the Pleiades, the stargate constellation of the Seven Sisters which carries the energies of the rainbow spectrum.   Both planets that can come between Earth and the Sun are holding hands in conjunction in Gemini - Mercury, mind, and Venus, heart.   This conjunction is supportive of creative expression, yet Venus is still retrograde (Rx) so some inner awareness and mindfulness are called for.   Have people or situations from your past been coming back around?  Possibly past karmic situations and relationships to resolve, and in some cases, release?  Both Mercury and Venus are out of bounds (OOB), further north than the Sun can ever go.   This urges us to defy limitations in our socialized conditioning of mind and heart.   What is true and right for you?   Have you taken up the urgent invitation to explore within, to seek who you really are, and why you are here in this lifetime at this powerful time on Earth?    Anchoring at the still centerpoint is vitally helpful in the midst of such radical shifts, of so much upheaval and chaos in the world around us.

    Neptune is stationary in early Pisces ready to turn retrograde on June 4, to remain Rx until November.   Take a breath, take a step back, breathe, feel… there may be issues and concerns about water and oil, and deception uncovered.   Fine-tune your ideals and align with your higher spiritual purpose and intent.   See where you are taken in dreamtime, as the veils are so thin, and the crack between the worlds beckons...

    Now, about June 4th, and 5th…  Neptune stationing, while nothing to scoff at, is not the big news, tho it assists the portals for infusion of cosmic energies that are opening.   The full Moon on June 4th is a lunar eclipse at 5:11am MDT, at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, exactly conjunct the Great Attractor – an unimaginably enormous black hole that many galaxies, including our own, are gravitating toward.  It is of such intensity that it bends light and gravity – scientists cannot see it, but they can see around and behind it.   Whoa! The eclipse of the Moon can reveal emotions that may disclose shadow or karmic material.   With Mercury out of bounds, our openness to awareness may be amplified, or conversely, we may defend against it.   By now Venus has screeched back in bounds to join the Sun opposing the Moon, with Mars tightly squaring Venus and the eclipse, activating passion and desire, will, agitation, urgency.   With Venus Rx, the Mars square could potentially activate old patterns and wounds from past relationships to surface.   Quicksilver Mercury forms a helpful trine to pragmatic Saturn, adding a bit of deliberation and caution.   This eclipse will impact all of us, especially those who have planets and placements from around 10-18 degrees of the mutable signs Gemini and Sagittarius, and to a lesser extent, Virgo and Pisces.

    With the eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor, direct your focus and intention on what you seek to offer into the world and to attract or magnetize that is for the highest good.   It is a basic principle that what we focus on becomes more real and expands.   More so than ever, anything we hold in consciousness is being accelerated now.   Rise above any fear or other afflictive emotions - and I know that’s very challenging with the extreme situations so many are finding themselves in these days – this is part of the resolution and solution to those difficulties.  Stay in gratitude, compassion, awareness, clarity, relatedness, and grace.

    Then on June 5th, starting around 4:00 pm, reaching exactitude at 7:10 pm and lasting into sunset here in Colorado, Venus occults the Sun, meaning that the planet of love will cross across the face of the Sun.   This is a very big deal – it is an extremely rare astronomical event.   There have been only six occultations of Venus to the Sun since telescopes were invented, in the years 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, 2004.  This is a pattern of eight years followed by 121.5 or 105.5 years.   The next won't occur until Dec. 11, 2117.

    The alternating sequence of 8 and 121.5 or 108.5 years relates to the Venus Rx cycle and the remarkable cosmic dance that our sister planet Venus and the Earth trace in the skies.  There is a natural harmonic resonance that creates sacred geometry patterns that are symbols of Venus, forming a pentagram or star, based on the Golden Mean or the mathematical constant Phi, a Fibonacci sequence, and forming a rose made of hearts.   Here, take a look:  Beautiful, isn’t it?   Do you see the star/rose pattern?   The dance of Venus and the Earth ask us to live in harmony with nature.   Here is a precious and rare opportunity to connect with Venus energies in a unique and personal way.   The call is for proper relatedness, grace, feminine being, responsiveness, and Divine Love.   Hold your higher self’s heart’s desire in your hands, and offer it, receive it, become it.

