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  • Daily Practices for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Cleansing

    Summer has officially ended and we’re ready to welcome fall with open arms. With fall comes cooler temperatures and layered clothing. But for many, fall signifies the start of the gluttony that is holiday feasts.

    How you treat your body will have a direct effect on your overall health. So how do you keep mind and body fine tuned through the football and holiday seasons? Try these detox strategies to help restart your body and feel better about yourself.

    Physical cleansing


    Regular exercise can benefit us in a number of ways. Not only will it help you shed some pounds, it can also prevent the occurrence of certain diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it promotes sweating, which can help release toxins from our body. No matter how busy you are, try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

    Eat healthy

    Maintaining a healthy is important for our health. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and whole grains. Avoid sweet, processed and junk foods. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water. This will help keep you hydrated and will help flush out toxins as well.

    Mental cleansing


    Meditation is a great way to calm the mind. It also helps reduce stress and promote a more restful sleep. Studies have found that regular meditation contributes to improved overall well-being, increased self-awareness and acceptance.

    Take a break from technology

    You may not notice it, but staying glued to your smart phone can induce stress. Some even check their emails after office hours. Instead of relaxing and spending some time with your family, you find yourself reading and answering emails. Others would even keep their smartphones by their side so they can easily check their phones once in a while.

    Try to take a break from technology once in a while and start living in the moment. Turn off your phone when you’re having dinner with your family. Engage in a good conversation with them. Your emails can wait.

    Spiritual cleansing

    Spend time in nature

    Get out in nature more often. Go to the beach or sit under a tree. If you own a bike, tag a friend along and explore some places you haven’t been to.

    Give thanks

    Give thanks for all that you have and all that you are. It is also a great time to thank everyone who helped and guided you.

  • Using Crystals to Help You Find Love

    There are thousands of stones and crystals with many different properties. Aside from being attractive, they also have healing and protective properties. But most people aren’t aware that there are also some crystals that can help you find and attract love. Jade, Lapis Lazula, Moonstone, Emerald, and Rose Quartz are just some of them. But how to do you use these crystals to attract love or reignite your relationship?

    Here are 3 ways crystals can help you find love.

    Crystal grid

    Start by gathering stones and crystals that are in line with your specific purpose. In this case, your goal is to find or attract love. With crystal gridding, you’ll need a focal stone in the middle. Rose Quartz is the perfect stone for this purpose. We also suggest adding some clear quartz crystals to your grid to amplify the energies of the surrounding stones.


    You can also use crystals during meditation. Sit comfortably in a quiet space – somewhere you won’t be bothered for a few minutes. Hold the Rose Quartz in your hands – one on your left hand and one on your right hand. These crystals represent you and your partner. Now, close your eyes and set your intention. What do you wish to achieve with working with these crystals? Before setting your intention, make sure that you cleanse the crystal of any residual energy.

    The power of the crystals, combined with your intention, can help you achieve your goals. It opens your heart chakra so that more love can come into your life. Focus on balancing your own heart chakra. Eventually, more love will be bound to come your way.

    Place crystals in your home

    To strengthen an existing relationship or to attract love, place crystals like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, and other gemstones in your bedroom, on a small altar, in the living area or in the love corner of your home. These stones will help you receive love and enables you to attract love to yourself.

  • 4 Things You Should Consider Having in Your Meditation Space

    Today’s lifestyle is hectic and fast-paced. Most people are so focused on work and other responsibilities that they don’t have time to relax and unwind. Meditation can do wonders for renewing your mind and relieving stress after a long day.

    If you have an extra space in your home, consider turning it into a meditation space. This will be your sanctuary – a space in your home that you can go to heal your mind, body and soul.

    Here are 4 things you should consider having in your meditation space:

    Comfortable seating

    Your meditation sessions will be more effective if you have a comfortable seating place and a serene atmosphere. You can opt for an upright chair, a yoga mat or a floor cushion. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to where you sit, just as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable during the meditation session. Remember, you can only meditate in peace if you are physically comfortable.


    One of the best ways to customize your meditation space is by throwing some soothing scents into the mix. From heating oils to burning incense and candles, aromatherapy provides a number of benefits. It can bring about relaxation and can even lift stress. The use of essential oils can also relieve muscle pain, boost the immune system and can soothe the mind, body and soul. Choose a scent you enjoy. Make your sacred space smell amazing.


