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  • What are you going to do for this Full Moon?

    hunters-moonTraditionally, Full Moons are associated with an inability to sleep, insanity, and magical phenomena. The moons are generally named in reference to the month that they are occurring. The Full Moon this October is called a Hunter’s Moon, named because it was the time to hunt for preparation for the upcoming winter. While Hunter’s Moon is the most common name, other name’s associated with this month are “Travel Moon” and “Dying Grass Moon”. It is also a 1st Super Moon this year, meaning that within its rotation it will be closest to the earth making it appear larger than usual.

    ariesThe moon in Aries happens when the lunar path is crossing the first sector of the zodiac in conjunction with the constellation Aries. It represents a good time to balance your personal requisites and the needs of people closest to your everyday life. The message is to embrace your passionate desires while containing your ego. The Sun will be in Libra as a reminder to be fair and care about how your actions affect those with whom you have intimate relationships. The Aries moon encourages you to be assertive, stand up for yourself, do something for you, improve your body, do something rebellious, and find or nourish a passionate love relationship.

    The act of celebrating the full moon happens all around the world. The moon represents the idea of letting go whatever doesn’t serve you to invite in what does. The high tide of power, creative, and amplifying aspects of this time really aides you to release what no longer serves you.

    Win this Intention Setting basket! Visit our facebook page! Win this Intention Setting basket! Visit our facebook page!

    We would like to share some ideas of a Full Moon ritual. Use this powerful time as a way to invoke a ritual of setting actions, releasing, unburdening yourself, purging, and letting go. This celebration is a way of stepping out of old habits and patterns to establish a new frame of mind and behavior.

    Use your intuition to guide you to make it you own intention with the following ideas:

    What you will need: pen, paper, matches, a candle, smudge, an abalone shell (or bowl), and personalized items for your alter.

    1. Begin by clearing your energy field. The use of sage or Palo Santo is highly recommended. Imagine yourself being enveloped by white light, circling around and through you. Allow any negative energies that do not serve you to be pushed out and away.
    2. Create a sacred space. Build an alter with items that have value to you, such as crystals, candles, shells, bowl of water, etc. Moonstone, selenite, and amethyst are three crystals that work well for full moons, however use ones that you feel connected with!
    3. Draw the energy of the moon within. “Mother Goddess lend me your light, give me your power on this faithful night, I invoke you into my being and soul, fill up my vessel and make me feel whole, I stand before you in awe and in love, I cherish the gifts you send from above, I ask you tonight to show unto me, My mother, My Goddess, so mote it be.”
    4. Breathe deeply, center yourself, and write on a piece of paper what it is that you wish to release, what you want to let go of, limiting self-beliefs, attitudes, emotions, people, relationships, illness, pain, habits, addictions …
    5. Release. Once your list is finished breath into your heart and say “I now let this go. And it is so” If you are in space where you are able to set the paper on fire do so and once it is burning place it the abalone shell. As the flames burn the smoke rises and brings your intentions to the universe.
    6. Thank the moon and the universe. “A light shines bright above me and within me, I pray the mother moon graces me with a renewed spirit, bringing calming energies to my heart and mind. I heal under her glow, as I unite her fullness of energy & light, deep into my soul. May I shine ever so bright. Blessed be!”

    After your ceremony let your creative juices flow! The full moon is energized of creativity, try painting, writing, drawing. This time is also great for cleansing your crystals, tarot/oracle cards, pendulum, and other sacred tools.

    Written by: Sara James Sources for prayer: Witches of the Craft, Wicca teachings

  • The Sky In October


    moonnewsThis New Moon puts the spotlight on relationships and their future, maybe it is time to expand our horizons and create new types of relationships, or try to have more faith and optimism regarding the existing ones (New Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra). Some of us  might meet unusual people around October 15th or feel that we are too conventional or too nice and should be more authentic (Sun opposite Uranus). The energy shifts around October 19th with some deep emotional release (Mars conjunct Pluto) and more ardor in our relationship life (Venus enters Sagittarius). This strong, dynamic energy lasts until the end of the month, however we should make sure to channel it appropriately so we do not create too much damage going fiercely after what we want (Mars square Uranus on October 29th).