    Then, after the radiant light of the Sun conjoined in intimate union with Venus (and Venus is also conjunct the minor planet Chaos, so there is a struggle to find balance and order), less than two hours later, the Moon crosses and eclipses powerful and transformative Pluto, the dark lord of the underworld/unconscious. This intensifies emotions and creates the possibility of possessiveness, compulsions, emotional manipulation, jealousy.   Please, no emotional blackmail or manipulation by playing the ‘victim’ – (what a control trip that is!)

    There is a higher way here.   For as radically opposite as these unions of energies of the Sun and Venus vs Moon and Pluto first seem, there is resonance and connection as well.   The mysterious Moon also relates to feminine energy, in a sense, the Sun’s beloved, mother and priestess energy, also with her mysterious dark side of the Moon.   Also on a deeper, more subtle and profound level, the feminine aspect of Pluto relates to the archetype of the Black Madonna, who is black for having gone through the fires of the underworld of hell, and being transformed into a being of pure, unadulterated compassion, with an absence of need and nothing to lose.    Now that’s real power, not how thick your stock portfolio is.   We are called not only to reach to the heights of spiritual radiance and Love, but also to descend into the depths of the shadow, to do the ‘roots’ work that anchors us.   Many are being profoundly tested, brought to their knees these days, and many are quietly leaving this earthly realm.   See the mirrors offered…  Can you face the hidden, darker parts of yourself that you may not be comfortable with, and still love yourself unconditionally?

    Whew!   Ok, that’s June 4th and 5th.   Take a breath, be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself time to integrate all these radical activations.   But, we’re not done with June yet.

    On June 7th, Mercury leaves its own mentally active, agile sign of Gemini and enters watery Cancer.   We may feel our thoughts more than we think them.   Jupiter leaves stable, sensuous Taurus to enter Gemini on June 11th, where it will remain for a year, offering opportunity to explore your horizons, learn new things, meet new people.    At the same time, the centaur Chiron stations in Pisces to turn Rx on June 12th.    The bridge-maker between the personal and transpersonal, the wounded healer, calls for us to see what still needs healing and wholeness, what we may have left behind to gather and resolve.    On June 17th, the Moon occults Jupiter in Gemini, expanding ideas and possibilities.

    The new Moon is June 19th at 28 degrees Gemini, conjunct the ‘Blazar Machine’  (I heard that ‘wtf??’) Yes, sorry, this one is pretty obscure, but… there are stars, planets, black holes, quasars, which are black holes which emit electromagnetic radiation, creating superheated beams of energy, and ‘blazars’ which are optically bright quasars pointed directly at the Earth.    Blazar Machine at 28 degrees Gemini is notable because that was the degree of the Moon for the December 2004 Asian tsunami, 9/11, and the explosion of Krakatau.   So it’s potentially volatile.   This is very near the Aries axis and conjunct the uranian TNP Hades.   We may see some Earth changes, or more hidden information may be disclosed.

    Are you still with me?   (I may have lost a few of you on that last one, sorry!)  All of this leads up to the summer solstice on June 20th, when the Sun enters Cancer at 5:09pm MST.   Here we have the astrological midway mark of 2012.   Joining the Sun on the Aries axis is Saturn, Mercury, TNP Hades, asteroids Aesculapia (health), Pandora (surprises, the unexpected), Daedalus (the ‘artful dodger’), Pythia (misunderstandings), as well as the Vertex (fated events and encounters)   There will be new beginnings, some decay of the old, the unexpected, and some things will not be what they seem.   The summer solstice is a good time to review your year so far- what you have accomplished, what may have fallen by the wayside, what to release, what to work toward.  Solstices are always significant as the shifting point of the balance of light and dark.  Here is the fullness of light, after which the days will slowly get shorter for those of us in the northern hemisphere.   Be present with yourself, with how you are living your life, with how you are honoring your commitments and relationships.

