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Janis Page

  • October Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    October Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    By Janis Page   c2013

    Janis Page RightA late welcome to October from down the rabbit hole, which seems to be the new permanent address for so many these days!    Maybe that rabbit hole can double as a bit of a bunker, because October is a bit of a bumpy ride with some tough aspects and sequences, the first of two eclipses this fall, and our last Mercury retrograde (Rx) for the year…  It’s a wonderful opportunity to practice patience, neutrality, discernment and compassion while taking a very broad view of things as the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) tectonic plates shift.  

    October is yet another month to start with challenges right out of the starting gate, as Mercury makes a smooth, idealistic, potentially deceptive and psychic trine to elusive Neptune while the Sun squares off in an in your face power play to Pluto (government shutdown, anyone?) then moves to challenge erratic, independent Uranus two days later.  Can’t we all just get along?   Apparently not.   So many have been going thru a time of significant stress, loss, and confusion that they are exhausted and more prone to be on the defensive.  

    The new Moon on October 4th at 11° Libra 56’ continues to bring challenges, as both the Sun and now also the Moon form a tight grand cardinal square on the angles here in Denver, opposing revolutionary Uranus retrograde (signature of the revolutionary) on the ascendant, all squaring ubiquitous, power lord Pluto on the midheaven, opposing uranian transneptunian (TNP) Kronos (leadership and authority) at the foundational bottom of the chart.   This looks like aggressive intransigence, while trying to reach a harmonious balance against power and disruption.   Further, the Sun and Moon form a tight 150° inconjunct to maverick, wounded healer Chiron, calling for adjustment where hidden issues and possible victimization might occur – here are all the issues around healthcare.   Mercury in willful, power-driven Scorpio may indicate secret talks or sabotage as it is starting to move into a conjunction with the north node of the Moon, uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon (spirituality, truth, but also media and propaganda) tightly conjunct Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and these inconjunct Uranus on the ascendant.   Talk about when push comes to shove, or trying to take a firm, resolute stand while dancing in a minefield!   This is classic as conflict between the old and traditional, and what is new, different and innovative.   And as if that isn’t enough (really, it is!) on the dial, the Sun and Moon make an abrasive aspect to Venus (love and money), TNP Admetos (being stuck!), centaur Nessus (he’s a bad boy, a ‘poisoned shirt’), and asteroids Eros (sexual energy, cardio issues) and House (of Representatives???)  It’s a challenging, chaotic new Moon, and it’s setting the energy pattern for the upcoming month.   

    In addition to the chaos and dangerous power plays we see happening in the political realm, it’s been most unsettling to be seeing several dealing with attacks and manipulations from some of those dancing on the dark side.   This is not good – obviously – but hopefully the Sun and the clear lifeforce energy that it represents will bring light, clarity and freedom by shining light into the dark corners.   Those hiding and attacking from those dark corners aren’t liking it much, but on a higher level, it does expose their true colors while compassionately serving their evolution.   Take the higher road when dealing with Pluto or otherwise dark challenges… when in difficult situations, keep things simple, stay in integrity, maintain your boundaries, and be mindful of your responsibility with issues, including being mindful of what is and what is not yours to deal with.         

    Ok, that takes us through the first four days of the month, with many of these effects continuing on.  Yikes! 

    Over the next few days, Mercury and the lunar node form an opportune sextile to Pluto for more secret negotiations and potential depth of understanding.  Then on the 7th, Venus leaves possessive Scorpio for freedom loving and expansive Sagittarius, counterbalancing that the next day Mercury conjuncts Saturn in heavy Scorpio.   This aspect is serious, focused, willful, but also great for concentration and depth.   The Libra Sun squares Jupiter in Cancer on the 12th for more expansion and optimism.  

    Mars enters Virgo on the 15th for a bit more humility and commitment to service and impeccability, which is helpful because from the middle of the month on, the next upcoming exact square of Uranus and Pluto is tightening, ready to be exact on November 1st.   We are feeling it.   On the 16th, we have a flowing fire trine from Venus in freedom loving Sagittarius to revolutionary Uranus in independent Aries, making for fun and surprising social interactions. 

    And this leads up to the lunar full Moon eclipse on October 18th, with the Moon at 25° Aries 45’ opposing the Sun at the same degree in Libra.   Eclipses always activate and kick it up, and this one is no exception.   The Moon is conjunct ‘dwarf planet’ Eris, of chaos and discord, and the two luminaries are making some very hard hits on the 90° dial.  These include Mercury and TNP Hades, as well as the activating midpoint to those two bodies.   We can expect that we will be hearing a lot of bad news, and stories about decay and the ends of cycles, as well as some profanity and slander.  The eclipse also activates the Saturn/Uranus midpoint, representing the challenge of the old order versus the new.   Venus/Chiron will want special exemptions and bring up issues about finances as well as romance.  Ceres/Hades may bring news about problems with food shortages or toxicity.   Zeus/Juno may bring explosiveness where issues of equity of energy exchange in partnerships is concerned, as well as financial arrangements.   There may be news of domestic violence concerning firearms.   And Saturn/Pluto is upheaval and transformation of the old ways, and there will be resistance and delays.    If this eclipse activates your chart you’re going to be feeling it!

    … and I’m feeling nudged to disclose something a bit different – crazy alert!  I’ve heard from more than one source that there has been a stargate built on the Moon (I warned you!) and that it will be activated on the day of this eclipse.  Now we won’t know for sure until we do if we do, but if things get even wilder or more outside the norm, maybe there will be something to it?   A lot of work has been done on subtle levels for a while now, but this one is a bit more.   So much seems down the rabbit hole!   Stay tuned! 

    Ok, back to our regular programming… as with several sequences of aspects above, this eclipse is also part of a series of aspects and astrological events.   The day following, Mars, the planet of ego drive and expression, in Virgo will oppose dreamy, compassionate, sometimes deceptive Neptune in Pisces.   This can bring idealization, deception, confusion, and/or fatigue.   These two planets are so different in nature that they do not play well together.          There can be martyrdom or fanaticism based on ‘spiritual’ ideals or principles.  If something weird does transpire with the eclipse, this aspect will increase confusion, tho there is also the possibility that those who are aware beyond the small, ego self, will, from their higher compassionate Self (Neptune) know how to take action (that’s Mars again).  

    During this whole time, Mercury, the planet of communications, mind, and travel, has been slowing down, ready to come to a full stop on Monday, October 21st, for the little rascal’s final three week retrograde (RX) phase.  There may be confusion, delays, miscommunications, missed connections, problems with technology.   It is a good time to finish up projects that have been started, and to reconsider and refine ideas and plans.    Looking at the 1-2-3 of the eclipse, the Mars-Neptune opposition, then Mercury turning RX – well, things may look a little different on the other side.   We may be ready for new goals and ideas, more in alignment with our higher wisdom, and less in combat and competition with others.  

    I am relieved to say that it looks like the rest of the month will be smoother sailing… the Sun will enter Scorpio on the 22nd, for focus and insight (and willfulness), then it makes an easy trine to Neptune on the 25th, inviting the potential greater compassion, idealization and understanding, and possibly a bit of fantasy, illusion and excess, but also intuition, flow and ease.  Mercury in its retrograde phase makes its 2nd of three conjunctions to Saturn – lather, rinse, repeat.  Concentration, focus, and maybe some worry and concern about limitations.   Mars makes a powerful trine to Pluto on the 31st – let’s hope there aren’t problems or violence on Halloween.   It’s not necessarily likely, but possible.  And Uranus and Pluto are tightening to their next exact square the following day.  

    This October is pretty turbulent.   As always when such is the case, there are wonderful opportunities for growth and increased consciousness if we see and work with them with a sense of acceptance, courage and humility, and grace.   It’s going to be a difficult ride for many, but not all.   Great gains can be made – much can be resolved and accomplished.   Many are continuing to clear and release old patterns, and those that are still trying to resist may get some rather explosive ‘encouragement.’   

    Again, it is so important to take time for rest and renewal, for contemplation, centering, and focusing from your higher knowing on where you are, what you need, what you want to offer, and how to set your focus and intent to achieve these things.   Who is there to offer you support, and who can you reach out to, to offer your support?  It helps us to find those of like mind and heart, those who see and support you in your highest expression, and to work together.   Release any remaining fear if you can, have compassion while respecting and maintaining boundaries, and allowing others their path and their right to be.   It can be very hard sometimes when our loving heart may want to help someone, but our higher knowing can understand that may not be what is best.   Learn to attune to your higher Self and listen and act from there with wisdom and discernment.   This will be important when things move beyond our understanding and comfort level.   Our inner wisdom will know what to do, when to act, and when to hold back.  

    There continue to be radical shifts in the universe and the world around us that we are experiencing and feeling.  So many are challenged in understanding and knowing how to respond.  Many are still ‘wobbling,’ and feeling unstable.  Again, seek what helps you to release resistance, and Open further and deeper to ground within yourself.  Remember that your experience is unique to you – do not expect to be able to generalize or assume others have the same needs, perception, or experience, as their consciousness and path is different.   Respect the ways and free will of others without judgment. 