    The second half of the month is about adjusting our work or projects with our dreams or ideals: are we in coherence or are we at odds with ourselves? Are there any misalignments or gaps that need adjustments? Here is an opportunity to step back, reflect and commit for the long term to something that feels aligned with our deepest wishes (quincunx Jupiter Neptune on October 23rd). If you are waiting for something from the beginning of September to move forward, it will probably happen on October 27th (Sun conjunct Mercury).

     Astrology readings  

    For Heaven's Sake 4900 West 46th Avenue, Denver Sunday October 16th 11 am to 5 pm

     Have a great month ! Written by: Sophie Rose  

  • Q & A with Psychic Medium Heather Hunter

    Coming to For Heaven's Sake THIS Sunday, Oct 2 with her live readings event: "An Evening with Spirit!" 6:00-8:00 pm. Seats are $25, or two for $45 and are available online at:

    Door price: $30

    Q: What is "An Evening with Spirit?"

    A: An evening with Spirit is exactly that--an opportunity to connect with the Spirit Realm--most specifically, your own deceased loved ones, friends, neighbors, and sometimes even pets!

    I will be offering messages from the Spirit World, randomly to those attending, as Spirit steps forward to me and makes themselves known!  Sometimes I am shown by the deceased loved one a particular memory such as a vacation or favorite place enjoyed by the family.  Sometimes Spirit comes through with funny stories regarding a certain event. They may show me their distinct personalities, physical features, favorite items, occupation, hobbies or talents, or even a favorite food they liked to eat. Often our passed loved ones will come through with validations for you that they remain aware of your life and enjoy talking about what you have been up to!

    Q: What if something negative comes through? Are you making predictions?

    A: My channeling of your passed loved ones is always about comfort, healing, and reassurance.  This is not about making predictions whatsoever, and nothing negative comes through. Usually if Spirit is offering caution about something, your loved one is usually only validating something you already had concerns or doubts about.  Mostly, they take the time to reassure you of their identity and that they are indeed able to connect with you and remain aware of your life.  My goal is to show those in attendance that love never dies.

    Q: Am I promised a personal message?

    A: At this type of event, I am channeling randomly to various participants as I make a connection with their spirit person.  Usually I cannot get to everyone in attendance.  However, what is incredible and amazing are the similar themes that go around in a group setting that help other participants feel a connection to their own loved ones and feel some peace and closure through the messages for others. In fact, I truly believe Spirit intentionally designs who comes together in these groups and will bring through certain topics that will resonate for more than one person!

    Q: When did you first start to see Spirit?

    A: Actually I believe that Spirit saw me--and my abilities--long before I was aware!  I was receiving nighttime visits from Spirit as a child, but of course I was terrified!  My parents just thought I had the most active dream/nightmare life!  I know now Spirit was drawn to me because I could open up.  But that shut down for years until I went through a personal crisis years later. That crisis brought about an uncanny intuition, psychic abilities, and medical intuition as I worked as a family therapist. Eventually the dead wanted me to help them connect with their family members during my counseling sessions! Before long, channeling the deceased became my primary work.

    Q: How do I book a private session? What other services do you offer?

    A: Private sessions are available through email:  I also offer small group Spirit Circles limited to 8 to 10 where everyone hears from loved ones and gets one on one support from me for two hours.  All Spirit Circles and upcoming events are posted on my website:

    Q: Any testimonials?

    A: Yes, on my website, on Yelp, and I am also listed in Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory.  I also have comments/reviews on my Facebook page.

    I hope to see you on Oct 2 for an amazing evening of Spirit connections!

  • A little taste of the Eleven Steps of Magic...

    Javier Derderyan Javier Derderyan

    33 years ago José Luis, researcher, international lecturer and psychoanalyst, started an investigation with an hypothesis: That all the different religions of the world are branches of the same tree: one Teaching that was transmitted to humans thousands of years ago.

    After hundreds of travels to the Initiated Cultures of all around the globe he found 11 Steps that appear in every teaching that tries to Connect the Human with the Divine. Steps that now are being used by thousands of people around the world, but that now will be brought for the first time ever in English.