    We’re still not done.   The end of the month is a bit bumpy…  After a lengthy buildup which has been causing disruption for the last two years, on June 24th we have the first of *7* exact squares of Uranus to Pluto from now into 2015.   This is a big deal.  This is an aspect of revolution, the breakdown of old structures, upheaval, breakthrough, transformation.   It heralds the end of the old order.  This square came close last year, and we saw the Arabic Spring revolutions.  Now, it’s possible that there will be political upheaval (ahem!) but also opportunity for revolution in consciousness.  The past ends now!  (ok, it ends every moment, but…)   The last time Uranus and Pluto were closely aligned was around 1963-66, and there was much political activity and protests then that successfully brought down support for the Vietnam War.  The people arising…  we may see similar events and upheaval, without and within.   On a personal level, you might feel unstable and insecure, as you realize you are no longer who you were, but you aren’t yet clear who you are now becoming.   While the transitional phase may be challenging, the evolution of self will be well worth the effort.

    On June 25th Saturn stations to turn direct in Libra, for a last sweep adding structure, testing and cleaning up our personal relationships before entering Scorpio in the fall.   At the same time (within minutes!) Jupiter squares Neptune, beckoning you to reach for the stars… this can be lovely but there is also risk of reckless overreach, so a bit of a reality check might be in order.  Then on June 27th, Venus finally turns direct in Gemini, and the backsliding in creative expression and relationships should finally start to ease, and move forward again.   The last hurrah of the month happens on June 29th, when the Cancer Sun forms an exact t-square opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.   There may be power struggles when attempts to control conflict with a drive for unbridled freedom.   Many years ago, I made a deliberate, conscious decision that I choose clarity and freedom, not power.  I’ve never regretted that choice.   Ironically, it can be a pretty powerful stance to take.   Allow freedom for yourself and others, with respect and fair and reasonable boundaries.

    There is explosive release and renewal, and deepening embrace of the divine feminine.  Again, be willing to go deeply into the truth of Who We Are and Why we are here, on this awakening protostar of a planet.  Witness gently, with clear presence, compassion, gratitude, courage and humility.   Be present, kind and honest with yourself, and with those who challenge you.   Take much needed time to rest, to be.   Be strong yet humble, be wise, with flexibility and fearless Love.  Like a shelter in a storm, I’m a willow, a willow…  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all. Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at

    My June forecast is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my friends and colleagues, masters in their fields - Diana Rosenberg, master astrologer and the world’s foremost authority on fixed stars (April 9, 1933-June 1, 2012) and Don Campbell, musician, sound healer and educator (December 27, 1946-June 2, 2012).  It’s been an honor to know and work with you both.   May your radiant spirits fly free, and dance with the stars…

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  • OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI OM - A prayer for Peace by Dianne Carol

    I acknowledge God in all things.  Every aspect of me.  God-Father, I ask for a healing.  I ask for a great healing.  I ask for the greatest healing never known before now.  God, heal the pain.  Heal the heaviness, the brutality.  Heal the chains of pain and the fear of separation.  Dear God, one Father, hear my prayer for peace.  Peace in the home, our home, and the home of our nation, my home on earth, as in Heaven. 
    Let peace be my name.

    God, in Oneness, share only love, speak only kindness, know the truth of our Be-ings.  Come forth goodness in gratitude, I hear heaven sing my name.  It is done because I ask putting into motion the Divine Director into play.  My fears now turn to love. I am. 
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

  • May Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    Mayday!  Mayday!    And now we have already quick-zipped one-third of the way thru the greatly anticipated year 2012, eyes wide and hair flying behind us.  How are you doing now?   I’m seeing a few moving forward step by mindful, gentle step, but far more are in some sort of spiritual crisis of self-identity, values, disillusionment, breakthrough and a lot of good old WTF??? The various carnival arenas where said crises are playing out continue to be regarding relationships, finances, health, work – spiritual, honing in on values, priorities, and self-worth and identity.   More are stirring to question and remember who they are, and what they are here for.   Do that, please.