    Try incorporating some touches of nature such as plants and flowers into your space. Plants can help create a more relaxing atmosphere; hence, helping you achieve more out of your meditation practice. They also bring in more life and make you feel closer to nature. Choose plants are easy to look after if you have a busy schedule.

    Personal touches

    A meditation space is a very personal space. Whether it’s a whole room or a special corner that is solely dedicated for meditation practice, you want this space to reflect your personality. You can place your favorite crystals, some artworks, religious items and even pictures of your loved ones - anything that can make it feel distinctly yours. There are no rules to follow here. Just make it your own.

  • Practical Ways to Raise Your Vibration

    Practical Ways to Raise Your VibrationYour vibration has a significant impact on what you attract in life. Every reaction, every interaction and every decision you make can raise or lower your vibration.

    A high vibrational state can equate to increased happiness, health, well being and increased spiritual awareness. Lower vibrational state, on the other hand, is often linked with depression, health challenges, lethargy and negative emotions.

    Listed below are 4 practical ways to raise your vibration.

    Surround yourself with great people

    Your friends are a reflection of you. Hang out with people who see how awesome you are, have the same morals as you and those who are empowering. If you hang out with friends and family members who seem to think negatively and are problematic most of the time, you are bound to catch on to those negative frequencies. You can raise your own energy levels by choosing to surround yourself with people who vibrate highly.

    Do deep breathing

    Deep breathing exercises help alleviate stress and clear your mind of the negative thoughts that impact your vibration. It also helps spread oxygen through your body. The more oxygen your cells get, the more alive you will feel. Take nice long, deep breaths and tell your brain to slow down.


    Meditation clears your mind of all the clutter; hence, allowing you to focus on things that are truly important. It is helps alleviate stress and is considered as the fastest way to raise your vibration. It doesn’t matter how long you do it or where you do it. What matters is that you set aside time each day to quiet your thoughts. Make meditation a regular practice in your life.

    Eat healthy foods

    You are what you eat. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. When you nurture your physical body, you’re not only feeding your body the nutrients it need. Rather, you’re also assisting your body in flushing out toxins. Ingest fresh, whole foods and feel the wonderful benefits. It will also help raise your vibration.

  • 4 Ways to Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life This New Year

    unnamedMost people look at the New Year as a chance to start with a clean slate. If you’ve had troubles or challenges in the past, learn to let go of them and start the year by welcoming the wonderful things that are about to come into your life.

    Are you ready to make positive changes in your life this year? Here are 4 ways to attract positive energy into your life this year.

    Organize your home

    Want to attract wealth and good fortune into your home this New Year? Go through your home and clear the bad vibes that accompany clutter.

    According to feng shui principles, if your home has poorly arranged furniture, is dimly lit and cluttered, your life will be filled with obstacles. Get rid of things you no longer need. Also consider your furniture placement to keep your home safe and comfortable. Keeping your home clean and organized can revitalize your space and your life. As a result, you’ll have better opportunities for growth.

    Give a little

    Holiday is the season of giving. With all the blessing you’ve received the previous year, you might want to start your year by helping the less fortunate or donating to a shelter. If you don’ have extra money, volunteer. Help and give without expecting anything in return. This can dramatically impact your overall well-being and positivity.

    Smile more often

    Smiling, whether forced or not, can have a positive effect on your mood, health and well-being. When things get are going south or when you’re having a bad day, turn that frown upside down and just smile. Even when you don’t feel like smiling, you’ll feel better and happier when you smile.

    Smiles are also contagious. When you smile, people will be smiling with you. It makes everyone in the room feel happier.

    Be grateful

    Sometimes, it’s easier to focus on the things that are lacking in our life rather than what we have. You may not have everything you want in life, but there are countless things to be grateful for – your family, friends, job, material possessions and a lot more.

    Show more appreciation to the little things people do for you and let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life. Remember, people who cultivate thankfulness and happiness are happier and healthier.

