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  • June Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    ~ 'The awakening of a tempest in a storm' (from a dream, June 1, 2012, 5:00am)

    Happy June!   And you might want to get a cup of tea and settle in comfortably, my lovelies, because someone has ordered up a big ol’ honkin’ family-size dessert sampler platter of major astrological events for this month!    This month’s forecast is going to be a long one…

    June opens in the turbulent, alchemical container between paired eclipses, following the annular solar eclipse of May 20, which was conjunct Alcyone, the ‘sorrowful star’ of the Pleiades, the stargate constellation of the Seven Sisters which carries the energies of the rainbow spectrum.   Both planets that can come between Earth and the Sun are holding hands in conjunction in Gemini - Mercury, mind, and Venus, heart.   This conjunction is supportive of creative expression, yet Venus is still retrograde (Rx) so some inner awareness and mindfulness are called for.   Have people or situations from your past been coming back around?  Possibly past karmic situations and relationships to resolve, and in some cases, release?  Both Mercury and Venus are out of bounds (OOB), further north than the Sun can ever go.   This urges us to defy limitations in our socialized conditioning of mind and heart.   What is true and right for you?   Have you taken up the urgent invitation to explore within, to seek who you really are, and why you are here in this lifetime at this powerful time on Earth?    Anchoring at the still centerpoint is vitally helpful in the midst of such radical shifts, of so much upheaval and chaos in the world around us.

    Neptune is stationary in early Pisces ready to turn retrograde on June 4, to remain Rx until November.   Take a breath, take a step back, breathe, feel… there may be issues and concerns about water and oil, and deception uncovered.   Fine-tune your ideals and align with your higher spiritual purpose and intent.   See where you are taken in dreamtime, as the veils are so thin, and the crack between the worlds beckons...

    Now, about June 4th, and 5th…  Neptune stationing, while nothing to scoff at, is not the big news, tho it assists the portals for infusion of cosmic energies that are opening.   The full Moon on June 4th is a lunar eclipse at 5:11am MDT, at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, exactly conjunct the Great Attractor – an unimaginably enormous black hole that many galaxies, including our own, are gravitating toward.  It is of such intensity that it bends light and gravity – scientists cannot see it, but they can see around and behind it.   Whoa! The eclipse of the Moon can reveal emotions that may disclose shadow or karmic material.   With Mercury out of bounds, our openness to awareness may be amplified, or conversely, we may defend against it.   By now Venus has screeched back in bounds to join the Sun opposing the Moon, with Mars tightly squaring Venus and the eclipse, activating passion and desire, will, agitation, urgency.   With Venus Rx, the Mars square could potentially activate old patterns and wounds from past relationships to surface.   Quicksilver Mercury forms a helpful trine to pragmatic Saturn, adding a bit of deliberation and caution.   This eclipse will impact all of us, especially those who have planets and placements from around 10-18 degrees of the mutable signs Gemini and Sagittarius, and to a lesser extent, Virgo and Pisces.

    With the eclipse conjunct the Great Attractor, direct your focus and intention on what you seek to offer into the world and to attract or magnetize that is for the highest good.   It is a basic principle that what we focus on becomes more real and expands.   More so than ever, anything we hold in consciousness is being accelerated now.   Rise above any fear or other afflictive emotions - and I know that’s very challenging with the extreme situations so many are finding themselves in these days – this is part of the resolution and solution to those difficulties.  Stay in gratitude, compassion, awareness, clarity, relatedness, and grace.

    Then on June 5th, starting around 4:00 pm, reaching exactitude at 7:10 pm and lasting into sunset here in Colorado, Venus occults the Sun, meaning that the planet of love will cross across the face of the Sun.   This is a very big deal – it is an extremely rare astronomical event.   There have been only six occultations of Venus to the Sun since telescopes were invented, in the years 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, 2004.  This is a pattern of eight years followed by 121.5 or 105.5 years.   The next won't occur until Dec. 11, 2117.

    The alternating sequence of 8 and 121.5 or 108.5 years relates to the Venus Rx cycle and the remarkable cosmic dance that our sister planet Venus and the Earth trace in the skies.  There is a natural harmonic resonance that creates sacred geometry patterns that are symbols of Venus, forming a pentagram or star, based on the Golden Mean or the mathematical constant Phi, a Fibonacci sequence, and forming a rose made of hearts.   Here, take a look:  Beautiful, isn’t it?   Do you see the star/rose pattern?   The dance of Venus and the Earth ask us to live in harmony with nature.   Here is a precious and rare opportunity to connect with Venus energies in a unique and personal way.   The call is for proper relatedness, grace, feminine being, responsiveness, and Divine Love.   Hold your higher self’s heart’s desire in your hands, and offer it, receive it, become it.

    Then, after the radiant light of the Sun conjoined in intimate union with Venus (and Venus is also conjunct the minor planet Chaos, so there is a struggle to find balance and order), less than two hours later, the Moon crosses and eclipses powerful and transformative Pluto, the dark lord of the underworld/unconscious. This intensifies emotions and creates the possibility of possessiveness, compulsions, emotional manipulation, jealousy.   Please, no emotional blackmail or manipulation by playing the ‘victim’ – (what a control trip that is!)

    There is a higher way here.   For as radically opposite as these unions of energies of the Sun and Venus vs Moon and Pluto first seem, there is resonance and connection as well.   The mysterious Moon also relates to feminine energy, in a sense, the Sun’s beloved, mother and priestess energy, also with her mysterious dark side of the Moon.   Also on a deeper, more subtle and profound level, the feminine aspect of Pluto relates to the archetype of the Black Madonna, who is black for having gone through the fires of the underworld of hell, and being transformed into a being of pure, unadulterated compassion, with an absence of need and nothing to lose.    Now that’s real power, not how thick your stock portfolio is.   We are called not only to reach to the heights of spiritual radiance and Love, but also to descend into the depths of the shadow, to do the ‘roots’ work that anchors us.   Many are being profoundly tested, brought to their knees these days, and many are quietly leaving this earthly realm.   See the mirrors offered…  Can you face the hidden, darker parts of yourself that you may not be comfortable with, and still love yourself unconditionally?

    Whew!   Ok, that’s June 4th and 5th.   Take a breath, be gentle with yourself.  Allow yourself time to integrate all these radical activations.   But, we’re not done with June yet.