    May is another month with a few significant highlights in the astrological skies, beginning with Venus, which entered talkative and fickle Gemini in early April, after Mars finally turned direct after his back-stepping retrograde (Rx) in Virgo.   Venus prepares to follow suit with her own retrograde two-stepping phase which will keep her in Gemini until August.   But the lovely coy little planet has no intention whatsoever of being at all subtle about it.   Venus starts the month of May waaaaaay out of bounds, much further north in the sky than she or any planet usually ever gets, screaming look at meeeee!!!  Wheeee!   And she is bright, and dazzling.

    When a planet is out of bounds (OOB) that means that it has moved farther north or south than the Sun ever does, so this is “up and down,” not the usual east-west of longitude that gives us the zodiacal degrees.   (more terms to follow, and there will be a quiz!) (ok, maybe not)   Planets that are out of bounds do not stay within ordinary, societally accepted parameters.   A great phrase to describe out of bounds planets (with a nod to my trainer) is that they defy limitations.   So, as Venus dazzles us from so very far north in the sky in early May, people are defying limitations concerning relationships, values, finances, self-esteem, art and creativity.   Sometimes this is brilliant and innovative and breaking free of old, now obsolete patterns and behaviors, and sometimes it’s people violating boundaries with a reckless and willful sense of self-entitlement.   Some may buy art or jewelry that is more extreme or budget-breakingly expensive than they would ordinarily allow.  Others may do something to move way out of their comfort zone of personal expression or identity.   I’ve also been seeing a few situations where someone is predatory and even parasitic of someone else’s energy.   Don’t go there, please.  That’s against the rules.   Defy limitations, but respect boundaries.   This out of bounds prelude of Venus to her retrograde phase beginning mid-May is further a prelude to a rare occultation of the Sun in early June – more info about that next month.

    While Venus continues to bedazzle farther north in the sky, the full Scorpio Moon on May 5th is also dazzling, as this is a perigee “super moon,” per NASA, as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full Moons of 2012.  Perigee means that the Moon is at her closest point to Earth.   “Super Moon” is the term for when the perigee happens at the time of the full Moon.   Cool, huh?    That said, full Moons are always emotionally intense, and none more so that the full Moon in intense, passionate, deep Scorpio.   And about that “cool,” the astrometeorologists, or astromets - those who do longterm weather prediction (very well, I might add) by using astrology are predicting a cooler, often wetter May than usual for much of the world.   Let’s watch to see if they are right.  Maybe it’s time to chill?    Considering that the Sun has been more turbulent than usual, causing much disturbance, this watery chill factor may  provide a good balancing effect.

    I would say yes to that, as this full Moon is on the Aries point/universal axis, giving an added kick, and opposes the Sun in Taurus very tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith – the Moon’s apogee, or point furthest from the Earth.   This calls for shadow work, looking below the surface within and without, doing inner psychological “roots work.”   Add asteroids Daedalus (‘the artful dodger’), Admete (compression, slow, specialization) and Tantalus (‘almost’ or ‘near miss’) and we are in for some tricky terrain.   The Moon is conjunct the asteroid Requiem, which tells us ‘let it be.’   Know what is yours to deal with, and what is not.

    This full Moon also has action-oriented Mars still in discerning, analytical Virgo tightly squaring the nodes of the Moon.   There will be a lot of emotional reactiveness, some impatience and agitation, hopefully some discernment, clearing and boundary setting as well.   Mercury, planet of communications and travel, is in impulsive Aries exactly opposing stern, disciplinarian Saturn Rx in Libra, wanting to push the limits.   Be mindful that there may be people and situations around that are in hair-trigger reaction mode.   Drive mindfully and carefully.