  • New Year is the Best Time to Start Meditating

    new-year-meditatingIn today’s fast-paced, gadget-obsessed society, most people get so busy that many of them fail to be present in the moment. A well-lived life isn’t about having something, doing something or getting something. Rather, it is how you embrace the life you already have right now.

    We all know bad habits are hard to change. But as we close one year and begin a fresh new year, it’s time to start thinking about new healthy habits that will mold you into a better person.

    Here are 4 good reasons why you should start meditating this New Year.

    It beats the blues Regular meditation practice makes you happier. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increases positive emotion. It produces a feeling of calm and relaxation. Through regular meditation practice, you learn to let go of negative thinking. Over time, meditators experience enhanced positive emotions.

    It improves your health We all know that meditation helps increase our focus and eases anxiety, but the benefits of meditation aren’t just limited to mental health. Several studies suggest that meditation has tangible health benefits. It helps reduce stress levels, depression and anxiety, improves immune function, helps maintain blood flow and decreases inflammation at the cellular level. The best part is, you can reap all these benefits for as little as 15 minutes a day.

    It boosts your social life With the rise of technology, we don’t get to connect or interact with others as much as we used to. Meditation, being a social activity, heightens the individual’s emotional intelligence and develops the sense of connection to others.

    According to studies, individuals who practice meditation are more social. This is because meditation contributes to the release of endorphins, making the person feel good about himself/herself. Because of this, you become more confident – no worries, no social anxiety. Meditation has also been linked with greater compassion.

    It helps you live in the moment We live in an age of distraction. As you go through your daily routine, you may find yourself dreaming of vacation, your thoughts being clouded with the argument you had with your spouse this morning or thinking about what to have for dinner tonight. Keep in mind, though, that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.

    Meditation helps by increasing your ability to stay in the moment. The more consistent you are with your meditation practice, the more skilled you become at limiting those distracting thoughts and focusing your awareness where you want it to go. It helps bring you back to the here and now.

  • Music Makes Meditation Sessions More Effective

    musicSometimes, you need a little time for yourself and take a break from all the stresses that life throws at you. In these busy times, however, a lot of people find it difficult to take time off from work and create a sense of balance in their lives.

    If you find yourself stressed and on the brink of burnout, consider doing meditation. Regular meditation sessions can greatly reduce feelings of stress by surrounding you with an atmosphere of serenity. For best results, make it a part of your daily life.

    Meditation is very easy to practice. You just need to set aside a few minutes a day and find a quiet spot to meditate in.

    There are a lot of things you can do to enhance your meditation experience. Listening to music is one of them. Some people find it peaceful and calming to listen to music. A lot of people, however, believe that it’s not possible to meditate while listening to music. This is one of the most common misconceptions about meditation. In fact, listening to music, on its own, can be seen as a form of meditation.

    Studies have shown positive benefits when listening to relaxing music while meditating. It helps quiet the mind and put you in a peaceful mood. It creates a calmer environment that makes meditation practice more effective. When the mind and body are relaxed, meditating becomes a more enjoyable and more fulfilling experience.

    Music is a personal choice. Stay open to the possibility that you can achieve deeper states by listening to whatever kind of music you choose. You will only be able to achieve mindfulness when you enjoy the music you’re listening to.

    If you haven’t tried this yet, then you’re missing out on the magical combination of music and meditation. Try to put on some relaxing new age, meditation music, binaural beats or any type of music you want, and see how it affects your meditative state. If you enjoy a certain type of music, then by all means, practice with it.

  • Tips for a Happy Back While Meditating

    meditationspineYou are aware of all the amazing benefits of meditation, so you have decided to begin your meditation practice. But halfway through the session, you felt a nagging pain in your back. You became distracted. You ignored the pain and tried to regain your focus. But you can no longer concentrate, no matter how hard you try.

    Back pain is quite common in meditation. If you’re having a hard time concentrating because of back pain, these tips will help you sit more comfortably while meditating.


    Increase the duration of meditation gradually

    For a beginner, sitting still and completing a 60-minute meditation can be a challenge. You want your body and mind to adjust to changes.

    Start by focusing your mind on any thought. You can do it anywhere – be it in the bedroom, while waiting in line, riding on a bus or even at work. Do it for any length of time. Then, build your stamina through practice. Start with 10 minutes of sitting and then gradually increase the duration until you become more comfortable with sitting and being.