    On June 7th, Mercury leaves its own mentally active, agile sign of Gemini and enters watery Cancer.   We may feel our thoughts more than we think them.   Jupiter leaves stable, sensuous Taurus to enter Gemini on June 11th, where it will remain for a year, offering opportunity to explore your horizons, learn new things, meet new people.    At the same time, the centaur Chiron stations in Pisces to turn Rx on June 12th.    The bridge-maker between the personal and transpersonal, the wounded healer, calls for us to see what still needs healing and wholeness, what we may have left behind to gather and resolve.    On June 17th, the Moon occults Jupiter in Gemini, expanding ideas and possibilities.

    The new Moon is June 19th at 28 degrees Gemini, conjunct the ‘Blazar Machine’  (I heard that ‘wtf??’) Yes, sorry, this one is pretty obscure, but… there are stars, planets, black holes, quasars, which are black holes which emit electromagnetic radiation, creating superheated beams of energy, and ‘blazars’ which are optically bright quasars pointed directly at the Earth.    Blazar Machine at 28 degrees Gemini is notable because that was the degree of the Moon for the December 2004 Asian tsunami, 9/11, and the explosion of Krakatau.   So it’s potentially volatile.   This is very near the Aries axis and conjunct the uranian TNP Hades.   We may see some Earth changes, or more hidden information may be disclosed.

    Are you still with me?   (I may have lost a few of you on that last one, sorry!)  All of this leads up to the summer solstice on June 20th, when the Sun enters Cancer at 5:09pm MST.   Here we have the astrological midway mark of 2012.   Joining the Sun on the Aries axis is Saturn, Mercury, TNP Hades, asteroids Aesculapia (health), Pandora (surprises, the unexpected), Daedalus (the ‘artful dodger’), Pythia (misunderstandings), as well as the Vertex (fated events and encounters)   There will be new beginnings, some decay of the old, the unexpected, and some things will not be what they seem.   The summer solstice is a good time to review your year so far- what you have accomplished, what may have fallen by the wayside, what to release, what to work toward.  Solstices are always significant as the shifting point of the balance of light and dark.  Here is the fullness of light, after which the days will slowly get shorter for those of us in the northern hemisphere.   Be present with yourself, with how you are living your life, with how you are honoring your commitments and relationships.

    We’re still not done.   The end of the month is a bit bumpy…  After a lengthy buildup which has been causing disruption for the last two years, on June 24th we have the first of *7* exact squares of Uranus to Pluto from now into 2015.   This is a big deal.  This is an aspect of revolution, the breakdown of old structures, upheaval, breakthrough, transformation.   It heralds the end of the old order.  This square came close last year, and we saw the Arabic Spring revolutions.  Now, it’s possible that there will be political upheaval (ahem!) but also opportunity for revolution in consciousness.  The past ends now!  (ok, it ends every moment, but…)   The last time Uranus and Pluto were closely aligned was around 1963-66, and there was much political activity and protests then that successfully brought down support for the Vietnam War.  The people arising…  we may see similar events and upheaval, without and within.   On a personal level, you might feel unstable and insecure, as you realize you are no longer who you were, but you aren’t yet clear who you are now becoming.   While the transitional phase may be challenging, the evolution of self will be well worth the effort.

    On June 25th Saturn stations to turn direct in Libra, for a last sweep adding structure, testing and cleaning up our personal relationships before entering Scorpio in the fall.   At the same time (within minutes!) Jupiter squares Neptune, beckoning you to reach for the stars… this can be lovely but there is also risk of reckless overreach, so a bit of a reality check might be in order.  Then on June 27th, Venus finally turns direct in Gemini, and the backsliding in creative expression and relationships should finally start to ease, and move forward again.   The last hurrah of the month happens on June 29th, when the Cancer Sun forms an exact t-square opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.   There may be power struggles when attempts to control conflict with a drive for unbridled freedom.   Many years ago, I made a deliberate, conscious decision that I choose clarity and freedom, not power.  I’ve never regretted that choice.   Ironically, it can be a pretty powerful stance to take.   Allow freedom for yourself and others, with respect and fair and reasonable boundaries.

    There is explosive release and renewal, and deepening embrace of the divine feminine.  Again, be willing to go deeply into the truth of Who We Are and Why we are here, on this awakening protostar of a planet.  Witness gently, with clear presence, compassion, gratitude, courage and humility.   Be present, kind and honest with yourself, and with those who challenge you.   Take much needed time to rest, to be.   Be strong yet humble, be wise, with flexibility and fearless Love.  Like a shelter in a storm, I’m a willow, a willow…  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

    My June forecast is lovingly dedicated to the memory of my friends and colleagues, masters in their fields - Diana Rosenberg, master astrologer and the world’s foremost authority on fixed stars (April 9, 1933-June 1, 2012) and Don Campbell, musician, sound healer and educator (December 27, 1946-June 2, 2012).  It’s been an honor to know and work with you both.   May your radiant spirits fly free, and dance with the stars…

    To receive a psychic reading by Janis in-store, she is available on Friday and Saturdays from 12-5PM or by appointment.  Call the store or drop by for an appointment soon!  Also by Janis:  Guided Meditation CD available on-line

  • May Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    Mayday!  Mayday!    And now we have already quick-zipped one-third of the way thru the greatly anticipated year 2012, eyes wide and hair flying behind us.  How are you doing now?   I’m seeing a few moving forward step by mindful, gentle step, but far more are in some sort of spiritual crisis of self-identity, values, disillusionment, breakthrough and a lot of good old WTF??? The various carnival arenas where said crises are playing out continue to be regarding relationships, finances, health, work – spiritual, honing in on values, priorities, and self-worth and identity.   More are stirring to question and remember who they are, and what they are here for.   Do that, please.

    May is another month with a few significant highlights in the astrological skies, beginning with Venus, which entered talkative and fickle Gemini in early April, after Mars finally turned direct after his back-stepping retrograde (Rx) in Virgo.   Venus prepares to follow suit with her own retrograde two-stepping phase which will keep her in Gemini until August.   But the lovely coy little planet has no intention whatsoever of being at all subtle about it.   Venus starts the month of May waaaaaay out of bounds, much further north in the sky than she or any planet usually ever gets, screaming look at meeeee!!!  Wheeee!   And she is bright, and dazzling.