    There is a quick burst of activity over several days as the Sun conjuncts abundant Jupiter, but also ‘dwarf planet’ Sedna, named for the Inuit undersea shaman goddess, in the farthest out, most remote and cold region of the solar system in Venus’ sign Taurus on May 13th, seeking expansion and risk taking, but with caution of possible consequences, please!  The next day messenger Mercury makes a flowing trine to intense Pluto, great for research, and depth of understanding.   Venus makes her stop to turn retrograde then on May 15th, just before Mars trines Pluto, for intense focus and manifestation.  Be sure to be aligned with higher source here, not personal ego drives.

    This aspect lineup shakes us up to be ready (hopefully) for the first eclipse of 2012, a solar new Moon eclipse at zero degrees of Gemini, conjunct the “seven sisters” constellation Pleiades.    More specifically, conjunct the fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades.   The Pleiades are associated with wisdom and magic, also turbulence and floods, sorrow and tears.    The closest aspect to the eclipse is a square to watery Neptune in its own watery sign of Pisces.   Neptune is idealistic, spiritual, also prone to illusion, deception, addiction.    I hope you are noticing a recurrent theme of water throughout the month here – lots of water!   There may be rains and flooding, also a great deal of emotion, creativity, activation of the unconscious, sexual yearnings and energy, the unknown, and cleansing, clearing.   Do you have old emotional hurts ripe to release through tears?   Can you move through challenges with fluidity and flexible adaptation?   (that would be a great response to the full Moon in fixed Scorpio!)    Passions and creativity, also lifeforce energy arises.    If you have placements in your chart in the last degrees of fixed signs or early degrees of mutable signs, be ready for ch-ch-ch-changes!

    There is a feeling of renewal to all this, which is fitting as our dear Earth continues in her rapid  evolutionary process.   Breathe…. Ground, release, and breathe…  be willing to go still deeper into the truth of Who We Are and Why we are here, on this awakening protostar of a planet during her tender but ferociously dynamic and joyous rebirth.   Witness gently, but with clear presence, with courage and humility.   Be real with yourself, with your loved ones, with those who challenge you.   Move inward and forward with courage and humility, compassion and gratitude, with fearless Love.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all. Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at

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  • Just Breathe

    The ability to breath into one's life is only a matter of action...Action to move oneself into a place of change. One must be open to change in order for one's life to expand. Taking in of breath is a simple action, one that does not need to be thought about. It occurs naturally. If one is willing to live their life with similar simplicity you would find life can take on a more balanced process of expansion. Just breath and allow your life to expand...~Nick~3/3/12

  • Embodying Divinity and Living Heaven on Earth by Dianne Carol

    There's a basic need and desire to flow with all life.  Is this zen?  I beg awareness at every moment of every day.  I think it's like having your ear to the ground, listening into myself, getting quiet, wanting to 'hear' and know my Truth.  What does Spirit have for me?  What are they saying?

    I then drop into a loving appreciation for all space and life.  Flow and synchronicity make my heart sing!   Pictures begin to 'pop' into my head, and words/messages from Spirit answer me with clarity, conviction and excitement.  I want to maintain this perfect state of grace in everything I do.  Safety, clarity; I'm awake, aware, and in the flow.

    A Spiritual MUST for any lightworker.   Read the DEDICATION below and you'll know why this book makes me fly!

    WHAT IS LIGHTBODY? (revised, expanded edition) (Q)
    by  Tachi-ren, Tashira


    To the Lightworkers who are dedicated to following Spirit with each breath and each step; who are dedicated to embodying Divinity and living Heaven on Earth; who are dedicated to joyous service, fierce wholeness, impeccability, and the cosmic joke; and who are dedicated to a vision of planetary ascension that is easy, graceful, ecstatic, and high-velocity fun.  Ya-hoo!