    The same cultures that developed those Steps, left Prophecies for us regarding this time we’re living today. Much has been said about those Prophecies (2012 came and went, and most think that ‘everything is the same’ after that). But those Prophecies have very important warnings to every human.

    And all have one Message that repeats similarly in each: A Call for Humans to go Beyond that. A call to develop the Hero in each one, as the path to Create your Own Reality, and with that go beyond all the issues that invade our everyday life.

    The path to Create your Own Reality are the Eleven Steps of Magic, which, if you Walk that Path, lead you through all human history, every Initiated Culture of the World and...most important, the history of each one who wants to walk that Path.

    Those steps can be found scattered in some cultures, which only were able to develop them partially; but the call for Heroism - and the Prophecies - urges us to Integrate everything we have learnt to go beyond what we think is possible now.

    The Eleven Steps of Magic question the basic understanding we have of our own reality urging us to Create Our Own Reality using the most Subtle Tool we have at our at our disposal: Our own Words.

    A Call to Create Reality with our a Call for Heroism, a Call for the Divine in each one of us. Because that’s exactly what God did - and teach us to do - in every culture: “And God said, Let there be light”.

    He Created a Reality with Words. That’s what every Prophecy calls us to do now!

    This Thursday the 29th, at For Heaven's Sake, Javier Derderyan will dictate the first Introductory Talk to the Eleven Steps of Magic in English.

  • Ever wish to Travel through time? Let me show you how...


    How to Time Travel

    The debate scientists have over the practicality of time travel need not affect your own ability to do so. Here are three ways to transcend time and space.


    You do not have to be a psychic to use psychometry to time travel. Psychometry is the ability to access information through touch. Do you every find yourself touching the walls of old buildings in awe of their age, design or beauty? The next time you are visiting a landmark, or handling an old object, close your eyes and relax. Have the intention to receive information with no preconceived ideas.

    See what impressions come up. They may be visual, mental or a feeling sense. Ask questions of the object or physical space. Trust what comes. You might be surprised that touch is an interesting way to travel back in time with ease if you approach it with an open and playful attitude.


    Another way to travel through time is through meditation. The mind has the ability to lift beyond the physical world and explore the universe. As an experiment, stop for a moment right now and go back to your childhood. Have the intention to go back to a specific time and receive impressions.

    Close your eyes and think of your favorite childhood toy. Recall the hours of happiness you had with the toy or playing with other children. See yourself holding it. How did it feel back then? If an image appears and some feeling is recalled, you have, in effect, time traveled. You can go back to any age or a past life. For a future life you can ask to receive future memories.

     Past Life Regression - Future life Projectionmysterious-time

    In the hands of a skilled practitioner, you can easily move both forward and backward along your own timeline. You can have the intention to gain insights into yourself, resolve an issue that you feel is rooted in another time, or just explore.

    This is a very effective approach, especially if you have doubts about your own ability to travel time by yourself. A good practitioner is one who has explored their own other lifetimes, can get you into a relaxed state, and be present with you during your journey. When you receive imagery from a past life, the colors may be darker or faded.  Future lifetime memories may be more colorful or light-filled. You may see how your present life is connected to other lifetimes in surprising ways.

    Written by: Egan Sanders

    Want to Learn More? Egan is hosting a Future Life Progression Workshop at For Heaven's Sake Sunday, October 23rd, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm Register here >>