    When a planet is out of bounds (OOB) that means that it has moved farther north or south than the Sun ever does, so this is “up and down,” not the usual east-west of longitude that gives us the zodiacal degrees.   (more terms to follow, and there will be a quiz!) (ok, maybe not)   Planets that are out of bounds do not stay within ordinary, societally accepted parameters.   A great phrase to describe out of bounds planets (with a nod to my trainer) is that they defy limitations.   So, as Venus dazzles us from so very far north in the sky in early May, people are defying limitations concerning relationships, values, finances, self-esteem, art and creativity.   Sometimes this is brilliant and innovative and breaking free of old, now obsolete patterns and behaviors, and sometimes it’s people violating boundaries with a reckless and willful sense of self-entitlement.   Some may buy art or jewelry that is more extreme or budget-breakingly expensive than they would ordinarily allow.  Others may do something to move way out of their comfort zone of personal expression or identity.   I’ve also been seeing a few situations where someone is predatory and even parasitic of someone else’s energy.   Don’t go there, please.  That’s against the rules.   Defy limitations, but respect boundaries.   This out of bounds prelude of Venus to her retrograde phase beginning mid-May is further a prelude to a rare occultation of the Sun in early June – more info about that next month.

    While Venus continues to bedazzle farther north in the sky, the full Scorpio Moon on May 5th is also dazzling, as this is a perigee “super moon,” per NASA, as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full Moons of 2012.  Perigee means that the Moon is at her closest point to Earth.   “Super Moon” is the term for when the perigee happens at the time of the full Moon.   Cool, huh?    That said, full Moons are always emotionally intense, and none more so that the full Moon in intense, passionate, deep Scorpio.   And about that “cool,” the astrometeorologists, or astromets - those who do longterm weather prediction (very well, I might add) by using astrology are predicting a cooler, often wetter May than usual for much of the world.   Let’s watch to see if they are right.  Maybe it’s time to chill?    Considering that the Sun has been more turbulent than usual, causing much disturbance, this watery chill factor may  provide a good balancing effect.

    I would say yes to that, as this full Moon is on the Aries point/universal axis, giving an added kick, and opposes the Sun in Taurus very tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith – the Moon’s apogee, or point furthest from the Earth.   This calls for shadow work, looking below the surface within and without, doing inner psychological “roots work.”   Add asteroids Daedalus (‘the artful dodger’), Admete (compression, slow, specialization) and Tantalus (‘almost’ or ‘near miss’) and we are in for some tricky terrain.   The Moon is conjunct the asteroid Requiem, which tells us ‘let it be.’   Know what is yours to deal with, and what is not.

    This full Moon also has action-oriented Mars still in discerning, analytical Virgo tightly squaring the nodes of the Moon.   There will be a lot of emotional reactiveness, some impatience and agitation, hopefully some discernment, clearing and boundary setting as well.   Mercury, planet of communications and travel, is in impulsive Aries exactly opposing stern, disciplinarian Saturn Rx in Libra, wanting to push the limits.   Be mindful that there may be people and situations around that are in hair-trigger reaction mode.   Drive mindfully and carefully.

    There is a quick burst of activity over several days as the Sun conjuncts abundant Jupiter, but also ‘dwarf planet’ Sedna, named for the Inuit undersea shaman goddess, in the farthest out, most remote and cold region of the solar system in Venus’ sign Taurus on May 13th, seeking expansion and risk taking, but with caution of possible consequences, please!  The next day messenger Mercury makes a flowing trine to intense Pluto, great for research, and depth of understanding.   Venus makes her stop to turn retrograde then on May 15th, just before Mars trines Pluto, for intense focus and manifestation.  Be sure to be aligned with higher source here, not personal ego drives.

    This aspect lineup shakes us up to be ready (hopefully) for the first eclipse of 2012, a solar new Moon eclipse at zero degrees of Gemini, conjunct the “seven sisters” constellation Pleiades.    More specifically, conjunct the fixed star Alcyone in the Pleiades.   The Pleiades are associated with wisdom and magic, also turbulence and floods, sorrow and tears.    The closest aspect to the eclipse is a square to watery Neptune in its own watery sign of Pisces.   Neptune is idealistic, spiritual, also prone to illusion, deception, addiction.    I hope you are noticing a recurrent theme of water throughout the month here – lots of water!   There may be rains and flooding, also a great deal of emotion, creativity, activation of the unconscious, sexual yearnings and energy, the unknown, and cleansing, clearing.   Do you have old emotional hurts ripe to release through tears?   Can you move through challenges with fluidity and flexible adaptation?   (that would be a great response to the full Moon in fixed Scorpio!)    Passions and creativity, also lifeforce energy arises.    If you have placements in your chart in the last degrees of fixed signs or early degrees of mutable signs, be ready for ch-ch-ch-changes!

    There is a feeling of renewal to all this, which is fitting as our dear Earth continues in her rapid  evolutionary process.   Breathe…. Ground, release, and breathe…  be willing to go still deeper into the truth of Who We Are and Why we are here, on this awakening protostar of a planet during her tender but ferociously dynamic and joyous rebirth.   Witness gently, but with clear presence, with courage and humility.   Be real with yourself, with your loved ones, with those who challenge you.   Move inward and forward with courage and humility, compassion and gratitude, with fearless Love.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

  • February Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    February Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    By Janis Page   c2012

    February starts with a coy, energy-charged opposition between Venus in idealized, romantic Pisces facing off against Mars Rx (retrograde) in pragmatic, analytical Virgo.   This can spike sexual energy and attraction, but also bring to light any challenges or tension we have in our relationships, and call for a bit of healthy space and distance for perspective.   Are the possible complications and tests of this juicy opposition foreshadowing the romantic ground of upcoming Valentine’s Day?    Perhaps - but so much happens in the first week of the month that the astrological terrain is quite different by then.

    The most significant event of the month is Neptune entering its own sign of Pisces on February 3rd.   We did have a foreshadowing of Neptune in Pisces as it entered the sign for the first time in its current cycle last year on April 3, 2011 where it remained in the first degree of the sign until August 4th when it retrograded back into Aquarius for a final fling in that sign.  Now Neptune will remain in Pisces until it reaches the Aries Point on March 30, 2025, when the Sun will also be in Aries.   Stay tuned for that one!

    On a societal and generational level, Neptune idealizes and glamorizes what it touches – and that ‘glamour’ is meant more in the illusory, seductive sense of the word.   As each sign is in part a reaction toward balancing what was extreme about the preceding sign, what does this tell us?   Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, the often detached futurist and high tech.   Neptune in Aquarius has been the age of falling in love with and over our computers and other technology.   While I don’t expect people to stop loving and fawning over their iPads and android phones, or for eHarmony or Christianmingling.com and all the other dating sites and relationship-oriented online fantasy games to close shop next week, we should start to see a shift.

