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Joyce Jarrel

  • A Message from AA Metatron by Joyce Jarrell

    Masters"Good morning, my children.  It is with great love that I speak to you today.  I ask you to set your intentions this day for a joyful and loving experience.  Clear away the past, forgive, and look only forward.  The past is the past.  Prioritize and be motivated so that you may move forward and grow in your gifts, for your help is sorely needed now.  Time is of the essence.  Be part of the new world and indeed, the New Age!  I challenge you to make haste and set aside those things that would sap your time and your energy.  Put down your remotes, your phones and your games.  Be that which you came here for.  Wake up!  Time’s a-wasting!  I leave you in love and understanding, greater than you can possibly conceive, but know that it is real, my loved ones.'"

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  • PROTECTORS OF THE LIGHT - Channeled Message by Joyce Jarrell

    “Honored Ones, followers of the Light, behold your own Light and that which you contribute to the massive Light already present, and know that it stretches from sea to shining sea.  Your planet is going through many changes, and your Light helps to carry it, and each of you, through these changing times, buoying those who are on the edges of Light, sticking a toe in, yet feeling uncertain.  We say to those who are uncertain, reach out to the Light, and
    it shall carry you always, for no matter the season, no matter the perception of hardship, the Light shall carry you.  We bring messages of good tidings, though you expect gloom and doom.  It is only a matter of perception, so we say to you:  shift your perception to one that supports you and warms your heart.  Though you may perceive this as your planet’s darkest hour, it is instead a time of coming together, loving as you were always meant to love, supporting one another, and looking towards a blessed tomorrow. Set aside your fears and revel in the energetic changes, for they carry you closer each minute to total love on your planet.  Do not fear.  The Light always prevails.”

  • ARCHANGEL METATRON - Channeled Message by Joyce Jarrell

    "Oh, Lightworkers, make haste.  Your gifts are sorely needed by all those on this planet.  Every bit of light that you can provide lifts the energies on your planet and blesses and encourages all.  Your light serves to light the way for those coming behind you as they climb the rungs of ascension. You are the way-showers for many behind you who are lost and uncertain. Hold your Light high so that they may see their next steps.  Support one another and encourage always those who follow the Light with you.  The planet, the people, the animals, the trees, hunger for your Light and that which you contribute as a beggar would hunger for food and water.  You have the ability to supply it, and it costs nothing, only your heart and your time.

    "The ways in which you do things shall go back to the old ways of giving of supply
    through love and barter, giving because you see a need, not because you desire a dollar.  Give freely from your hearts and you too shall have all that you require provided to you.  Have faith that this will happen.  Give freely, always from love, and you shall be a part of the magnificent change that is sweeping your planet.  Be an agent for good and let all who touch you feel your Light.  Fear nothing, for you are in the midst of wondrous times, and you shall be well and protected, whether on that side of the veil or this one.  You can never die, so toss out that fear and go forward courageously.  Bring your gifts to bear.  Shower those around you with your gifts.  Learn and move forward quickly.  You matter. Your Light matters.  You are part of the solution, part of the wondrous new time that is descending upon all.  Go forward quickly and in love always.”

    --- Channeled message by Joyce Jarrell

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    AND Protectors of the Light
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