    As always, stay connected and attuned to Source.   Listen deeply.  Be in grace, gratitude and compassion, acceptance and awareness, peace, gentle kindness, and radiant joy, humility and strength.  Rest as much as you need to for renewal and integration.  Meditate, create, be playful and in the rich wonder of beginner’s mind.  Allow, embrace and move inward and forward on your path… things are possible that never were before.  If you can, listen to the stars, the wind, to animals, rocks and plants – they have much wisdom to share to those who are receptive.   Explore!   But look both ways before crossing, eh? 

    Take time to Listen, Breathe…  Be.   

    As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.  

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  • May Astrology Highlights - "Dancing in the Stars" by Janis Page

    May Day!  May Day!    Ok, that was pretty dramatic, but not really all that excessive as May starts (and continues) in the triple eclipse sequence that started with the intense lunar full Moon eclipse at 5° 46’ Scorpio on April 25th  with the Sun in Taurus conjunct aggressive Mars, opposing the Moon in emotional and possessive Scorpio conjunct demanding taskmaster Saturn.   The harsh Mars-Saturn clash continues, as May opens with possible frustration, delays and power trips as Mars continues to oppose Saturn (that’s like having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes)   The Sun makes an empowering trine to Pluto, while Mercury slows things down for more deliberation entering pragmatic Taurus.   There is the potential for breakthroughs in finances and work if you utilize these energies to create a foundation and do the work instead of getting oppositional or falling into ego trips.   Regardless, it’s a pretty dramatic and intense start to the lovely spring month of May… 

    Mercury, which relates to our thought processes and communications may be a bit more grounded in Taurus, but wastes no time becoming an active player early in the month making an opportunistic sextile to idealistic Neptune in Pisces on the 3rd (can you believe those sweet nothing promises?), followed by a more grounded challenging opposition to Saturn in suspicious Scorpio as Mars is full open throttle trine to Pluto in diligent Capricorn for strength and perseverance on the 5th.   It would be easy to miss noting that on May 6th, the Sun is conjunct the south node of the Moon at 16° Taurus.   Watch your finances, and there is also the possibility of something past or hidden coming to light about finances or relationships.  If this is active in your chart, maybe someone from your past (or past lives?) may reappear?  

    Mercury trines Pluto on the 6th for focused thinking.  On May 7th, Mercury conjuncts impulsive Mars for speed, but also potential accidents and irritation, and also forms a supportive sextile to Chiron.   That is an enormous number of shifts and activations for the little messenger planet in the short time between the April 25th lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse on May 9th.   Beyond Mercury activations, May 7th is a busy and challenging day, as the Sun comes into a visionary, creative 72° quintile (1/5 of the circle) with idealistic Neptune, and there is a frictional and potentially obsessive or possessive contra-parallel between Venus and Pluto.

    Venus leaves Taurus to enter friendly Gemini just before the solar new Moon eclipse at 19° Taurus 31’ on May 9th, which is potent with Mercury and Mars joining the Sun and Moon in Taurus, but also somewhat compromised with the lunar south node also conjunct the Taurus planets.   Asteroid Pallas Athena (strategy, wisdom) is tightly conjunct the eclipse, as are asteroids Lilith (triangulations, rivalry, jealousy, rejection), Child, Vulcano (directed force) and Panacea (solutions and resolution).   Add a few degrees to the orb and we also have new ‘dwarf planet’ Sedna (betrayal, abandonment) and uranian transneptunian Admetos (compression, specialization, extremely slow process).   Watch for issues around finances, use of resources, changes (breakdowns or breakthroughs) in relationships, or creativity.

    The Sun joins Mercury in Taurus on the 11th, and Venus in curious Gemini makes an enticing sensuous, romantic square to illusory Neptune in Pisces.   Be mindful about making or receiving promises that may be lovely, but might not be kept.   But there is also the potential for great creative inspiration in the arts.   Mercury then enters the speedy little planet’s own sign of loquacious Gemini on May 15th, and squares Neptune on the 18th for more promises that are unlikely to be kept, things that are not ‘as advertised’ or true.   Venus also makes a promising sextile to Uranus on the 18th for sparks, inspiration and fun, so do have fun, but don’t let yourself be distracted and tricked or deceived.

    May 20th is significant as the Sun enters Gemini, Mercury (Mercury again!) hits an inspiring sextile to Uranus, but the day is far more notable as the 3rd of seven times from 2012 to 2015 that Uranus makes an exact square to Pluto, which is really the larger trajectory of the cosmic evolutionary shift to unity consciousness and greater spiritual potential and awareness.   Uranus-Pluto aspects are revolution, significant beginnings as well as inevitable endings, turbulence in Earth changes as well as politically and for the economy.   Awareness is key as we deal with issues of inclusivity vs exclusion, polarity vs synthesis and integration, social inequity and injustice vs universal freedom to Be.   It’s a bumpy road to get there as there is much resistance from those still enmeshed in outdated attitudes of the now-obsolete paradigm.  

    The final and third eclipse of this spring sequence is the full Moon lunar eclipse at 4° 08’ Sagittarius on May 24th, closely squaring Neptune in Pisces for idealization, spiritual aspiration, but again with some possible confusion or illusion.   Outer planetary body Orcus is also in the mix, relating to depth, also promises or oaths made, and dwarf planet Haumea, seemingly related to the new paradigm and feminine creativity, and the largest asteroid (now classified as a dwarf planet) Ceres, which relates to food, nurturing, mothering, growing things.   What do we seek to learn, to feed ourselves in spirit, mind and body?  

    The Sun squares Neptune to test those idealistic waters on May 26th, Mercury aligns in a positive inspiring conjunction with expansive Jupiter on the 27th, and then Venus echoes that conjunction to Jupiter the following day on the 28th.   We may be reeling from all the radical changes, but chances are pretty good that we’ll be feeling pretty good these several days.   Then on the last day of May, Mercury rushes to move out of Gemini into Cancer and Mars moves out of Taurus into Gemini to bring new energies into June.   We’ll get there next month…

    May is an extremely chaotic, tricky, turbulent month.   It reminds me of the Fun House at Lakeside amusement park where you try to walk across moving sidewalk panels, or through giant barrels spinning in opposite directions, or sit on a large spinning disc that throws you off through its centrifugal force…   We’re still down the rabbit hole!    

    Much is required of us as we strive to maintain center and equilibrium while so many are wobbly in their energy in these unstable times.   There are more power and control issues, deception, manipulation thru ‘charm,’ compulsiveness, secretiveness, defensiveness and paranoia.   Some are acting out based on fear and security issues.   If there are people around you trying to control or manipulate you thru confusion, trickery, attachments or ‘cording,’ maintain your boundaries, and do your best to lovingly send them light while clearing any such attachments.  Not only are you rightly holding sovereignty of your own energy and autonomy, you are compassionately helping those acting out of fear who are trying to abuse to avoid negative karma for doing so.   When things get really challenging or disheartening, remember this is the only planet with chocolate! 

    Many are being tested, many are being called to recommit to staying to continue the work of this transition, and there is potential for profound insight and the capacity to make creative changes for positive growth.  It continues to be important to find a balance between emotional intensity and practical common sense.  

    Never forget that you have the Right to Be, and to follow your path as you see fit.  Maintain your boundaries, stay grounded and clear while respect the boundaries of others.   Continue to be mindful that this is a time of drastic acceleration in manifestation, and that it is essential to keep your thoughts and feelings as positive and resonant to higher frequencies as you possibly can.  This is a form of service as well as survival, for as your experience and intention expand in a productive, creative way, you also help to lift the energies for others. 

    Remember that ultimately, it is your connection and attunement to Source which fills, nurtures, sustains and renews you, and even if it may appear from the outside to be so, you are never alone or unsupported.  Rejoice in that with Gratitude! 

    Remember to take essential time to rest, laugh and play, and nurture yourself with quality food and water and time in nature.  This will help to balance our increased attunement and awareness of the collective energies around us.   Continue in mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality for greater clarity, capacity, and presence.   

    Always, follow your highest path of compassion and heart with gratitude, courage and fearlessness, humility and grace.   Every day offer thanks to our Mother Earth and Father Spirit, who support us unconditionally.   Listen deeply to your inner guidance with presence and patience.   Remember Who you Are, and why you are here…   Breathe, breathe deeply, slowly, release, and Be…   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

  • April Astrology Highlights – "Dancing with the Stars" By Janis Page

    Janis_Page LargeHappy April!   No foolin’… April starts with a hopeful, optimistic sextile from the Sun in Aries to Jupiter in Gemini, but this pleasant aspect is overlaid over the still-prevailing double ‘finger of god’ yod aspects of Jupiter not only sextiling the Sun, but also Aries Uranus, Venus, and Mars all seeking individual self-expression in an uncomfortable 150° inconjunct to Scorpio Saturn conjunct uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon for a limiting, judgmental overlording aspect with a dash of spiritual awareness and/or self-righteousness.   The other overlapping yod is the longstanding Scorpio Saturn/Poseidon sextile to powerful Pluto in Capricorn inconjunct Jupiter.   (I’m trying hard not to say you might indeed feel like god is giving you the finger!)   There are potential power plays that may be based on different ideologies.  Avoid overconfidence and overreaching.   Take pause to be sure you are not trying to take advantage of others through a misguided sense of self-entitlement.   With Chiron conjunct Mercury in illusory Pisces squaring expansive Jupiter, you might weave a clever justification to yourself, but you may not be as likely to get away with things as you might hope…  In other words, make sure your reality check doesn’t bounce!   (and bite you in the butt!)   