    Neptune in Pisces should bring about a focus on greater sensitivity and empathy, compassion, creativity, exploration, and an even greater thinning of the veils between the worlds.  Those children born now will be so highly evolved and psychic, and sometimes challenged to fit in this mundane world – so they will change it.   Sadly, there will also be those who will have a predilection to fall into the abyss of drug addiction and alcoholism, cults and other false spiritual paths – also Neptune’s domain.   There will be more spirituality – both potentially increased fundamentalism in most faiths, more cults, but also more psychic and empathic development.  Because few of us have the spiritual development and evolution to have sufficient clarity and groundedness, though more of us will as we move through this transit, there will also be also more swirling in our emotional bodies of desire, projection, astral psychism, for better or worse.   On a mundane level, we will also see a greater focus on issues around the resources of water and oil, hopefully finding higher resolution as we move more into unity consciousness – but don’t expect the old power brokers to go down without a ferocious fight.   There may be an exacerbation of problems with addictions, but also great breakthroughs in natural medicine and energy healing.   As we move deeper into the transit, Neptune in Pisces will ignite the potential for compassionate good and incredible opportunities for spiritual evolution and growth, and the resulting expressions of unity consciousness and universal Love.  Wow.

    The full Moon on February 7th at 18° Leo is complex as the Sun in visionary Aquarius is very tightly conjunct fast-thinking, intuitive Mercury and the asteroid Orpheus, which relates to loss, death, and music, so it’s a good time to listen to music that moves you.   Many will move across the threshold to the other side this year, and a tight square to Requiem calls for acceptance – ‘Let it be.’   Be mindful of potential miscommunications as well, this further amplified by Saturn stationing this day to turn Rx at 29° of Libra.   Saturn in Libra these past two years has been testing our relationships and responsibilities in general.   Many relationships are needing a rebalancing of energy and renegotiation of agreement to continue on, if they are meant to, and Saturn taking a last step back in the sign of relationships is giving a last call, or heads-up to take note and do what is needed at this time.   For some, that may be realizing and accepting that the relationship has fulfilled its purpose and is complete, and it may be time to express gratitude, release and move on.  It would be best to prepare or make what changes are needed in this Rx phase before Saturn turns direct at 22° Libra on June 25th.   To add one more kicker to  the day, late that evening Venus leaves sensuous Pisces to enter Aries, ready to take risks, wanting what she wants now and on her own terms.   Venus in Aries is far less compromise-friendly that she was in Pisces, so some may struggle against the reality check of Saturn stationary Rx.

    Venus joins Uranus for some sparks on the 9th, Mercury does some fancy footwork on the 13th, first with a stabilizing trine to Saturn immediately followed by entering much more spacious Pisces and conjoining Neptune for a time of dreaming and possible confusion or avoidance, not thinking – and then we finally get to Valentine’s Day, which starts with the Moon in the tension of her last quarter lunar square phase in intense and possessive Scorpio before entering much looser Sagittarius, and a stutter of challenging aspects throughout the day, squaring the Sun, Neptune and then Mercury, before finally finishing with a creative trine to Uranus late in the evening.   So the day may have a choppy start before finally easing into something more pleasant later in the evening.   Be loving and patient with your loved ones, and hang in there…   and indeed, the next day Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto, possibly passionate but also obsessive, and with the potential for conflicts about values and finances.   Be patient, listen, and remember there is more than one right way…

    The Sun makes a fleeting trine to Saturn before entering Pisces on the 18th, and seeking idealism forming a conjunction to Neptune the following day.  This leads up to the new Moon at 2° Pisces on February 21st.    This new Moon finds the Sun and Moon conjunct and at the midpoint of Neptune and Chiron, squaring asteroid Juno.   Here we are called to consider (which word means ‘according to the stars’!) where we sacrifice – please avoid victim/savior dynamics – where we can collaborate in compassion and understanding, accommodating yet maintaining proper boundaries, hopefully without confusion or excessive need to be a maverick and think the rules don’t apply to you.   Juno in the mix calls for equity of energy exchange in relationships, with possible score-keeping if the balance is off.   Juno also brings financial considerations into the picture.   A lovely 60° sextile to Jupiter assists by bringing a sense of optimism and positive feeling and action to the Pisces planets.  This day is also Mardi Gras and Shrove Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday and Tibetan New Year 2139 – Happy Losar!    What a perfect pileup of aspects and events to remind us to be ready to surrender to the higher good, while remembering to celebrate.    This is the theme for the month, especially where our relationships are concerned.    Take time for yourself, too – this is a lot to process and integrate.

    Have a beautiful month… continue the dance to higher spiritual awareness and evolution, now riding the wave of Neptune in Pisces.   Be compassionate, patient, joyous, accepting, and peaceful and aware.   We continue our collective rising into unity consciousness.  As always, Love, compassion and gratitude hold the key to evolution and transformation.  Remember too gratitude and loving support to the Earth as she changes and evolves.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

    Janis is also available for in-store readings on Friday and Saturdays from 12-5PM.  Call the store or drop by for an appointment soon!

  • January Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    Happy New Year! We made it to 2012, or at least most of us did… after the rocking and rolling end of 2011, loosening and opening us up with eclipses and Mercury Rx, January rose up squaring off to a new shift and amplification of energy.  It feels a little like hitting the flip onto the other side on a mobius strip, seemingly bringing both more chaos and clarity.   2012 is a pivotal year in many ways, if, indeed, the Earth is in a rebirthing ascension process, and, so are we, if we are willing and able.

    There are layers and layers of feeling, sensing, experience, perspective… and different people are having different experiences.   About that ‘squaring off’ – January begins with several dynamic squares, calling on us to pay attention!  Take note!  Show up!  And back off a little in the ego department already.   First, the Moon in excited, aggressive Aries makes an exact square to the Sun in pragmatic Capricorn – and the Sun is quite close to powerhouse Pluto for a little backup on that one.   In Denver, we have a grand square as the Aries Moon is on the descendent and consequently also opposes a Libra ascendant, calling for a bit of balance, neutrality, negotiation, and peace.  The Sun sits on the IC, the bottom personal point of the chart, thus tightly opposing the midheaven and uranian transneptunian (TNP) Kronos in Cancer, imploring us to remember sensitivity and responsiveness, and proper decorum in leadership, as well as maintaining balance between our personal and professional lives.

    Next up is an edgy square from the planet of communication, Mercury, in truth-telling but not always with subtlety (ok, sometimes blunt and tactless) Sagittarius, seeking to see the big picture, exactly squaring Mars in detailed, picky Virgo.  So watch for a tendency to be argumentative or irritable, as well as watching for challenges in aligning thought into action.  Instead, seek clarity, discernment and understanding, and appreciation of different perspectives.   Mars is further complicated by being very closely aligned with Psyche, asteroid of exceeding sensitivity; Apollo, of beginning anew and beginners mind; and Arachne, complexities, and networks, including the internet.   There are many ‘right’ ways.   Yes, there are some ‘wrong’ ways, but many right ways.   Stay tuned for more on Mars in Virgo shortly.