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    - Working for you in Light in Love, Dianne

  • Finding Your Strength~A Nick Message for February

    Dear Ones,

    These days can be difficult, new challenges to overcome, new emotions to comprehend. This is a great time of change. Many will find that changes you have made in the past have brought about more changes. It becomes a domino effect; when one falls, the others follow. The beauty in the "falling" is in what lies at the end of the "fallen"...the larger picture of what each change in ones life entails; all events are temporary which lead to more temporary events. It is an ongoing process of mental re-calibration and change. Ones positive perspective is what can make acceptance of change allowable.

    Remember the Triple AAA's:   You have come into a place of Awareness of wanting change, whether it is consciously realized or not. To Accept that change is inevitable and Allow the change to occur, in a manner in which it is most beneficial for you, will make your changes bearable. Strength can be your choice, it is calling. Be the strength. This is the Year of the Phoenix, take flight from the ashes of pain and despair and ride the currents which will lift you above self persecution. YOU ARE THE PHOENIX!!

    ~We love you very much.~Nick~2/2/12 (channeled by Deb Klepsch)

  • February Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    February Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    By Janis Page   c2012

    February starts with a coy, energy-charged opposition between Venus in idealized, romantic Pisces facing off against Mars Rx (retrograde) in pragmatic, analytical Virgo.   This can spike sexual energy and attraction, but also bring to light any challenges or tension we have in our relationships, and call for a bit of healthy space and distance for perspective.   Are the possible complications and tests of this juicy opposition foreshadowing the romantic ground of upcoming Valentine’s Day?    Perhaps - but so much happens in the first week of the month that the astrological terrain is quite different by then.

    The most significant event of the month is Neptune entering its own sign of Pisces on February 3rd.   We did have a foreshadowing of Neptune in Pisces as it entered the sign for the first time in its current cycle last year on April 3, 2011 where it remained in the first degree of the sign until August 4th when it retrograded back into Aquarius for a final fling in that sign.  Now Neptune will remain in Pisces until it reaches the Aries Point on March 30, 2025, when the Sun will also be in Aries.   Stay tuned for that one!

    On a societal and generational level, Neptune idealizes and glamorizes what it touches – and that ‘glamour’ is meant more in the illusory, seductive sense of the word.   As each sign is in part a reaction toward balancing what was extreme about the preceding sign, what does this tell us?   Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, the often detached futurist and high tech.   Neptune in Aquarius has been the age of falling in love with and over our computers and other technology.   While I don’t expect people to stop loving and fawning over their iPads and android phones, or for eHarmony or and all the other dating sites and relationship-oriented online fantasy games to close shop next week, we should start to see a shift.

    Neptune in Pisces should bring about a focus on greater sensitivity and empathy, compassion, creativity, exploration, and an even greater thinning of the veils between the worlds.  Those children born now will be so highly evolved and psychic, and sometimes challenged to fit in this mundane world – so they will change it.   Sadly, there will also be those who will have a predilection to fall into the abyss of drug addiction and alcoholism, cults and other false spiritual paths – also Neptune’s domain.   There will be more spirituality – both potentially increased fundamentalism in most faiths, more cults, but also more psychic and empathic development.  Because few of us have the spiritual development and evolution to have sufficient clarity and groundedness, though more of us will as we move through this transit, there will also be also more swirling in our emotional bodies of desire, projection, astral psychism, for better or worse.   On a mundane level, we will also see a greater focus on issues around the resources of water and oil, hopefully finding higher resolution as we move more into unity consciousness – but don’t expect the old power brokers to go down without a ferocious fight.   There may be an exacerbation of problems with addictions, but also great breakthroughs in natural medicine and energy healing.   As we move deeper into the transit, Neptune in Pisces will ignite the potential for compassionate good and incredible opportunities for spiritual evolution and growth, and the resulting expressions of unity consciousness and universal Love.  Wow.