    That’s quite a tangled array of aspects to open the month.  Venus and Mars move forward in close conjunction in Aries from about April 5th until the 9th, with the exact alignment on April  6th.   Mars will dominate as the red warrior planet is in his own sign in Aries, while peace-maker Venus is weaker and at her detriment in the sign.  That means that aggression, ego, sex and desire will override the romance, harmony and collaborative compromise that Venus prefers, although there is an excellent potential for creative self-expression.

    This leads into the new Moon on April 10th with the Sun and Moon at 20° 40’ of Aries, closely conjunct rebellious ‘dwarf planet’ Eris, Mars and Venus.   The key phrase for Aries is ‘ready, fire, aim!’ and this stellium in the first sign of the zodiac screams, Me!  Me!!  Me!!!   (well, aren’t you special???)  Try not to leave tire tracks across anyone’s face charging ahead in your enthusiasm, and use the excellent motivating energy to get things moving in your life.   It might be easier to take on things that can be quickly accomplished to avoid losing interest along the way, but you would do well to focus on what is most important in your life at this time with clarity of intent. 

    Overlapping and underlying this is powerful Pluto turning retrograde (Rx) at 11° 35’ Capricorn.   Because the small but mighty power planet is so far out from the Sun, it will actually be stationary from April 7th until the 19th, and moving slowly for quite a while both prior to and following this two week period.   If you have any placements or personal points in your chart here, you will be experiencing a major transformative phase.  For some, this may even include the breakdown, transforming and releasing old genetic, ancestral patterns, for your own liberation, and also offering liberation for your ancestors and descendents.   Powerful!   For all of us, and for the broader collective, this is the next phase for the disclosure and confrontation of abuse of power.   Watch for more corruption in business, politics, and religion to come to light over these next several months… 

    On April 13th, Mercury, the quicksilver planet of thinking, communication and travel joins the party in outspoken, impulsive Aries, bringing the number of planets up to six in that sign (if we include Eris) but not for long, as Venus happily enters her own comfortable sign of Taurus on April 15th.   Venus in Taurus is good for creativity, sensuality, and finances – and yep, this is tax day.   That works.  

    There is more activity and two more planets changing signs over the next few days, making all four planets to change signs this month doing so within this one week.   First, the Sun conjuncts Mars in Aries with the potential for temperamental willfulness, but also good motivation and activation on the 17th.  This is followed by Venus making a lovely, creative and idealistic sextile to Neptune on the 18th.   Then on the 19th, the Sun enters earthy, practical Taurus as does Mars the following day.  Also on the 20th, Mercury joins Uranus for crackling intuitive insights, but also can be potentially accident prone, so be mindful not to be too hasty or impulsive.   Pay attention while driving, and look all directions before crossing – you are not the only one likely to be hasty or impulsive. 

    Saturn makes a somber opposition to Venus on the 22nd, Earth Day, putting the reins on any excess or indulgence.   This is not a day to blow your budget or your diet.   On the 23rd, Mercury forms a creative sextile to Jupiter, which should be good for planning and communications.  This leads up to a creative, and potentially lucrative and/or passionate trine from Venus to Pluto and an inspired sextile from the Sun to Neptune on the 24th.  

    These several positive transits open to the first eclipse of 2013, a lunar full Moon eclipse at 5° 46’ Scorpio on April 25th.   All eclipses are intense and powerful activators, and this one is no exception.   The Sun in Taurus is still closely conjunct Mars, opposing the Moon in emotional and possessive Scorpio conjunct Saturn, the lord of karma.   There can be power and control issues, unconscious compulsiveness, secretiveness, some paranoia, security issues, and challenging willfulness.   At the highest potential, there can be great insight and the motivation and will to make creative changes to set a foundation for positive growth.  Do your shadow work - there is much to be gained in exploring the ‘roots’ of the tree of individuation, if you dare.  It’s important to find a balance between emotional intensity and practical common sense.  

    With asteroids Circe (giving and receiving assistance), Panacea (finding solutions, the cure), Memoria (memories), Eros (sexual energy), Ornamenta (gifts, decoration), Euridice (dependence on assistance), the centaur Nessus (negative, toxic, ‘poisoned shirt’), and TNP Admetos (compression, slow, raw materials) all activated on the 90° dial, there are going to be many levels of manifestation of this eclipse around interrelatedness and responsibility to others.   Much will be on unconscious levels, and there is need for impeccable integrity.   If this eclipse hits something in your chart, you could be reaping the activations and feeling it for a while.  This all sounds very heavy and hard, and yet it is fitting in this new time of unity consciousness, and there can be much joy and accomplishment in it all.   Wow.   Usually eclipses come in pairs, two weeks apart, but this time there will be three – watch for the next two in May.    

    On April 26th, Mars sextiles Neptune for inspiration, or possibly, delusion and confusion.   Use your intuition, stay in integrity and it could be good.   The Sun opposes Saturn on the 28th, a good time to make plans and build a structure for your work.   You may find some opposition or challenges to your ideas, and this possibility will increase with Mars opposing Saturn on the 30th.   Consider constructive criticism as a means to help you fine-tune or, if necessary, to overhaul your ideas.   If possible, stay out of power plays, especially those based on ego trips.   Your ‘authority issues’ could be triggered – don’t go into knee-jerk reaction or be oppositional ‘just because.’   Arm wrestling, anyone?    

    With so much Aries influence, April is a good month to remember and affirm that you have the Right to Be, and to follow your path as you see fit.   But so does everyone else, so it is important to respect the boundaries of others while you also maintain your own.   Be patient and kind.   Many are deeply challenged during these volatile times, but remember everyone is doing the best that they can.   Remember to stay grounded and clear.   Please also remember that we are in a time of drastically accelerated manifestation, so keep your thoughts and feelings as positive and resonant to higher frequencies as you can.  In this way, not only will your experience flow and expand in a productive, creative way, you will also help to lift the energies for others. 

    As always, the key is to attune from your heart center in gratitude to your higher Self, your Essence, and beyond to Source.   Don’t forget to nurture your ‘human suit’ with ample rest, activity, good quality food and water, and laughter and play.   Connect to source energy for renewal.   Remember compassion for those in confusion, fear and denial, and those near and dear to you, and for yourself.   The radical shifts are progressing, and the veils between the worlds continue to thin and diminish.  

    As we co-create this new world of unity consciousness and higher awareness, we are inevitably more attuned and aware of the collective energies around us.   Continue in mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality, which is neither indifferent nor passive, but rather, is not emotionally enmeshed.   This gives greater clarity, capacity, and presence.  

    Follow your highest path of compassion and heart, with gratitude, with gentle curiosity, courage and fearlessness, humility and grace.   Celebrate Mother Earth and Father Spirit, who give us everything.   Listen, listen, listen deeply to the pulse of life and to your own heartbeat.  Remember Who you Are, and why you are here, and get on it!   Breathe deeply, slowly, exhale, and Be...   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all. Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at

  • March Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” by Janis Page

    March comes marching in, or maybe sometimes dancing, spinning, or stomping.   Looking at the lunations, the spring equinox chart and significant transits and aspects for the month, March almost seems to have a strobe effect, or be sort of bipolar.   On!  Off!  Full on!  I generally do not comment on most transiting lunar aspects as there are so many, and the effect is so fleeting since the Moon moves a degree in about two hours.  But there are a number of days that have an overwhelming 7-10 aspects hitting, and several days with nary a fleeting minor lunar transit aspecting anything.  It is reflective of the energies lately, vacillating between times of full on intensity and challenge, with times in between, if we can notice them and take a much needed break, even if only for a moment.   The year continues to be a wild ride down the rabbit hole that continues to intensify.   At least it might be starting to be a bit more discernible what some of the implications might be of the new energy shifts as they ripen.   Maybe.  

    Then again, with the month opening with six planets in Pisces (I’m including Chiron, because Chiron’s influence in all this is significant) we are wide open on a feeling level, more empathic, more confused and distracted, more energetically dilated, more tired, with the potential for more compassion.   Many are finding their intuitive and psychic gifts opening and growing faster than a bamboo plant!  (did you know that under optimal conditions, bamboo can grow 3-4 feet in a day?)   Along with this rapid intuitive opening comes the need for much better grounding, filters, and boundaries.    Thoughts are manifesting so rapidly it’s astonishing, and also, things can spin out of control into dangerous territory fast if we don’t watch it.   We’re needing to learn to be far better about keeping our thoughts and feelings positive and clear because when we don’t, the implications, damage and hurt feelings can be immediate.  It’s sort of like potty training on the next highest level…

    March begins with the Sun in Pisces forming positive and stabilizing aspects to the ongoing Saturn-Pluto sextile, with a trine to Saturn and sextile to Pluto.   With so many placements in Pisces, this can be a stabilizing and relieving reality check.   On the 4th, the Sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde (Rx) in Pisces while the Moon in Sagittarius squares them both.   There may be some confusion in communications, and the potential for well-meaning but blunt words to cause some hurt feelings, but some might just want to indulge and party with no limitations.  This possibility is increased by Venus squaring Jupiter the same day, bringing an urging to excess.   Not the easiest day to stay on a budget or diet, as the goodies beckon…

    March 6th is one of the excruciatingly active days, as Venus sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn (these transits can be positive professionally, and good for the economy), while Mercury Rx conjuncts Venus and trines Saturn, giving a chance for a re-do and correction, while over the course of the day the Moon in pragmatic Capricorn squares Uranus, sextiles Venus, conjuncts and occults Pluto, sextiles Saturn then Mercury then the Sun.    There is intensity and just so much busy activity; it’s a bit like juggling while taking advantage of some good opportunities.  Good luck making the best of the day!  