    Further, the longstanding square of Uranus in Aries squaring TNP Hades in Cancer continues, both at zero degrees, spot on the cardinal axis, so the breakdown and dissolution of old structures and limitations continues.   Surrender and flow, and recognize these challenging aspects as a means to greater freedom and clarity, not as conflict and loss.

    Soon enough after the initial shock of the energy changes, we shift into potentially smoother waters for a few days.   On January 7th, Mercury hits the midpoint of the Saturn-Neptune trine, thus sextiling both planets for peaceful, inspired considered reasoning, finding ideas and solutions that can serve the common good.    The following day, Mercury trines optimistic (and often excessive) Jupiter and squares innovative, impulsive Uranus.    It’s possible to be tempted to take excessive risks, and potentially be more accident prone, so be careful when driving.  The higher path here is to move forward with inspiration, intuition, confidence and optimism.

    On January 9th, opposing the Sun in fatherly Capricorn, the full Moon is in her own sign in sensitive, emotional, motherly Cancer at 18 degrees 26 minutes.  Both Cancer and Capricorn  relate strongly to security needs as well as timing, so this full Moon may highlight emotional patterns of behavior, and concerns about security and support for ourselves and those close to us.

    The following weekend brings another flurry of quite positive astrological activity, beginning with a confident, flowing trine between the Sun and Mars on the 12th.   Friday the 13th begins with a stabilizing trine between Venus in Aquarius to Saturn well-placed in Libra, then an intense, insightful if potentially obsessive conjunction of Mercury to Pluto, soon followed by Venus making a beautiful, inspiring conjunction to idealistic Neptune in Aquarius before entering compassionate Pisces, a sign where Venus is very happily placed, to then form a lovely, comforting sextile to Jupiter the following day.   Wow!   That’s a perfect aspect to celebrate all the gains and insights of the previous couple days.

    The next weekend is also active, as first the Sun squares Saturn with potential power struggles and a call for mutual responsibility and respect on the 19th, just before leaving  disciplined, structured Capricorn to enter visionary Aquarius on the 20th.   The same day is a good day for creativity and romance as Pisces Venus forms a passionate, creative sextile to intense Pluto.   The following day the Sun forms an intuitive and visionary sextile to Uranus, bringing about potential breakthroughs in opportunity and awareness, and an empowering square to Jupiter in Taurus.

    The new Moon at 2 degrees 42 minutes of Aquarius follows soon after midnight on the 23rd – and Happy Chinese New Year 4709!   This is the year of the Black Water Dragon.  The dragon years are considered the most auspicious because the dragon is the most powerful of the Chinese zodiac animals, and the only one which is magical.   So the Mayans are not the only ones with an eye to this being a powerful year…

    This Aquarius new Moon is amplified by the square to Jupiter and Mercury now trine to Mars.   But now Mars is stationary, ready to turn retrograde (Rx) until April 14th, and remaining in Virgo until July 3rd.   We must consider this.   Aggressive, bold, egoic Mars pauses and takes a step back and inward in Virgo, the sign of discernment, service, and health.   We are called to consider why we do what we do.  Does what we do serve our higher path?   Is it healthy for us?   The first level in taking care of the environment is taking care of our own bodies.   We need to be grounded in healthy embodiment to do what we are called to do in this time of such great transition, so be mindful of your diet, exercise, sleeping, all you know you should be doing to take good care of yourself physically.  It’s time to be more discriminating in our choices, to strategize and plan a path of greater service and physical, mental and spiritual well-being, including in our passions and desires as well as our work and interpersonal relationships.

    The last weekend of the month, Mercury, which is the ruler of Virgo, tumbles through a series of quick aspects to help us think and make needed adjustments to our path, first squaring Saturn on the 27th to take on obstacles and blockages – don’t worry, be happy! – before leaving pragmatic Capricorn to enter future-oriented Aquarius.   The next day, the little speedster (said with all due respect!) makes a lightning fast thinking sextile to Uranus, followed by an embolding square to Jupiter.

    Welcome to 2012!   Move forward joyfully, courageously, respectfully and yet also fearlessly.   Take your unique part forward into unity consciousness.  Love, compassion and gratitude continue to open the way, as we emerge into magical wonder and transformation.   As we begin this amazing year, may the greatest blessings be with our dear mother Earth.  Be ready for change.  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/