    Sit on a chair

    Since many of us are accustomed to sitting on a chair, most people have a hard time sitting cross-legged on the floor. If you are one of them, then go ahead and sit on a chair. But make sure that you sit with a straight spine.

    Do not lean against the back of the chair. Rather, sit on the edge of the chair so that both feet are flat on the floor. If you are not used to sitting this way, you can place a pillow on you lower back for support. Your feet may also tingle if they are not firmly planted on the ground. In this case, we advise that you place some pillows underneath your feet to so they won’t dangle.

    Maintain proper posture

    Sitting with a neutral spine can be difficult for a lot of people, even painful in most cases. Improper posture is one of the biggest reasons why your back is aching.

    Whether you choose to sit on the floor or sit on a chair, make sure you do not slouch. Sitting straight is one of the best methods to get your spine into alignment.

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  • Reasons to Start Meditating Today

    Reasons to start Meditating Today

    The idea that meditation is good for you is certainly not new. For thousands of years, people have claimed that meditation has some positive effects on our health and well-being.

    But with the hustle and bustle of city life, most people would use lack of time as an excuse not to meditate. It only takes a few minutes a day. Plus, regular practice is necessary to experience the benefits of meditation.

    If you haven’t given meditation a try, now is the best time to start. Here is an overview of the biggest benefits of meditation.

    Reduce anxiety

    Meditation is touted for its anxiety and stress-reducing benefits.  Studies have shown that meditation, even for just a few minutes, can help reduce anxiety, depression and relaxes one’s mind. Consider trying meditation whenever you feel you feel overwhelmed, unstable or emotionally shut down.

    Improves relationship

    Today, more and more counselors advise couples to practice meditation. Recent studies have shown that couples who meditate become more loving, more self-reflective and less angry. In addition, couples who meditate regularly report greater marital satisfaction and experience lasting harmony in their relationship.

    Better focus

    Poor concentration is a common complaint by teachers and parents alike. According to a study that was conducted by researchers from University of Washington, people who meditate regularly stay energized, concentrates better and get more work done.

    Better memory

    Although meditation is often associated with a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, it also helps in improving memory. In a study that was conducted by a group of Harvard researchers, they have found significant changes in the brain’s gray matter after practicing daily meditation for 8 weeks. The gray matter functions by processing information in the brain.

    It’s good for the heart

    A 1999 study that was published in Psychosomatic Medicine showed meditation is particularly helpful for the heart. In fact, people who meditate have been found to have lower blood pressure immediately after meditating. Along with that, individuals who practiced meditation have been found to have lower heart rate and improved blood circulation.

  • Tips to Get Started with Meditation


    Just as fitness is an approach to training the body, meditation is an approach to training the mind. Meditation offers several benefits to our body, so we encourage you to try it and start today. It isn’t always easy, especially in the beginning, but you’ll get better and better as you practice.

    Here are a few tips to get you started with meditation.

    Start simple

    Start with the most common, most basic and most useful form of meditation – breathing meditation. Practice mindful breathing whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Clear your mind and focus on your breathing. Inhale through your nose and gently exhale through your mouth. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Plus, you can do it anywhere you want.

    Do it first thing in the morning

    Meditation is best practiced in the morning, when your energy is full and the sleepiness of the morning has worn off. Make sure you’re wide awake when you attempt to meditate. Otherwise, you may find yourself falling asleep. Starting your day in peace and silence makes the whole day go better.

    Don’t worry whether you’re doing it right or not

    A lot of people worry about where to sit, how to sit or whether or not they should close their eyes. Please know that there is no perfect way to do it.

    If you’re more comfortable sitting on a chair, on the floor or on your bed, then go ahead. It doesn’t matter where you do it, just as long as you’re in a quiet and comfortable place.

    It usually takes practice

    Some people get frustrated because they find it hard to clear their mind. Meditation is not easy to master. You won’t be good at it for a while. As a beginner, you may find it difficult to sit for an hour and think of nothing. Before you start, we suggest that you remove every distraction you can think of – turn off your mobile phone and TV, lock the door and use the restroom if you need to. If your mind wanders, simply start over and return to your breath. Don’t beat yourself up about your wild mind.

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