    In the very early hours of the next morning, Mercury forms a potentially insightful sextile to powerful Pluto, as the next morning the Saturn Pluto sextile is exact.   The aspect is so tight all month, we’re not likely to notice this much, but it’s duly noted… Please also duly note that Daylight Savings Time (ugh!) starts on Sunday, March 10th. 

    When you’re that hour short of sleep, the Moon in Pisces joins the Sun for the new Moon at 21° Pisces on March 11th, and the watery pileup reaches an astounding seven planets, including Chiron, with the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury (Rx), Venus and Mars in the elusive, dreamy sign.  Wow.   The potential ranges wildly from confusion, dispersion and leakage of energy, deception, art and inspiration, heightened intuition and psychic capacities, spiritual attunement and compassion.  With Jupiter in Gemini squaring several of the earlier degree planets, and Saturn squaring and Pluto sextiling those same earlier degree planets – not including the Sun and Moon – there is added extremism and ambition.  But then right after midnight (Mountain Standard Time) the red planet Mars makes a break for it out of the watery sign, which is not the easiest placement for Mars, happily charging into his own fiery sign of Aries, as the first of four planets to exit Pisces into ‘ready, fire, aim!’ Aries this month.   The Moon follows a few hours later.  

    Mercury is not one to leave Pisces this month, but the messenger planet does turn direct on March 17th.   Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   Remember it takes a few days for the little planet to gain any momentum and the times around its station are the trickiest, so if you are out drinking green beer over the weekend, please be careful, and have a designated non-drinking driver.      

    Spring equinox is March 20th, as the Sun enters Aries, and the daylight hours equal, then surpass the dark hours of the night.  The light is increasing, and in more than one way.  This is another ‘new year’ chart, and wow, what a volatile and complex chart it is!    The Sun makes a tight square to uranian transneptunian (TNP) Hades, activating further breakdown of past patterns.   They make a minor hard aspect to Pluto, adding power and drive, and Pluto is very tightly conjunct the asteroid Bacchus, which relates to addiction and emotional dishonesty – watch for more situations of the breakdown of abuse of power and addiction to power.   Mars is closely conjunct Uranus in Aries, a very volatile and impatient combination of planetary energies.   They make a tight square to Moon in her own sensitive sign of Cancer, adding emotional reactions and issues around home and security needs.  Pluto opposing the Moon forms an intense t-square to Mars and Uranus.  There is a likelihood of power trips, hair-trigger impatience and reactions, and possibly violence.   There is also a double ‘yod’ or ‘finger of god’ configuration, with Mars-Uranus sextile Jupiter, both a challenging 150° inconjunct to Scorpio Saturn conjunct TNP Poseidon, adding a spiritual and/or religious component to the taskmaster Saturn.   Overlapping, the second yod has Saturn and Poseidon sextile Pluto, both tightly inconjunct exuberant Jupiter.   These yod patterns call for adjustment, change, consciousness.   Then add an emotional grand trine in water, with Saturn-Poseidon in Scorpio trine Chiron-Mercury-Neptune in Pisces trine the Moon conjunct TNP Kronos (authority, leadership) in Cancer.   Emotions run deep and strong with that one, serious, but possibly idealistic or elusive, and security minded.  

    There is SO much going on here… challenges, emotion, upheaval, transformation, breakthrough, a call to consciousness.   And this equinox chart is not only the chart for the following spring months, it may also be a follow-up activation chart from the pivotal, dimensional shifting December 21, 2012/winter solstice/ Capricorn ingress chart.    You might be sorely tempted to see if you’ve got any more of that green beer, but you might do better to check in with yourself, to see where you can take advantage of the spiritual enhancements (or explosions), to see where former fear and security issues are limiting you and release them.  Consider (the word ‘consider’ means ‘with the stars’!) how you can further open to unity consciousness, compassion, and awareness.   It’s a good time to meditate, to see how you are progressing with the seeds of intention that you set at the winter solstice, if you did, and perhaps set new intentions to further you on your spiritual evolutionary path now.   Remember, things are possible now that were not accessible or possible more than three months ago.   Remember too that sometimes playing it safe can be the most dangerous thing you can do.   Attune to your higher Self, your Essence, and expand with joy and gratitude.  

    The following day, March 21st, Venus leaves Pisces, where she’s really quite happy, and says me too! and joins the ranks in Aries.  Let’s go!   Mars and Uranus make their exact conjunction on the 22nd, another day with a half dozen lunar transiting aspects to keep the flow and action flying… 

    March 26th has Mars sextile Jupiter and squaring Pluto – two intense aspects that can indicate luck, possible overreach, and a potentially violent conflict of power.   This is the day before the full Moon. 

    The full Moon chart on March 27th is another powerful one, with the Moon at 7° Libra opposing the Sun conjunct Venus, Uranus and Mars in Aries.   A full cardinal grand square is there with these Aries-Libra planets squared by TNPs Hades and Kronos (authority, leadership) in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn (do you notice how Pluto never takes a break to bow out for a minute??)   Cardinal signs call for action.   Four planets in impulsive and impatient Aries demand action, especially when Mars, Uranus and the Sun are among those Aries planets.   Watch for strong ego drive… but the counterbalancing Libra Moon calls for grace, diplomacy, and negotiation.   A Libra can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip.  Part of the key to this gracious presentation is the neutrality that Libra has.   Libra is the only sign personified by an inanimate object – the Scales.   All the other signs are personified by living, breathing animals and people.   Neutrality is key – it is not passive and not indifferent, it is just not emotionally enmeshed, so there is the possibility for cool clarity.   Can you have this balance with all that fiery Aries?   You’re more likely to get your way if you can, and if ‘getting your way’ means the greatest success for everyone.   Altruism, my lovelies… that which is best for all, self included.   This is unity consciousness at work. 

    The last day of the month is Easter, and it’s another extreme, hyperactive, volatile day.   Venus squares Pluto, potentially obsessive, possessive and power driven, Venus sextiles Jupiter, which is much more playful and social, and the Sun also squares Pluto for more possible battle of the wills.  Or won’ts.   Woven through and around these aspects, the Moon in freewheeling Sagittarius squares Neptune, trines Uranus then the Sun, opposes Jupiter, trines Venus, squares Mercury and then goes void of course with a last aspect a fast-flowing trine to Mars.   There’s a lot of razzle-dazzle, shuckin’ and jivin’ in all that.   Happy Easter, happy March, happy spring….    

    There is still anxiety and fatigue, and for many, the energy reserves needed to protect and buffer us from outside influences and pressure is depleted.  Connect to source energy for renewal, and take time to rest.   Much is falling away, as much that is new arises. There is great uncertainty, turmoil, volatility and tension in the world and in the lives of many around us.   Many are in fear and denial, or don’t know how to let go of their resistance to evolve, and more are falling or shattering.   The shifts that have happened are getting stronger and clearer, as the veils continue to thin and diminish.   Still, we are feeling the collective (un)consciousness and world pain as it struggles to transform.   We do better to get out of our own way, and trust our heart-knowing.  Stay clear and gently heart-centered and grounded, remember mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality, while maintaining healthy boundaries.  

    Remember we are co-creating a new world of unity consciousness and higher awareness, and so we are more attuned to the collective energies around us.   It’s of great importance to keep your conscious focus at a higher vibrational frequency and resonance.   Your experience will be more gratifying and useful in a productive, creative way, while also serving to lift the energies for those around you as well.  Our responsibility and ability to respond are increasing. 

    As always, stay in compassionate heart, with gratitude, mindful awareness, with courage and humility, fearlessness and grace.   It’s a new world we explore with gentle, curious eyes.  So many are lost, ungrounded and confused, and possibly acting or reacting out of fear.  Remember they are doing the best they can, so be kind, be patient.   It is of utmost importance that we stay in attunement and connected to Source.   Take good care of yourself – meditate, rest, and nurture your body thru these changes.   Again, seek your highest aspirations and longing, while also taking care of what needs to be taken care of in your daily life.  It’s a new day… 

    Listen to the pulse of the Earth’s heartbeat, and to your own… listen deeply, breathe, and Be…   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.  

  • February, 2013 “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page C2013

    Tashi  delek!  Bal Gyal Lo!  Gung Hay Fat Choy!   No, I’m not typing in tongues – that’s auspicious wishes, happy Losar (Tibetan New Year) and Chinese New Year of the Water Snake…  round two of beginnings of the new  year, or three, if you count winter solstice…  Happy February.  The year has been a wild ride down the rabbit hole so far, and that only seems to be intensifying.

    I don’t recall where I heard this term, but we seem to have accelerated to the point of hitting ‘vertical time.’   It’s illogical and bemusing, but somehow feels right intuitively – at least to some of us.   January screamed past, and we are well into February by the time I sit to write this forecast.   (whoops!)   Many were sick in January, and many are still sick, or are sick again, and a concerning number of people are finding out they are considerably sicker than they knew.   We need to get grounded and present in our bodies, and take good care of our ‘human suits’ as they too strain to adjust to the changes…  Many are needing more sleep, more water.  This is a time for rest and integration to allow the new changes to start to quicken and germinate within us.   We will find new possibilities, and if you can take a little time out, your new direction will start to clarify and you will be very busy soon enough.