  • November Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2011

    November Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page   c2011 After the inward spiraling intensity of October, November rolls in with the intense Scorpio stellium with planets Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and major relationship asteroid Juno, and spiritual uranian transneptunian Poseidon still with us, but ready to release into greater expansion and exploration of possibilities very quickly.  Whew!   November brings a few reversals and turn-arounds, and dare I say it?  More activation.   Have you been doing your work in introspection, and realignment of your relationships, values, direction and purpose for this next phase in this dynamic collective transformation? Let’s extract part of that for further consideration.  November begins with mind-based Mercury tightly aligned with heart/value/relationship-based Venus at the end of Scorpio tightly square idealistic Neptune, which is slowing in late Aquarius ready to end its retrograde phase to turn forward to move into its own sign of Pisces after the start of the year.  The Neptune square greatly ameliorates the intensity of these two planets who reside between our own Mother Earth and Father Sun.   Are your mind and heart properly aligned with these two Cosmic Parents to be true to your own path and values, yet also in harmony and resonance with the Earth’s rapid evolution toward Unity Consciousness that Neptune calls for?   The times they are a changin,’ indeed.   Both inner planets move into expansive, freedom-seeking Sagittarius on November 2nd.   Enough compression, now the question is how can we consider the big picture and expand into it in a way that serves our freedom in service to and harmony with the world, and communicate that effectively? If my calendar is right, daylight savings time ends on the 6th – we get an extra hour, clockwise anyway – just before a slight ego-adjustment (ahem!) on the 7th when the personal drive and expression of Mars in creative, attention-seeking Leo faces off against Neptune, then stationary before turning direct.   Are you tired from all the effort, or inspired to continue your upward evolutionary spiral, or maybe a bit of both??   The tides are turning; ride them consciously, and well! On the 10th, the day of the full Moon in Taurus facing to receive the light and life of the Sun in Scorpio, Mars leaves prideful Leo to enter service and detail-oriented Virgo, ready to get to the nitty-gritty of getting the work planned and done.   This is helpful, because there is a lot going on with this full Moon, as the Moon is conjunct very far outlying Sedna and uranian transneptunian Admetos, both of which are so slow, deep, transformational and intense that they make Saturn look perky.   Sedna, named for an Inuit underseas shamanic goddess, demands unselfishness and a spiritual approach, without which can bring a victim-consciousness, which is never useful or helpful.  Admetos is so slow a keyword is stagnation, though it has great intensity which is inwardly directed as compression – it is slow, but is what turns coal to diamonds.   The Sun/Moon midpoints activated include expansive, idealistic Jupiter/Neptune, service-oriented Neptune/Vesta, spiritually focused and committed Admetos/Poseidon, deeply intense, purging Mars/Sedna, and transforming, purifying or putrifying Pluto/Hades, as well as activating Mercury, Venus, psychic/empathic Psyche, beginner’s mind Apollo, shadow-related Black Moon Lilith, and powerful, intense Vulcanus.   It’s a good time to go even deeper, to purge any old patterns or charged emotional memories that could drag you down and limit your ability to surrender to spirit and move forward into the magical unknown.   For many, this might involve delving into old family patterns to reveal and release them, for your own liberation, but also for your ancestors and children, plucking the ancestral ash string of continuity, so to speak. Many are anticipating 11/11/11, with the rhythm of the master number 11 repeated.  Really, it’s just an anomaly of the western calendar, which most of the world is not on (this is Chinese year of the Rabbit lunar year 4709, as one alternative)   Yet the energy directed to the date can give it more importance, so a check to see what is happening of astrological significance, if anything, is worthwhile, and does strike some pay dirt.   Mars now in Virgo begins a grand Earth trine in early degrees to Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, a very powerful trine for manifestation and success.   This is further enhanced into a kite pattern with Mars closely opposing bridging, ‘wounded-healer’ Chiron at zero degree Pisces.   What has or is breaking your smaller, ego heart open to the possibility of greater, compassionate heart?   Here is another call to rise up above past, limiting victim-consciousness, to use past lessons and challenges to grow roots, to be better able to ascend to greater heights.  It is for good reason that the tree is a symbol of individuation, as its branches can only grow up and out as far as its roots go down and in.  Makes sense, yes?  Yet many resist and fear doing ‘roots’ work, but it is not only immensely satisfying, it’s necessary.  And the progression of aspects in November drives that home time and again.   Get out of your comfort zone (it’s being pulled out from under you anyway, if you haven’t noticed!!)  Go deep.  And have fun with it! We then get a week of relative ease and space for integration (you’re welcome!) before another lively four days the following week.   First, the Sun exits intense Scorpio on the 22nd to join Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, just in time for both of them to change their minds and direction about it, as Mercury starts its 3rd and final retrograde phase on the 23rd, which will have the little speedster in the sign into early 2012.   Mercury Rx is a good time to finish up old projects, to reassess and revise thinking and doing, and not always as useful for communications and technology. So Mercury essentially stops and turns on his winged heels the same day that the Sun trines Uranus for great intuitive insights and innovative breakthroughs and Mars trines Pluto for powerful transformation – just don’t force your will over others or otherwise abuse power, please! All of this the day just before the new Moon solar eclipse at 2 degrees of Sagittarius, on Thanksgiving.   There might be some lively conversations around the Thanksgiving dinner table…  The Sun and Moon make a sparky trine to Uranus in Aries, and a challenging t-square Mars in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces.    The solar eclipse  also forms a ‘finger of God’ yod pattern, making a challenging 150 degree inconjunct to Jupiter in  Taurus sextile uranian transneptunians Hades and Kronos in Cancer.   How can we find freedom of expression and being in balance with security issues and be optimistic about it, and what’s up with those in leadership and authority?    That is a lot of activation for an eclipse, and note that when they aspect your chart, the effects of eclipses can kick in early, weeks before the eclipse, and can be activated for months afterward, too.    Venus enters practical, earthy Capricorn on the 26th, entering the sign with an electric and flirty square to Uranus followed by a beneficial, positive trine to Jupiter the following day. So, November is a powerful month, with much to further speed us along our path in this time of astonishingly rapid Earth evolution.   The times truly are extraordinary, and will only continue to intensify and speed toward the radical Earth transition and transformation that is happening, which, it is said, is unprecedented anywhere, anytime.  It is an honor and a privilege to be here, which is why it’s standing-room-only on the planet, as much as it sometimes seems impossibly hard and an annoyance.  It is helpful to remember and to connect to Mother Earth and Father Sun with love and gratitude for support – they are our spiritual parents, providing all life for us on this lovely planet – and they can help us through this time.   As Drunvalo Melchizedek recently said, ‘Right now, the Earth is the most important grain of sand on the beach.’ Again, be fearless and move inward and forward into unity consciousness with love, compassion and gratitude.  Continue to dance with the wonder and magic of it all, evolving, allowing and loving.   What a ride!   In lakesh – ‘I am you.’   Heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all! www.rubymala.com    Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