  • The sky in June Astrology Forecast by Sophie Rose

              The sky in June Astrology Forecast by Sophie Rose

    The month begins with a powerful full moon on the 2nd that should have some of us release emotions we've been withholding for a while. It is also a great couple days for creative projects that require a lot of imagination.
    Some clarifications are necessary in our friendships or business relationships, particularly those which began around September 2014: we might need to review and change something in the way we cooperate so we can manifest some new professional and social opportunities later in the month (Jupiter trine Uranus on June 22nd: take a chance on something, that's a nice lucky aspect). 
    Mercury is retrograde until the 11th:We will still feel distracted, or annoyed by mis-communications or things that need repair.
    Some impetuous energy mid-month could create an explosion of things left unsaid until now, the drive to unlock stuck spots or to move forward on a project (Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini on the 14th).
    Saturn will retrograde into Scorpio on June 15th: Any issues having to do with sticky emotional or financial dependency (think about situations in Dec 2014) should be cleared up, we have until mid-September to do the work.
    Astrology workshop: Money in your chart
    Friday  June 19th    7 to 9 pm For Heaven's Sake 4900 W 46th Ave, Denver We will explore your strengths, talents and also challenges having to do with money in your life: What are the best ways to manifest money? Are there behavioral patterns preventing you to achieve wealth? Is it a good time to change something in your financial situation?   Email me your date, exact time and place of birth by June 17th and get a free copy of your chart. We will use willing participants charts as a practical application. This workshop is intended for beginners and intermediate students. Cost: $15 pre-paid   $20 at the door   Astrology readings  Sunday June 21st 11 am-5 pm For Heaven's Sake 4900 W 46th Ave, Denver $45/30 mns       $80/1 hour
    Please call or email me to reserve a time slot.

      Past life regression

    Would you like to go in one of your past lives right now in the comfort of your home? Try this short past life regression with Brian Weiss, a pioneer in past life regression, and let me know how it went.
    My sessions last 2 1/2 hours, the induction is tailored to your needs and you will spend more than one hour going through many scenes of a past life and communicating with/asking questions to your higher guidance.
    Have a great month!



  • How to consciously choose what to experience (Newsletter Yves)

    How to consciously choose what to experience by Yves Nager

    Aloha Yves Nager Sunset imageThrough my last 2 Newsletters I told you two stories which I experienced at the beginning of my transformational journey 7 years ago and recently in Hawaii. I also shared with you some first tools, one important tool was the power of gratitude. Today I will share more steps with you, how you can begin to transform your life and align it to the things which really matter to you. The first important secret which got revealed to me is how beneficial moments of solitude are. How many times did you spent time just by yourself recently? I learned that many are afraid to go to such a place, because they have some initial fears about stepping out of their (uncomfortable) comfort zone. For me, truly being with myself and embracing myself in challenging times was one of the first acts of getting out of my comfort zone. For the first time in my life, I let those senses of pain and sadness to come arise to be naturally transformed using the tools I learned such as meditation and reading books with spiritual wisdom and love like “Mastery of Love” or “The Four Agreements”. Based on my own experience and many similar stories others told me, I can guarantee you that synchronicities and miracles start to be revealed to you as soon you step out of your comfort zone and when you stay open and receptive. When I look back now on the difficult time I had 7 year ago, I understand that this heartbreaking experience I wrote about a week ago was most beneficial for my ongoing journey. Through this experience I got absolutely clear about how my ideal relationship would look like but most importantly I could start finding peace, self-love and harmony within myself again. The next step I applied after I spent some beneficial time in solitude was to take action again. I took action again towards the direction of what I consciously chose to experience next. The very first thing I did was actually skydiving in an attempt to get myself out of my unhappy mental state and back into my physical body. The fastest way to get unstuck is to do what you’ve never done before. Of course, you don’t need to take such an intense action after you felt stuck in life the way I did, but you can always take the first small steps of what you would like to create in your life already starting from today. Many people became aware of the law of attraction over the recent years. There are basically two scenarios: either you create a positive life through positive thoughts, or you allow negative thoughts to bring troubles to you. So the question is which scenario you consciously choose to experience for yourself. The last important insight I would like to share with you for today is how important it is for our well-being and happiness to be in a state of “no tension”. There are two simple aspects to this principle: The first is to act from that place of “no tension”, the place of peace and calm that all of us have inside. The second is to do all you can think to do and then let go. This is something I learned as a part of the “Passion Test” process:, I invite you to consider to practice this “No Tension” because it produces great results, no matter where you find yourself right now: In my next newsletter I will talk about in more depth how exactly you can apply this principle of “no tension” in your life. I will also share another powerful tool with you, how you can start to identify and overcome those things which hold you back from creating your desired results of the things which really matter to you. Announcement: We will offer another global meditation on June 6, this time for the Earth Balance and Harmony. So many areas on the planet now are experiencing intense natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tornadoes and floods etc. and countless people around the world are being affected by the powerful forces of nature especially people in Nepal and many areas in the US as well at the moment. We are all intricately connected with all life and changes on this planet. This meditation is another opportunity for all of us to come together as one heart to offer prayer and love and focus on new visions of harmony and balance for Mother Earth and our global family. For all details please visit: Until next week. With love and gratitude, Yves    