    While some are cruising with great joy, fluidity and ease at times, there is also much anxiety, and greater tendency to hair-trigger overreactions to situations, as so many are in a state of the equivalent of psychic ‘metal fatigue.’  We don’t have a lot of room for more stress.  In the world, there is great turmoil and violence, volatility and tension.   The shifts and changes don’t come easily, and the old ways die hard.   Those insisting on resisting letting go and evolving are shattering.   As the veils continue to thin, we are feeling the
    collective (un)consciousness of the global insanity and world pain much more acutely.   But much of the turmoil is serving to bring old corruption to light for transformation.   When we feel overwhelmed, remember mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality.   When intense thoughts and feelings overtake you, remember you are not your thoughts or feelings, and come back to your heart center.   That works really well…

    Still, the good news abounds!   We’ve made it across a significant threshold, and are co-creating a new world of unity consciousness and higher awareness – which is why we are more attuned to the collective energies around us.   It’s important, if not so easy, to continue to keep your consciousness at a higher vibrational frequency and resonance, and your experience will be more gratifying and useful in a productive, creative way, as well as serving to lift the energies for those around you as well.

    February is a busy month astrologically… while the slow moving planets continue to move quite slowly, five planets change signs, or rather, four – Venus changes signs twice.   Also, two planets turn retrograde later in the month – Saturn and Mercury – after a rare three
    week phase of no planets being retrograde from January 30th, when Jupiter turned direct and continues to dig in at 6° Gemini, the degree of the November 30th eclipse, holding an ongoing drone of activation of that eclipse.    If that eclipse hit something in your chart, you are probably noticing… ahem!

    The month starts with Mars slipping out of visionary Aquarius (where I did not notice last month had it in mutual reception with both Pluto and Saturn!) into watery Pisces, and Venus driving out of practical Capricorn into Aquarius less than an hour later on the 1st.   Venus is pretty happy and friendly in Aquarius; aggressive Mars is a little more challenged in sensitive and amorphous Pisces, though the placement is good for spiritual pursuits, music, dance, creativity, and water activities.   On the 4th, Mars then flows into conjunction with idealistic, illusory Neptune at home in the giant planet’s own sign of
    Pisces, causing either possible confusion or fatigue, or igniting the will to pursue your ideals and dreams.   The next day, February 5th, Mercury follows Mars to also enter Pisces, shifting thought patterns to being more intuitive, more feeling than thinking your thoughts.

    The 6th is a sparky, expansive day, as magnetic Venus forms a creative sextile with innovative Uranus, great for creative ideas and romantic sparks and flirting, and active social media contacts.   Then Mercury conjuncts Neptune, which is ideal for creative expression, writing music or poetry – practical, logical thinking, not so much.  There can be miscommunication or confusion, or possibly deception.   This is a time to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it might be, so heed your instincts to check it out.  Then, still on the 6th, indulgent Venus makes a flowing trine to expansive Jupiter,
    which can be extremely fortuitous, but also prone to great excess.   Not a good transit to stay on a budget or diet, and with the Mercury-Neptune, your thinking is not very discerning beyond what feels good.

    Mercury catches up to Mars on the 8th for some quick action, but also potential agitation and arguments.    The next day speedy Mercury squares Jupiter for potential overload, with too many things going on at once.  It could be fun…

    February 10th is the new Moon in Aquarius, a very action-packed day.   This is Tibetan and Chinese New Year of the Water Snake mentioned at the beginning of this forecast.   The new Moon at 22° Aquarius has the Sun and Moon making a tight square to the lunar nodes, which can indicate social conflicts and upheaval.  This is further amplified and exacerbated by Mars in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Gemini, which can be egocentric and bellicose, and Venus in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio.  Ouch.  Here are issues of women’s rights and the limitations imposed on them – and the resistance to those limitations! – as well as economic issues, especially with Saturn making a tight sextile to Pluto in Capricorn all month.   They continue in mutual reception, being in each other’s sign, for a tighter interconnectedness.   This aspect reflects the power structures which are called to evolve, especially with the lord of power Pluto also continuing its ongoing square to rebellious Uranus, calling for revolution.

    This new Moon reveals itself to be even more potent when we also consider the activations on the 90° dial, where the Sun and Moon activate Uranus, sudden changes and disruptions, uranian transneptunians (TNPs) Kronos, authority and leadership, and Apollon, commerce, multiples, and asteroids Astraea (vision, witnessing, incomplete
    resolution), Hera (partnerships, and issues of equity exchange in them, financial agreements), Nostalgia (the past, memory), Pandora (sudden surprises, chaos), Toro (strength, bullying), Atlantis (crisis, especially water crisis, issues of confidentiality and ethics), Black Moon Lilith (hidden, dark feminine, the shadow) and midpoints
    Saturn/Neptune (limitations, illusion, weakness), Neptune/Poseidon (spiritual, idealism), Kronos/Astraea (something unresolved or lingering about power and those in authority, witnessing).   It’s quite a Moon, and promises quite a year.

    This focus on women’s rights is interesting, and we can get some insight from the Water Snake, which is very feminine, yin energy.   Snake energy is magnetic and wise, knowing how to both utilize and conserve energy, including being highly intuitive in the ways of timing – knowing when to wait until the opportune moment to strike.  This is an auspicious time to come into attunement with your highest self, and from that alignment, set an intention and goals and go for it, especially in this three week time of all planets in direct motion.   This is also in perfect attunement with the rising of the feminine energy into right balance with the masculine (it takes both) and unity consciousness, which has the feminine quality of relatedness.

    Astonishing!   Because I’m so late in finishing this forecast (the last week flew by in a day) I can add that on the 11th, the day after this powerful and transformative new Moon further activating the empowering of the feminine, the Pope gave notice of his resignation – and then that night, lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica!  (my first thought was God saying, ‘Out! Damned spot!)   This Pope has been at the center of the coverup of the massive pedophilia by priests, which is abuse of power and life-force energy at its worst.   More abusive power structures coming down… but, we’ll see what the Catholic Church does
    from here.

    Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 11th, bringing communications about power, possible secretiveness, strong intuition.   The following day, on the 12th Mars conjuncts the ‘wounded healer’ centaur Chiron, who bridges from the ordinary to the non-ordinary, from the personal to the transcendent and spiritual.   Often Chiron ‘breaks our heart,’ but it’s
    small egoic heart breaking open to greater compassionate heart.   Here is the potential for sexual healing, or some high ego trips of wounded self-entitlement or sense of victimhood.  Don’t go there, please… Mercury also trines pragmatic Saturn this day, so that will help keep things real, especially with the Mars-Chiron in a grand water trine with patriarchal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct spiritual uranian transneptunian (TNP) Posideon trine TNP Kronos, power and leadership.    There will be changes in power and those in power, with potentially harsh judgment for those out of integrity.

    The only aspect happening on the 14th is a pleasant sextile from the Moon to the Sun, so with no added stress, go with the cosmic flow and have a happy Valentine’s day!

    Mars sextiles Pluto on the 15th, then trines Saturn on the 16th.  Hard work and diligence pay off.  This is not a time for self-indulgence and procrastination.

    On the 18th, there is a significant shift in energy as the Sun joins Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury in Pisces (there will be even more soon enough!) as Saturn, who has been slowing down all month, stations to turn retrograde at 11° Scorpio.   The Sun and Neptune are conjunct the asteroid Eros, for a potentially erotic idealism and illusion, and a bit of escapism?   But Saturn putting on the brakes in that tight cooperative sextile to Pluto, both in a ‘finger of God’ yod hard 150° inconjunct aspect to workaholic asteroid Vesta demands due diligence and that responsibilities not be neglected.  There is a call for adjustment here, fine-tuning or course correction and clarifying intent and focus.   Fly, but stay grounded and real!   The Sun tightens into that conjunction with Neptune on the 20th.

    Mercury stations to make its first three week retrograde phase for the year on February 23rd at 20° Pisces, conjunct Mars and the asteroid Nostalgia, closely trine the north node at 20° Scorpio.    What have you forgotten?   Or rather, what are you remembering that you need to revisit, complete, reconsider?   This is a time for reflection and tying up loose ends.   It’s a challenging time for communications and technology, and a poor time to have surgery while Mercury is Rx (it goes direct on March 17th – best to avoid surgery the several days before and after the Rx phase as well).   Are you becoming more intuitive, and
    more telepathic?  You might be, and starting to notice it more…  you might also have some sense of Essence recall, of who you are, and who you may have been in previous lifetimes.   Maybe.

    The full Moon is at 7° Virgo on February 25th, opposing the Pisces Sun, Neptune and Chiron (Mars and Mercury are out of orb, but also still in Pisces) and a couple hours later, Venus says me too!  And joins the planetary stellium in Pisces by entering that sign, which is a very good fit for Venus for her inherent creativity and magnetism.   That’s a lot of planets that the Moon holds in opposition, and in Virgo, the Moon asks that we attend to the details with due diligence and care and not just dissolve into the universal collective Piscean waters.   Jupiter in Gemini closely squares the full Moon opposition, so there are a lot of details and factors to address, and with any luck at all, some fun and laughs along the way, not fragmentation and confusion.   Mercury backs over Mars on the 26th – is there something you need to get back to, something to be said about a past situation?   There is again the possibility to be irritable, argumentative or accident prone, especially
    if you fall into the potential Piscean spaciness, so take extra care to be mindful while driving or working with tools.