  • August Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2011

    The summer surges on, and the fireworks didn’t stop in July…  August promises to be another ass-kicker of a month – er, excuse me!  (glute-whacking?  Tush-tackling?  Umm…)  Ok.  August promises to be another month with many challenges and abundant opportunities for growth, awareness, and spiritual evolution.  Better?  Turn the other cheek, my dear ones?   (I have been saying for some time now that I’m seeing many people with angel footprints on their butts…) Ok, so let’s get to it.   August kicks off on the 2nd with our 2nd Mercury Rx (retrograde) of three this year, turning Rx just into the first degree of its own discerning sign Virgo, back-stepping into prideful – and stubborn – Leo on August 8th, then turning direct late into 18 Leo on August 27th.   But let’s back up that back up and take it from the top.   So, Mercury has been in its ‘shadow’ since mid-July, and by the start of the month the little speedster isn’t at all speedy as it slows to its stop and turn around.   I make an effort to minimize political commentary in these forecasts, but it’s screamingly obvious that this timing describes the screaming meltdown in Congress over raising the debt ceiling as the D-date when the US of A could go into default for the first time ever looms big on August 2nd – the day little ol’ Merc stops and turns.   Retrograde Mercury isn’t a great time for communications, travel, signing contracts, or surgery, but it is great for finishing projects, rethinking and refining ideas, and introspection – so this could be helpful.  Will the GOPhers have a sanity attack (or get too many calls from unhappy constituents) while they play this huge-stakes game of chicken with the entire world economy, or not?  We can hope.   And pray.   And put our energy to good use. It does not look like an easy, amiable resolution to issues in the political or personal world.  The same day Mercury slams on the brakes (I’m glad it is in discerning Virgo), muscle-ego-‘my way’ Mars flies out of talking, busybody Gemini into emotional, poor-me sensitive, on-the-Aries-axis Cancer – a lovely sign, as are they all, but not a great energy fit for aggressive, active Mars.   Mars entering Cancer catalyzes collective changes and also immediately joins the Uranian transneptunian Hades (putrify or purify), and makes an easy-flowing trine to idealistic, illusionary and often confusing and sometimes deceptive Neptune.   Wow.   But that’s just the start of this next phase of this gang-war rumble – the challenges combust and accelerate fast. Neptune has been Rx since June, and backs out of its own watery, dreamy sign Pisces on August 4th after sticking a toe in those waters, back into visionary Aquarius until next year – and also offering a confusing opposition to Mercury that will be exact on the 8th when Mercury backs into Leo.   Then immediately following (no rest for the wicked, or for the rest of us), Mars makes an antagonizing and igniting square to impulsive, explosive Uranus on the 9th, then a take-no-prisoners power and control opposition to intense Pluto on the 10th.   Pow! Is there any good news in all this?   Of course there is.   Herein lies golden opportunity to wake up, take all this immense energy, and focus to get to it, as long as your ‘it’ is from your higher Self and thus in alignment with universal law and principle.   We are again reminded of the wisdom of the advice to follow a path with heart.   With awareness, compassion, insight, patience, neutrality, fearlessness, and a little humor, we can see thru all the drama play to the clearing and transformation that is unfolding, gloriously - even if the process might be a little messy at times. The Aquarius full Moon on August 13th piques willfulness, yet the Sun less than a degree from magnetizing Venus in regal Leo brings some grace, while also indicating more potential volatility and erratic changes, especially with those in power, as Mars now tightly conjuncts uranian transneptunian (TNP) Kronos, which relates to leaders, and activates Mars/Uranus, Pluto/Kronos, and Uranus/Kronos midpoints on the 90 degree dial, triple underlining all of the above.   There will be those who get mad, then get even – and then get odd.   The next kicker to watch for is July 16th when Mars hits the 9 degree Cancer eclipse point, activating the lunar eclipse of this past July 1st. First Venus on August 21st, then the Sun on the 23rd enter much more reasonable and measured Virgo, which should help calm things.    Just before Mercury ends its ‘do-over!’ Rx and stations to turn direct at 19 Leo on August 26th, Mars makes a testy square to authoritarian Saturn setting/testing limits to excess, while on the previous day Venus makes a passionate and lush trine loving excess to powerful Pluto. Finally, the new Moon on August 28th at 5 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus all form a grand trine in grounding, practical earth signs to Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn and Jupiter in stabilizing Taurus – all’s well that ends well!    After the wild ride that flourishes most of the month, much should be shaken out and cleared, and we should end the month on pretty good footing. Take time to integrate the shifts and changes, continue to shake off the old patterns and limiting beliefs.   Dance with it all, as we do well to recalibrate our energies in resonance with the bigger, deeper unity consciousness transformation that is in process and emerging.  It bears repeating to invite you to continue to take time for introspection and meditation to gain increasing clarity and inspiration about Who you are and Why you are here, and to not get distracted by things that aren’t worth your highest focus and efforts.   Take heart!   It’s going to be a ferocious and glorious month - these are the times we came here for, so show up!  Deepen in fearless radiance and joy, center in gratitude and compassion.   Heartful, wild warrior blessings to all! Correction to my July forecast:   I wrote "Of course, Uranus is still in that cardinal grand square opposing Saturn and Zeus and squaring Pluto opposing Hades and Zeus, so continue to be mindful and maintain your integrity ..." when it was Pluto opposing Hades and Kronos!    Thank you, Wyxx, for the catch! About Janis: Janis is extremely psychic and works with 5 Angelic Mentors as a spiritual counselor and practical mystic.  She also does distance healing and clearing. As a teacher, spiritual counselor and astrologer for several decades, my traditional astrological background includes dial and asteroid study with Martha Lang-Wescott, and beginning tutoring in Uranian astrology with Ruth Brummund. I have given presentations on the planetary archetypes and music at Don Campbell's Mystery School as part of his teaching staff, and also to ROMA (Rocky Mountain Astrologers), the Colorado Federation of Astrologers, and the Colorado Jung Society. My non-traditional astrological explorations include studying Tibetan astrology at the Tibetan Institute of Medicine and Astrology (Men-Tsee-Khan) in Dharamsala, India, and receiving initiation and studying its astrologically related and derived Kalachakra Tantra. As part of my interest in experiential and manifested astrological applications, I have also learned to do the Sufi dervish spins and walks of the planets from Sufi teachers Wali Ali and Pir Shabda Kahn. I have many years study and experiential work in Native American, Tibetan Buddhist, and Jungian studies and dream work, including many years study with several shamans from different traditional backgrounds and lineages. There I have studied healing, oracle, energy studies, psychic imagery, Peruvian toning, universal laws and principles, and more. Using a meditation technique I call "direct inquiry" I have engaged with archetypal energies of the elements, planets, stars, and even a black hole. They are not accustomed to being "invited to tea" and are most intriguing and gracious guests! In addition to my love of "dancing with the archetypes" of the planetary beings, I take a practical mystic and compassionate intuitive approach to my astrology readings as a means of spiritual counseling. I see a chart as "the blueprint to the soul's growth", and humorously, as "the contract in your lifetime orientation packet", providing keys of understanding in how to integrate and balance Essence, ego and mind in one's life and path. I have done astrological readings for people on every continent except Africa ~ yes, even Antarctica...  I also teach astrology classes in asteroids, the uranian transneptunians, and the 90 degree dial. I love to travel, and have taken spiritual journeys to India, Peru, Australia, Japan, Venezuela, and Greece. My travels support my Essence recall, as I take a multicultural as well as multi- and interdimensional approach to my life and work. Janis is available in-store or privately by appointment.  303-832-2333 janis@rubymala.com www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/ Janis available in-store on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 12-5 or by appointment.  Contact the store for details and to book your session in advance.  Cost:  $50/30 minutes; $95/hour.