    Meet Yves and Eunjung at For Heaven’s Sake!

    June 2, 2015 – Tuesday evenings at 7PM

    EJ-Yves Passion Test Header

    Passion Alchemy 5 week Course

    With Certified Passion Test Facilitators Eunjung Choi & Yves Nager

    Discover a life of inspired passionate living! Passion ignites the essence of your soul and guides you to the unique purpose you are here to share.  Getting really clear on your passions – those things that matter most to you – and living them fully, enhances so many areas of your life … Health   Happiness    Life Purpose   Career Family     Relationships Finances  Leisure   Through this fun and profound Passion Alchemy course, you will: * Clarify your Top 5 passions – the things that are most important to YOU * Learn how to align your life with your passions and take inspired actions to experience more joy, love and fulfillment. * Learn effective and powerful strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges which may prevent you from living the fullest expression of you. * Study the formula for creating whatever you choose to experience in your life. * Learn a secret to guaranteeing a passionate, meaningful and prosperous life * Create a vision board of your heart dream. * Practice a guided abundance meditation. DATE:  Every Tues. for 5 weeks from June 2 – June 30, 2015 TIME:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm COST:  $30 per class. If you pay for all 5 classes in advance, it is $125. To sign up, contact 303 886 2038 / EJ_Yves Passion

  • How I realized the power of gratitude by Yves Nager

    How I realized the power of gratitude by Yves Nager

    Aloha Last week I shared with you a story that was at the beginning of my transformational story here in Hawaii. This week, I’d like to share 3 tools for transformation and another piece on my journey to freedom and fulfillment and how I was able to start to transform negative thoughts and emotions in challenging situations in the following years. During my return to Honolulu last week, I had some new AHA-moments and insights. When I celebrated my 39th day of rebirth on Oahu, my wife Eunjung was in the East Coast due to her work. She arrived 2 days later on April 30th. It was briefly before I drove to the airport to pick her up, I had one of these AHA-moments. Yves-HII saw that there was this concrete structure stretched out to the ocean right in front of the hotel I was staying and I suddenly realized that this was the same beach where I used to visit very often 7 years ago after a very unlucky relationship I had with someone fell apart. After just a month of being together, this person and I both realized that we couldn't have a committed relationship with each other. After believing that I had found the perfect woman of my dreams, I was very heart-broken and tried my best to somehow release my pain. During this difficult time, I felt that I needed to find a less crowded area than the Waikiki beach and I found a smaller and calmer beach about 10 minutes away. I always came here to study the books “The Mastery of Love” and “The Four Agreements” from Don Miguel Ruiz and journal about what I just learned from reading it and the phase of life I just went through. I always liked to sit at the very same spot (the picture above shows me sitting at the same spot during this visit) and day dreamt what a wonderful time we could have shared right there at the beach and also in the hotel nearby. This was in 2008 and on the morning of April 30, 2015, I suddenly realized that I was back again at this same beach and that I was staying in the same hotel that I saw 7 years ago. Now I would see my beloved partner Eunjung very soon and bring her here to the same spot. This amazing realization touched me deeply and moved me to tears. But this time I was not crying because of grief, but because of deep gratitude. I realized that 7 years ago, I had visited the area I would return 7 years later with a completely changed life path and I am so grateful. You may be asking yourself now what hidden secrets for transformation were revealed to me over the past 7 years. One thing I realized (besides journaling and reading inspiring books) over the last several years is how powerful gratitude is and that gratitude brings even more opportunities and synchronicity that guide us closer to our life purpose. One simple thing you can do is write down every day at least 5 things you are grateful for in your life or even better to share what you are grateful for with your partner or a dear friend on a daily basis. This simple step alone can begin to transform your life. In my next newsletter I will share with you more tools that I used to shift from negative thoughts and feelings to freedom and peace as well as how you can start to apply them in your own life. Announcement: The very next morning after I sent out the last newsletter I learned that an aftermath earthquake just has hit in Nepal. I got this sad news right before a session with a client who has friends living there. Eunjung and I feel a strong call in our hearts to offer another Global healing meditation. This time we will focus on the earth and in particular on the region of Nepal. The meditation will be on June 6 at 1 pm (Mountain Time) and we hope you can join us. We will set up the event this week and I will share all the details with you in my next newsletter next week. Until next week. With love and appreciation, Yves  