    The full Moon on February 7th at 18° Leo is complex as the Sun in visionary Aquarius is very tightly conjunct fast-thinking, intuitive Mercury and the asteroid Orpheus, which relates to loss, death, and music, so it’s a good time to listen to music that moves you.   Many will move across the threshold to the other side this year, and a tight square to Requiem calls for acceptance – ‘Let it be.’   Be mindful of potential miscommunications as well, this further amplified by Saturn stationing this day to turn Rx at 29° of Libra.   Saturn in Libra these past two years has been testing our relationships and responsibilities in general.   Many relationships are needing a rebalancing of energy and renegotiation of agreement to continue on, if they are meant to, and Saturn taking a last step back in the sign of relationships is giving a last call, or heads-up to take note and do what is needed at this time.   For some, that may be realizing and accepting that the relationship has fulfilled its purpose and is complete, and it may be time to express gratitude, release and move on.  It would be best to prepare or make what changes are needed in this Rx phase before Saturn turns direct at 22° Libra on June 25th.   To add one more kicker to  the day, late that evening Venus leaves sensuous Pisces to enter Aries, ready to take risks, wanting what she wants now and on her own terms.   Venus in Aries is far less compromise-friendly that she was in Pisces, so some may struggle against the reality check of Saturn stationary Rx.

    Venus joins Uranus for some sparks on the 9th, Mercury does some fancy footwork on the 13th, first with a stabilizing trine to Saturn immediately followed by entering much more spacious Pisces and conjoining Neptune for a time of dreaming and possible confusion or avoidance, not thinking – and then we finally get to Valentine’s Day, which starts with the Moon in the tension of her last quarter lunar square phase in intense and possessive Scorpio before entering much looser Sagittarius, and a stutter of challenging aspects throughout the day, squaring the Sun, Neptune and then Mercury, before finally finishing with a creative trine to Uranus late in the evening.   So the day may have a choppy start before finally easing into something more pleasant later in the evening.   Be loving and patient with your loved ones, and hang in there…   and indeed, the next day Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto, possibly passionate but also obsessive, and with the potential for conflicts about values and finances.   Be patient, listen, and remember there is more than one right way…

    The Sun makes a fleeting trine to Saturn before entering Pisces on the 18th, and seeking idealism forming a conjunction to Neptune the following day.  This leads up to the new Moon at 2° Pisces on February 21st.    This new Moon finds the Sun and Moon conjunct and at the midpoint of Neptune and Chiron, squaring asteroid Juno.   Here we are called to consider (which word means ‘according to the stars’!) where we sacrifice – please avoid victim/savior dynamics – where we can collaborate in compassion and understanding, accommodating yet maintaining proper boundaries, hopefully without confusion or excessive need to be a maverick and think the rules don’t apply to you.   Juno in the mix calls for equity of energy exchange in relationships, with possible score-keeping if the balance is off.   Juno also brings financial considerations into the picture.   A lovely 60° sextile to Jupiter assists by bringing a sense of optimism and positive feeling and action to the Pisces planets.  This day is also Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday and Tibetan New Year 2139 – Happy Losar!    What a perfect pileup of aspects and events to remind us to be ready to surrender to the higher good, while remembering to celebrate.    This is the theme for the month, especially where our relationships are concerned.    Take time for yourself, too – this is a lot to process and integrate.

    Have a beautiful month… continue the dance to higher spiritual awareness and evolution, now riding the wave of Neptune in Pisces.   Be compassionate, patient, joyous, accepting, and peaceful and aware.   We continue our collective rising into unity consciousness.  As always, Love, compassion and gratitude hold the key to evolution and transformation.  Remember too gratitude and loving support to the Earth as she changes and evolves.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all. Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at

    Janis is also available for in-store readings on Friday and Saturdays from 12-5PM.  Call the store or drop by for an appointment soon!

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