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    Abundance, Prosperity & The Law of Attraction
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    The Crystal Triangle Lightbody Activation Material, developed by Duane Henkle, is a direct experience designed to realign the physical body and surrounding energy field with the new frequencies. The body will respond to the initiation of this physiological process by mutating the very DNA itself. You may experience improved intuition, better energy, less stress, less fear and more focus on love.
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    From the “The Lightbody Activation Manual” by Duane Henkle and Diana Stone: What is a lightbody, anyway? It’s a matter-based physical body transformed into a Light-based physical-etheric body, vibrating at a vastly higher rate than before. 
    We humans have a physical body surrounded by a fifth-dimensional etheric Blueprint. The blueprint holds an axiatonal (light and sound) meridian system that has been cut off from the Oversoul, thus causing aging and ultimately death. Once reconnected, the human body is reprogrammed by the Oversoul into a new Body of Light. This triggers massive physical transmutation throughout the body.
    Comments from people experiencing the experience:
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    Ruth has been deeply empathic and intuitive since birth.  After receiving Reiki attunements in 1997 she realized she was doing healing that reached far beyond what she had been taught.  While working to better understand her gifts of empathic connection and channeling healing energy people’s bodies began talking to her.  In 2003 she founded Sacred Heart Healing and began openly sharing her amazing healing gifts and newfound abilities to help others excavate the secrets of their subconscious minds.  Her intuitive connection with and absolute trust in Spirit provide a safe loving space where fears are surrendered and the truth of your being shines forth.  In this space both emotional and physical healing take place.
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    Emerging Experts ™ presents Creating and Communicating a Visionary Brand, a three-session workshop to transform your passion, your power, and your message
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    What Is a Visionary Brand?  By its purest definition, a visionary brand is a brand that inspires people to act.  It inspires devotion and communication in its audience, clients, or consumers.  Its customers speak and act and advertise for the brand, spreading the word because they love associating with its power, possibility, heart, or “sexiness.” In some way, large or small, those who participate feel transformed, and they want to share that transformation with others.
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    How Does a Brand Become Visionary?  Big brands and big names can inspire us.  But it’s also important to look at the inspiring people and companies all around us.  If you think about it, you can probably identify several visionary brands in your own circle, your own neighborhood.  
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  • May Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    Happy May!    We can welcome a new month, after the excessive stellium of six planets in fast, aggressive and competitive Mars-ruled Aries at last month’s new Moon on April 3rd.   The Aries brigade was at least restrained a bit by a containing opposition from Saturn in Libra and Mercury retrograde until April 23rd, but that is still an overabundance of ‘ready, fire, aim!’ Aries.   May finally reins in most of that galloping stampede – eventually.   Our usually sweet Taurus new Moon in the early hours of May 3rd is pushed by Uranus conjunct Black Moon Lilith (BML), Venus conjunct Mercury, new ‘dwarf planet’ Eris conjunct Jupiter and Mars – all still in Aries.   Sheesh!   That last trio feels like cowboy outlaw lawlessness, or more likely, ego run amok crying ‘Me!  Mine!  Bigger!  More!’  And they are on the Aries axis.   Current and recent political posturing and tantrums by members of Congress come to mind...   Saturn and the organized but explosive uranian TNP Zeus still restrain the Aries collective by opposition from Libra.   The Sun and Moon shoot for more collective universal awareness and focus with a contact on the 90 degree dial to the Moon’s nodes on the Galactic Center.   This universal perspective is helpful, and needed – also on the new Moon dial is Chiron - the centaur’s higher expression assists to bridge from the personal to the transpersonal level, tho can also go all ‘mavericky’ on us, insisting on not being restrained by the rules.    When we consider Uranus, the Great Awakener and the master of breaking down old structures, we can welcome anything that helps us to not take things too personally.   Consider that many of us already are feeling immense stress and an uncertain edginess due to the solar flares as well as the effects of the magnetic field moving farther away from the Earth’s physical pole… Uranus is hanging in a pretty volatile and touchy neighborhood on the dial for this new Moon.   The powerful giant is with Black Moon Lilith – shadow issues; Psyche – extreme sensitivity and empathy; Ophelia – self-defeating emotional overreaction; Nostalgia – memories; Toro – muscle and bullying; Ornamenta – decoration, gifts given and received; Urania – differences in how people think, and astrology, which we hope will give us insight to be more conscious, and not fall into sudden emotional, defensive overreaction to someone pushing us around that triggers old memories and patterns.   Or something like that, anyway.         A major challenge in these times of ever-increasing acceleration and intensification is to not get hijacked or seduced into the speed.   We can slow ourselves down, even stand still in presence.   Despite everything seeming to the contrary, we often can take our time and not be pushed.   People who are not listening to their inner guidance to take a little time out for rest and integration are sometimes getting sick or getting into accidents that force them to take that time out.   Please listen to the urge to take a break, will you?   Don’t let the seeming urgency so exemplified by the Aries avalanche push you to a breaking point.     Uranus will be in Aries for a few years, Jupiter will be there until June.  The rest of the faster moving planets exit the sign to enter steady Taurus in May – Mars on the 11th, then both Mercury and Venus on the 15th, before the full Moon in Scorpio on May 17th.   The Moon is always intense during her monthly two and a half day passage through Scorpio, and especially so during the full Moon in Scorpio  - please try to avoid having surgery that day, thank you.       After the wild surging of the Aries energy at the new Moon, the willful (and “won’t-ful”) digging-in energies of the full Moon provide an extreme contrast.  The Taurus Sun opposing the Scorpio Moon is in a very tight conjunction to the uranian TNP Admetos.   Admetos makes Saturn look perky.   Admetos is so slow it looks like stagnation, but can have enormous energy of compression, which transforms.  Admetos relates to blockages and delays, raw materials, also, to specialization, meditation, and in moving beyond space and time, is potentially interdimensional and shamanic.   The extremely distant new ‘dwarf planet’ Sedna, named for the Inuit goddess, is very nearby, calling us to the depths of our psyches as well as the oceans.   If you don’t heed the invitation to the depths, the asteroid Eos on that tight Sun-Admetos brings a possibility of misdirected energy, which can be fully loaded as cornered by the Scorpio Moon, and dial hits to Saturn (again) and Mars (again), and Mars conjunct Venus and Mercury  is juicy, but possibly argumentative.   Many will be stubborn and unmovable, and some may take out their frustrations on safer ‘targets’ than those causing the bottled up frustrations and delays.    Instead, just chill, take some quiet time for reflection, and take advantage of the opportunity for insights, awareness and inner guidance.    The way continues to be cleared for new, deepened emergent spiritual consciousness, as we are flooded with light and illumination.  Take advantage of the stillpoint within the acceleration, and stay within your own focus, intent and desire, hopefully with activation of your talents and creativity in your chosen path that also helps others.   Be heart-centered, in joy, gratitude, compassion, acceptance, and radiant peace.   Breathe…. and Be.   Many blessings to all…           www.rubymala.com    Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

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