    The month ends with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, for a long cosmic Ahhhhhhh…..  create, dream, expand in compassion and creative joy.    Stay in heart, with compassion, gratitude, awareness.   Remember courage and humility, grace and fearlessness.   Sniff out this new world, see how things are now, and how to best dance with the evolving unfolding of it all.   Be kind, be patient – remember many are ungrounded and confused, but doing the best they can.   Stay attuned and connected to Source, and remember to take time to play, too.  Be wise, meditate, rest, and nurture your body thru these changes.   Do your best to bridge between your highest aspirations and longing, while also taking care of what needs to be taken care of in your daily life.  The light is increasing, in the sense that we are more than halfway from the winter solstice to the spring equinox, but also the Light within and around us.  Pay attention!   Wake up!  But also dream, and fly in your dreams… there are new realms and possibilities to explore.

    Again – Listen, Listen… deeply, breathe, and Be…   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all. Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at

    Lovingly  dedicated to my mother, Ruth Page (July 8, 1923-November 27, 2012),
    radiant soul, breathing freely, as you shine and smile, and dance among
    the stars…

  • January, 2013 “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page C2013

    Well, well, well…
    happy new year, and happy new Earth, my lovelies!   Congratulations and high-five to all who made it over the top and onto the other side – here we are, 2013!

    And what a ride it’s been.  Interestingly, January is about the easiest month astrologically that we’ve had since last spring.   That’s a lovely gift from the cosmos, as we still have more than enough to digest and integrate from all the shifts and changes over the last few months.

    So what happened last month in light of all the predicted transitional changes?    I confess that I question whether there was an energy influx on 12/12/12 as predicted, despite the cleverness of the calendar date.   There may or may not have been.  But many did gather to
    celebrate and meditate, and poke a few holes into the astral realms for a bit of energy leakage.   Many found themselves to be pretty exhausted after that, and some still are.

    There was an energy shift and opening on December 21, 2012, the date of the Capricorn
    ingress solstice.  Remember how strong that chart was with the tight ‘finger of God’ yod with Saturn in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn, both 150 degree in conjunct from Jupiter in Gemini opposing Venus in Sagittarius at the trigger point?   The universal chart for the year calls for major foundational restructuring with compassion, expansion, truth-telling, and in harmony with the feminine.

    Yes, that was also the final day of the Mayan long calendar which has completed, and now the new cycle, the ‘World of the 5th Sun’ has begun.   Sort of a bigger, more universal turning over of the cosmic odometer?   For the record, the Mayans never said it would be the end of the world.  We’re still here.  (ok, so the Mayans aren’t…)   Yes, it was subtle to most, and many didn’t ‘feel’ anything at all.   We did tell you not to expect an obvious
    radical change overnight, but that if something did happen, it likely would be subtle and take some time in the ripening into fruition.

    An analogy might be getting pregnant – while some do know at the moment of conception that they have indeed just conceived, that’s pretty rare.   Some don’t realize it for days or weeks, and it certainly doesn’t show for a few months. But you’re still 100% pregnant, regardless of when you have the conscious awareness of it.   While the changes can be glaringly obvious to some people, to others, some of these significant energy seedings, downloads, infusions – whatever you want to call it – do take time to ripen through our chakras, channels, and meridians.

    That brings up an interesting thought… in early January, an astonishing number of people have been sick.  Maybe our bodies are telling us sitdown, shaddup, take a break already!  
    Nurture, sleep, Be, take some time to allow the energy shifts to integrate.  Cosmic morning sickness?  Maybe!

    Another interesting confirmation of a cycle change is that the Hopi Indians reported a prophecy fulfilled in that the Blue Star Kachina was seen at 9:00pm on December 21,
    2012, and again at sunrise the next morning, affirming we have now passed from the 4th World into the 5th World, the sign of a new day and a new way of life.

    Comet Holmes – the Hopi Blue Star Kachina

    Comet Holmes is a periodic comet in the solar system which orbits our Sun with an orbital period of 2,511 days.   Kachinas are tricksters, and this blue comet made a rather dramatic pre-show cameo appearance on October23, 2007, when it mysteriously brightened almost a million-fold in a 24 hour period.  Whoa!  It’s back now, taking a deep blue bow as the Hopi Blue Star Kachina to call forth the new great cycle.

    In trying to get a sense of the feeling of it all, the image of the final Australian aboriginal
    dreamtime prophecy in the movie, ‘The Last Wave’ comes to mind, when an enormous wave arises that washes the world clean for a new beginning.   The shift ‘sounds’ like the roar of that massive swell of the ocean, when that giant wave starts to build…  so many indigenous cultures have prophecies and stories of rebirth and renewal.   Let the cosmic waters wash over you…. Resistance is futile!

    And yes, despite that, there are still many resisting change, growth, the evolution of their
    awareness, and digging in to their old ways with all their weary heart.  God bless ‘em, and good luck with that.

    So that is the energy threshold we open the year with… now onto the astrology for the month of January.

    After a sparky new year’s eve with mind-activating Mercury entering pragmatic Capricorn and immediately making an idealistic sextile to Neptune, the little speedster squares innovative Uranus on the 3rd, sparking insights, changes, and a few accidents for those not paying attention and getting ahead of themselves, which many may want to do with action-oriented Mars making a flowing trine to magnanimous Jupiter – some good ideas arising here.   On the 4th, Mercury aligns with powerful Pluto, good to ferret out secrets, do some research, go deeper.   The same day Mercury makes a pragmatic sextile to Saturn, so double-check your work, see if those ideas pass the scratch ‘n sniff test to be workable and to address the problems and challenges they are meant to address.   Thepotential is for an extremely productive day.

    On January 8th, Venus joins the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, reminding us that Venus is about money and finances as well as love and creative expression.  What’s the plan to increase income?   This is a great time to explore productive and prosperous ideas.  The next day, Venus forms a lovely sextile with Neptune, so ideals and sweetness still count!

    The new Moon is on January 11th at 22 degrees of Capricorn, on the universal Aries axis.   Here is another boost toward making plans to build a foundation and manifest that which you seek.   With the Sun and Moon making a close trine to remote, watery Sedna and the Moon’s south node in earthy Taurus, you can go deep and reach far.   This is not a time for superficial distractions.   The activations on the 90 degree dial fill in some of the potential details of what this new beginning is about.  Included are Pallas Athena (strategy, wisdom), Hades (things ancient, research, disintegration of the old), MakeMake (new paradigm), Mnemosyne (memory, essence recall), Orpheus (sorrow, loss, music), Requiem (acceptance, ‘let it be’), Sisyphus (starting over, repetitive), Poseidon-A (spirituality, light, psychic imagery, media), Sphinx (questions), Icarus (taking flight, risks), House (houses, buildings), Odysseus (travel), Psyche (extreme sensitivity, head and brain), Pandora (the
    unexpected), Chiron (turning point, bridging, wounded healer), Jupiter (expansion, optimism)   That’s quite a lineup!   It looks like a call to roll up your shirtsleeves to do the work with patience, effort, flexibility, with a positive direction and outcome.  New
    Moons are always important beginnings, and this one certainly is as the first new Moon after the winter solstice.   So get to work!

    The next day on the 12th, Venus sextiles Uranus for added spark and insight, and maybe a little flirting?   It’s also good for creative new designs and patterns.  Then on the 16th, Venus aligns with Pluto for some intensity and potential obsession.   No need to go there, but feelings will be running strong and deep, and there are those who will be making big financial deals.  Venus then making a sextile to taskmaster Saturn the next day helps to
    get it real, and keep the business plan flowing.

    The next couple days bring reorganization and time to close the deal as the Sun conjuncts
    Mercury at 29 Capricorn on January 18th, as both planets then fly into Aquarius the following  day, ready for new ideas and innovation.  Mercuryhas another active day on the 22nd forming a jazzy sextile to Uranus and optimistic trine to Jupiter.   There can be big wins and major success here, but also the need not to get too excessive and reckless. Going all or nothing may or may not pan out for you… if you’ve done your work, it

    Then the Sun takes its turn, making the same opportunity-making sextile to Uranus on the 24th and expansive trine to Jupiter on the 25th – again, the possibility for great strides and success.

    January 26th has the full Moon flashy and struttin’ her stuff at 7 degrees of Leo opposing
    the Sun at 7 degrees of Aquarius.   This is a good time to impress with a dynamic presentation, though be sure to know your stuff, too, as you can expect hard questions with the full Moon squared by Saturn in Scorpio conjunct uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon.   Not only is the question, will your plan work, and achieve the goals intended, but also, are those goals for the highest good for all?   Is there a spiritualcomponent that drives it?    There are some illuminating points activated on the dial for this full Moon, too.   Circe (giving and receiving assistance), Nemesis (scapegoating), Askalaphus (health and healing), Ophelia (self-defeating emotional overreaction), Cupido (family, creativity,
    community), Vulcano (focus, force, intense), Hopi (the west, minority issues, birds, knives, corn, attack), Hybris (exceeding or failing to meet expectations), Neptune (idealism, illusion, deception), Juno (issues of equity exchange in partnerships and collaborations), Zeus (explosive, military, organization, inflammation).   Do you work, watch your back, be ready for some dramatic reactions.   Keep your integrity intact.