    Meet Yves and Eunjung at For Heaven's Sake!

    May 29, 2015 – Friday evening at 7PM (FREE Talk)

    EJ-Yves Passion Test Header

    Passion Alchemy 5 week Course

    With Certified Passion Test Facilitators Eunjung Choi & Yves Nager

    Discover a life of inspired passionate living! Passion ignites the essence of your soul and guides you to the unique purpose you are here to share.  Getting really clear on your passions – those things that matter most to you – and living them fully, enhances so many areas of your life … Health   Happiness    Life Purpose   Career Family     Relationships Finances  Leisure   Through this fun and profound Passion Alchemy course, you will: * Clarify your Top 5 passions – the things that are most important to YOU * Learn how to align your life with your passions and take inspired actions to experience more joy, love and fulfillment. * Learn effective and powerful strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges which may prevent you from living the fullest expression of you. * Study the formula for creating whatever you choose to experience in your life. * Learn a secret to guaranteeing a passionate, meaningful and prosperous life * Create a vision board of your heart dream. * Practice a guided abundance meditation. DATE:  Every Tues. for 5 weeks from June 2 – June 30, 2015 TIME:   7:00 pm – 9:00 pm COST:  (May 29th FREE Intro.) $30 per class. If you pay for all 5 classes in advance, it is $125. To sign up, contact 303 886 2038 / EJ_Yves Passion

  • Standing Still by Holly Burger

    I am post vacation. I went to Seattle to see friends and refresh myself. Getting out of routine opens us, it gives us a chance to see what other people are doing. When I travel to other places, I love to learn about culture, religion and people. Years ago, while in Costa Rica I stood in line at a bank and waited. There were adults, elderly people and children all around me, all standing very still. In America we wiggle, text, complain and do all kinds of
    things to stave boredom. Acting American made me stand out and feel uneasy, so I studied the energy and thought, "They are so grounded." (Grounded!)

    Grounding and patience, worthy aspirations. So I tried it. I put both feet on the floor and filled my body. Filled my body. Does that sound familiar? It may not; Lightworkers are notorious for being lofty, airy or spaced out. Or we journey; past lives, future, wants, anything to avoid the moment.

    As I became fully aware of me, my surroundings and what I was doing, I began to feel something unexpected. I didn't feel bored, anxious for the next adventure, aggravated about time slipping away, in fact--I lost a few thoughts. I felt present, and happy. Happy!
    Without thoughts of the things I wanted to do after my bank visit, I felt the moment. I felt peaceful beings around me, waiting for the next thing, but present in the current thing, which was... waiting. I engaged in the waiting. I didn't move my feet, wiggle or stretch. I relaxed.

    In that moment, I anchored into a foreign country, below the Equator. My energy sensitivity, which I usually protect, felt safe and that resulted in... happiness. By grounding into the current, I felt happy. Isn't that interesting? Isn't that challenging? Still, twelve years later, I find opportunity to ground into the moment. I find myself hurrying, wanting and completely ignoring the present moment. Then I think of that bank in Alajuala, Costa Rica, where the locals stand still.



    Holly Burger shares at For Heaven's Sake - Connect With Spirit LIVE every 1st Wednesday!

    For More information/RSVP: ~ ~  
    303-956-0334 ~  Longmont, Colorado

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