    Then over the last few days of January, Jupiter slows and stations to turn direct at 6
    degrees of Gemini, soon to activate the Great Attractor and Galactic Center again.    While we witness the shifts and changes, and outer challenges, remember to keep taking care of yourself, nurturing and integrating the changes and new ground. Time continues to soar, dance, dilate and constrict, confuse and amuse.    We’ve been untethered from time for a while now, and may be reaching what someone called ‘vertical time’ – which is pretty
    illogical and confusing, and yet at the same time rings true in an intuitive sense.   All time is now.  And wow, things are manifesting so rapidly, alternating with seeming to move in slow motion.   Yes, we still have our challenges, but remember that what you focus on becomes more real and expands, and so keep your focus on what you have gratitude for and want to see increase.

    Gratitude is always a central key and gift, as are compassion and awareness, courage and
    humility, joy, grace, patience, fearlessness.  Miracles continue to happen on this beautiful, gem of a planet as she evolves through her significant transition. We have the honor to participate in the unfolding of the new awareness and possibilities, for the planet, for ourselves, for all those around us.   The veils between the worlds are still thin – are you enjoying and nurturing your developing intuitive gifts?   Are you remembering who you are, and what you are here for, and taking up that place joyfully, while still doing your
    work?   It’s as if so many have been asleep or otherwise caught in a fairytale enchantment, and are finally starting to stir…  Wake up!

    We are connected, dancing in Indra’s Web… it actually is possible to see the golden threads that interconnect everyone and everything in divine resonance and rhythm.  Stay in your heart center, attuned and connected to Source.  The awe and wonder of it… unity consciousness.   It’s unfolding, ripening… We’re there.

    My gratitude to my friend Scott for introducing me to the song ‘Amazing,’ by the musical group ‘One Eskimo.’   The lyrics brilliantly capture the highest sense of gratitude and awareness of unity consciousness.   An excerpt:

    I feel sweet / Do you feel sweet?

    It’s amazing

    I have no skin / And I feel

    It’s amazing

    I feel good / When you feel good

    I knew I would

    And it’s amazing

    I’ve wanted this for so long

    Now the deed has been done

    We shall rise with the sun

    And spend our time as one

    It’s in the stars / In the sun

    It’s everywhere / In everyone

    And it will be every day

    From now on / From now on

    We are one

    And it’s amazing

    Listen, Listen…deeply, breathe, and Be…  Happy New Year.   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    Lovingly  dedicated to my mother, Ruth Page (July 8, 1923-November 27, 2012),
    radiant soul, breathing freely, as you shine and smile, and dance among
    the stars…

  • August Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    Happy August!   Isn’t it incredible that we are already starting on the downswing of summer?   The heat is on, but while this month has it’s ‘vibrant moments,’ this time the heat is mostly the kind that air conditioning and fans were made for.  Whew!   After the extreme intensity of June, then July still quite active, August should be a bit smoother, with Mercury turning direct, and a fleeting but intense spike midmonth.   And a blue Moon!   We have two full Moons this month.

    Do take note that there are several slow moving astrological aspects that have been and continue to be active, serving as a drone or ground underlying everything else.   Uranus is still closely square Pluto, if currently not quite exact, and this volatile aspect gets ignited by other planets tripping across that minefield.    This particular minefield has been with us for a while and will continue to be active through 2015, so we might settle in with it for the long haul, eh?  Especially those who have planets or other placements around 4-8° of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.   I’ve been saying that ‘strange’ is ‘the new black’ and this aspect is part of what makes that so.

    Also, Neptune is slowly swimming Rx, backwards, from 2° to 1° of the mystical giant planet’s own sign of Pisces, tightly squaring the Moon’s nodes all month as they move from 1° to 0° of Gemini/Sagittarius.   There can be confusion or distraction, but you’ll be fine if you stay in touch with your intuition while also staying grounded.  Now that’s good advice every month!

    August kicks off with the first full Moon of the month on the 1st, at 10° Aquarius.   Note the full Moon is always in the sign opposite where the Sun is, now in Leo.   This is a pretty friendly full Moon, with exciting Uranus in Aries sextile the Moon and trine the Sun, and expansive Jupiter in friendly Gemini forming a sextile the Sun and trine to the Moon.   Sweet!   Take note though that Mercury, still Rx (retrograde) in early Leo will also trine the north node/sextile the south node – no problem there -  and form a potentially confusing 150° inconjunct aspect to Neptune, so it might be a good idea not to fall into the temptation to be reckless and overdo.

    Another factor to this full Moon is that on the 90° dial it connects to Mars, Neptune – action and idealism, or illusion - and Venus, now in late Gemini.   Remember that Venus was quite the leading lady in June, and she’s still strutting her stuff.   It would have been easy to miss, but Venus activates not only this full Moon on the dial, but also the new Moon and following full Moon this month.  Hmm!   So as we ride through the month we would be well advised to enjoy ourselves and others, maybe allow a little indulgence, but stay gently centered in love for ourselves and for others.   We’re all in this together, you know… tis the season for unity consciousness.

    Venus moves from friendly Gemini into more feeling, feminine, homebody Cancer early on August 7th for a bit more sensitivity and quietude to balance so many planets in outgoing, active signs.   We may want closeness, nurturance and security in our relationships more than excitement and stimulation now.  Then late that evening Mercury finally stops to turn direct, after a slightly longer than usual Rx phase.   After a time for introspection, redirecting and fine-tuning ideas and plans, and finishing up old projects – and miscommunications, delays, and the usual Mercury Rx challenges, things should finally start to move forward a bit more smoothly.  Remember that the days that the little bugger turns around can be the most intense, so give it a few days for the little speedster to build some of that speed.   Then two days later, on August 9th, Venus forms a lovely flowing trine to Neptune.  In water signs, the opportunity is there for enjoying art and all forms of creativity, for romance, for idealism and dreaming new dreams.

    Remember the intense spike predicted at the beginning of this forecast for midmonth?   August  15-16th are the days for high drama and challenge with three big power plays piling on.  First, early morning Venus in Cancer opposes powerful Pluto in disciplined Capricorn.   Here is potential possessiveness, jealousy, secrets, power and control issues.   A better way to go is a deepening of passion and commitment balanced with release of old outdated structures and patterns in relationships, and rebuilding, renegotiating a better, more equitable balance of power.

    Almost immediately following the hard Venus-Pluto, Mars conjuncts Saturn in Libra, with the Moon in sensitive Cancer squaring that conjunction.   Self control and proper building and respect of boundaries can be an issue.  There can be challenges of ego vs those in authority.   Hard work will pay off, and it is possible to earn more of a position of responsibility and authority as well.   Libra brings in the element of relationships again, and the call for equanimity, balance, and proper neutrality, which is not indifferent or detached, but which is not emotionally enmeshed – good luck with that with the Cancer Moon involved!

    The third hit in this challenging power trifecta is Venus then squaring Uranus, calling for freedom and independence.   We don’t need no steenking power games!    Don’t just fall to chaos in your urge for unbridled freedom though.  If something intense is going to happen in the world this month, these are the days most likely for that to happen. Some may feel the need to break completely free of dysfunctional relationships, or give rise to a ‘me-first’ mentality without consideration of others.  Better - this can help in the breakdown of the old, outmoded patterns and the conscious rebuilding in new, equitable ways.   It can also be brilliant for breakthroughs in creative projects, for new inspirations, ideas and insights.

    Venus clustered on the dial with Pluto, Uranus, the uranian transneptunian Kronos (leadership and authority) also activates the Sun clustered with Juno (equity of energy exchange in parternships)(seeing a pattern here??) and the new, very distant dwarf planet Sedna.   There may be issues of abandonment or betrayal, or of hidden treasure.   Here is a call not to get caught up in the extreme momentum and challenges on a superficial level only, but to be willing to go deep into core level authenticity.   What is it that you truly need, not just what do you want?   What do you need to feel safe?   What must be surrendered and released to move forward as needed?   What are the needs of others involved?   What is fair and right?    When you are in a difficult or painful situation in matters of the heart, see if you can find movement and resolution by asking yourself, how can I love more??   Create a larger space….


    This all scrambles the energies to be open to the new beginning offered by the new Moon at 25° of the creative sign of Leo on August 17th, which forms a close sextile to Mars-Saturn in Libra, bringing the opportunity for new beginnings in creative structures, creating a new foundation for responsibilities in relationships and creative pursuits.   On the dial, this new Moon activates Venus, both the midheaven and ascendant here in Denver, and Uranus, which will want to pull Pluto into orb for the ride.   So this new Moon packs a much bigger wallop than first meets the eye.   Take advantage of all the juice here, and use your powers for good, not evil!   (sorry, I couldn’t help myself there)

    On the 18th, Mercury makes the third and final intuitive and inspiring trine to Uranus at these degrees.   There will be a lot of momentum, ideas may come fast.   Can you take a few minutes to check in with your higher self to see what direction is offered there?

    There is an additional motivating boost on the 20th when Mars sextiles the Sun, which then enters the mindful, analytical and detail oriented sign of Virgo on August 22nd , as Mercury makes an inspired and optimistic sextile to Jupiter – we’re ready to get to work building based on our new ideas and direction.   Mars enters his sign of intense, focused Scorpio on the 23rd – watch out!  Mars in Scorpio wants what it wants.  Want what is right and for the highest good for all.    There is consideration in that direction when the Sun opposes Neptune on the 24th and Mars trines Neptune on the 25th.    These transits can bring distraction and confusion, but also have the potential for compassion, spiritual inspiration and idealism.

    The Sun kicks in with a trine to Pluto on August 29th, determined to help you focus to achieve goals, leading up to the 2nd full ‘Blue Moon’ of the month at 8° Pisces.   The ‘Blue Moon’ is really more of an aberration of the calendar than anything else, but there is a certain romanticism associated with it – where better than with a Pisces Moon then?   This Pisces Moon is closely conjunct maverick, wounded healer, bridge-maker Chiron, and trine Mars conjunct the uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon (spirit, truth, light, psychic imagery) further forming a subtle grand trine to TNPs Kronos (leadership) and Hades (disintegration, things ancient, research, healers and healing, the shamanic, core level authenticity).   The potential for compassionate, spiritual service abounds with this one.   And on the dial, again Venus.   Can you love yourself and others, in spite of it all?    Even if you are feeling somewhat soul-weary?   There are those who feel like they are almost fading out… can those of you summon the resolve to stay?

    Take a breath, take a break.  We continue to be called  to take responsibility for ourselves and  our feelings, our actions, our relationships, and to release and transform that which is not of your highest truth.  Remember who you are and why you are here, and what your soul agreements are with those around you.   Go still deeper, be present and move inward and forward in a conscious, compassionate way.   It requires both courage and humility – again, we can connect to our inner self and source and access lifeforce energy and creativity so it can express and flow freely.   Be in your heart center, connected and attuned to Spirit.

    Release, rise up, transform, honor and participate in the continuing emergence of the divine feminine.   Remember gratitude to and for dear Mother Earth.  Compassion, gratitude, mindful awareness, flexibility and grace are essential.   Continue to be present, gentle and honest with yourself and others.  Take time for rest and renewal, to integrate all the shifts in energy and awareness, to rest, to Be.   See where you are called to serve with heart, wisdom and fearless Love.  Remember too to laugh and have fun along the way, trusting in the process.   Remember that Love is the ground, the underlying tone…. As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all. Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at


  • July Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars” By Janis Page c2012

    Welcome to the second half of 2012, and hearty congratulations to all who have made it this far!    Are you feeling a little karmatose??   Yes, many are exhausted and bewildered, and with bumps and bruises more on the emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic levels than physical, tho a bit of that, too.   This is a good time to remind you that the effects of eclipses and slow transits last well after they happen, so we are still deep in those energies.   Astrologically, yes, I’m referring to the recent eclipses, occultations, Uranus squaring Pluto, and finally, Venus and Saturn just turning direct after their retrograde phases, so things can finally start to move forward again after some delay and reconsideration.

    After the astrological Olympian strongman triathlon of extreme impact that was June, July seems a snap by comparison.    Mostly.

    That said, the ongoing fury of fires, power outages, heavy storms and flooding, and other manifestations of upheaval weather-wise, gives us a hint that things are still a wee tad turbulent, as there may be some connection between human emotion and the weather – much of the elemental purging and purifying manifests where there is emotional unbalance.

    Further, July kicks off with more coronal mass ejections from the Sun, and more of these solar  ejections may be disturbing the Earth’s atmosphere for at least a week or so longer.   Solar flares are like other highly ionized winds that can cause overstimulation and irritability.   If you do find yourself feeling more agitated than circumstances deem appropriate, it can help to get out in nature, bare feet on the Earth if possible, breathe, and get grounded.

    While we are still very much under the intensity and agitation of the Sun in Cancer opposing Capricorn Pluto squaring Uranus in Aries that culminated at the end of June, July also kicks off with Jupiter conjunct the south node, Venus and Ceres in early Gemini, opposing the north node conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius, all squaring Neptune in Pisces.   This can all feel quite fragmented, chaotic and confusing, as those prone to extremism are triggered to do so.   There can be a curious mentality toward idealism that if not in balance, can be prone to excess and lack of boundaries.   Remember your critical thinking skills, and take a breath before diving into arguments about differing belief systems and values.   There is more than one right way…

    On July 3rd, Mars enters Libra after being in Virgo since last November, just minutes before the Moon occults intense, secretive Pluto again, just hours before the full Moon at 12° Capricorn, still conjunct Pluto (and squaring Uranus, etc!)   Mars also crosses the equator to enter the southern hemisphere bringing another shift in the flavor of energies.  This full Moon chart has a few challenges with a yod – an aspect called ‘the finger of God’ – with Venus in Gemini forming a tight 60° sextile to Mercury in Leo – now that part is all great fun, social and clever, especially with Uranus adding dazzling spark in a sextile to Venus, and forming a fast, intuitive trine to Mercury – until considering powerhouse Pluto is the planet making the challenging inconjunct, or 150° aspect, to both Venus and Mercury.  Are there power plays and ulterior motives running, or can you find your roots in authenticity and connection to spirit in your creativity and communications?   Take the high road, be conscious.   The opportunity of the Capricorn full Moon is Spirit manifesting into form.

    We must note that Mars may be activating a deep, subtle magnetism as the warrior planet quickly moves to align with the Super Galactic Center (I know… another one??  After the Galactic Center at 26° Sagittarius and Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius?  Yep. Another major point)   The Super Galactic Center is a massive black hole at 2° Libra (actually, there are 3 or 4 black holes there), with a powerful draw that can help align body, mind, consciousness and spirit.   There is more turbulence to all this, and yet also opportunity to connect to your higher self, really Listen! and take whatever action to stay connected to that center.  Mars has more fire power soon enough, too.

    But the fun aspects in all that can make for a fun 4th of July, so enjoy!

    After a relatively quiet week, there is another very active, chaotic week.   On July 13th, Uranus stations and turns retrograde (Rx), and on July 15th, the Sun squares Saturn as Mercury turns Rx for the remainder of the month, turning direct again on August 2nd.    Sun squaring Saturn can bring power plays, authority issues, blockages and obstacles, and Mercury Rx in Leo can cause confusion, delays, miscommunications, challenges with technology, though easier for those who are flexible than those who are willfully stubborn.   It’s best to avoid surgery when Mercury is Rx, if possible, as there is the potential for complications or prolonged recovery.

    These challenging aspects are greatly amplified by Mars leading up to a bold activating trine to Jupiter and extreme and potentially explosive, willful square to Pluto on the 17th, then a polarized opposition to  Uranus on the new Moon on July 18th.   These are volatile and potentially violent aspects, so stay cool, neutral and aware, watch traffic and be aware there might be some intensity in the news.   The new Moon is just under 27° Cancer, with the Sun and Moon forming a t-square to Saturn in Libra opposing ‘dwarf planet’ Eris in Aries.   There can be power struggles, though the call is to use discipline and structure while maintaining personal freedom and individuality, with sensitive awareness and responsiveness.   The Sun and Moon get a further power boost from being very tightly conjunct the uranian transneptunian Vulcanus, adding focus and intensity, but not impulsiveness.

    After the new Moon, the rest of the month plays out with only minor activations.   There is a friendly sextile of Jupiter and Uranus on the 21th making a more peaceful entry of the Sun into Leo on July 22nd with Mercury Rx sextile Mars for active communications and travel.   Mercury then backs into another sextile to Jupiter on the 24th and trine to Uranus on the 25th.  These are good opportunities to revise and renew projects and plans, to incorporate intuitive awareness to consider the bigger picture.  This continues with Mercury conjunct the Sun on the 28th.  The 30th has Sun trine Uranus and on the 31st, Venus trine Saturn for a bit of stability.   A nudge from the Sun making a 150° quincunx to Pluto from the 28th to the 31st, calls for adjustment and rebalancing, and connecting to Spirit and expressing from that place of center.

    So in July, we get sort of a double dip of high activation with times of greater peace and quietude in between for a bit of rest and integration.   There is a method to this madness, if also perhaps a madness to the method… for quite some time now, we have been called to take responsibility for how we are feeling, to acknowledge and really feel our feelings, and then to release and resolve that which is not of your highest truth.  This can be quite intense!   But there is opportunity to go deeper, and when allowing and releasing such emotional content in a conscious, compassionate way, we can then access and free lifeforce energy that has been locked up within us so it can then flow freely.   This allows us to be more fully in our heart center, attuned to Spirit.

    Indeed, many have been experiencing an enormous magnification of unresolved emotional trauma.   It’s not about the story – we are not the story - but reclaiming personal freedom through understanding and release, and moving forward.  The past ends now.   It’s much like awakening from a fairytale enchantment.  This is the enlivening gift of having the courage and humility to go into those shadowy hidden places and feel what is there.

    There is deepened release, transformation, attunement and renewal, and continuing emergence of the divine feminine.  Stay at your centerpoint with compassionate awareness and grace, in gratitude, with courage and humility.   Be present, gentle and honest with yourself and others.   Again, take much needed time to rest, to contemplate, to Be.   Stand in gracious wisdom with flexibility and fearless Love.  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    To receive a psychic reading by Janis in-store, she is available on Friday and Saturdays from 12-5PM or by appointment.  Call the store or drop by for an appointment soon!  Also by Janis:  Guided Meditation CD available on-line

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