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Dianne Carol

  • But leave . . . (cough) . . . the treats

    Source: mojo-farm.com via Dianne on Pinterest

    POOR ME by Dianne Carol

    Come on, now don't you think this is funny?  I have a particular connection to this picture because I've played victim, or so I'm told, my entire life.  It somehow works for me because I ultimately get everything I want!

    Seriously though, when I idealize my life from the broader stance of Source energy, I have everything I need, including cookies!  So why do I believe that I must play victim in order to get . . . LOVE?

    According to James Redfield's CELESTINE PROPHECY, Insight #4: Competition for energy. A fundamental assumption underlies most human interactions: we must compete for this energy, drawing it from others and protecting ourselves from others' attempts to draw it from us. This leads to some nasty interactions.

    All humans, because of their upbringing, tend toward one of four control dramas:

    • Intimidators steal energy from others by threat.
    • Interrogators steal it by judging and questioning.
    • Aloof people attract attention (and energy) to themselves by playing coy.
    • Poor me's make us feel guilty and responsible for them.

    Which one are you?  Fixation on the game of control for energy is a daily competitive sport for many of us, consciously or subconsciously.

    Choosing a new way of being outside of my Poor me control drama leads to empowered possibilities.  Moreover, without the control drama, I am left to focus on things of real importance.  Like what I want to create next and how I want to move about my day.  I feel a sense of peace instead of anxiousness about myself and others.

    Herein lies the problem of catching myself before I 'go down hill' emotionally.  However, as a spiritual warrior, I am dedicated to shining a light on my shadow self and addressing uncomfortable people and situations from a place of victor instead of victim.  How can I learn and benefit from the situation?  What is the person or situation showing me about myself?  HOW can I react differently?

    The law of attraction states that what we focus on becomes real.  I can change.  I know I can.  My energy goes wherever my focus directs.  The Spiritual Warrior will prevail!

    Love and light, Dianne Carol


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY For Heaven's Sake!

    Do you remember 3640 West 32nd Avenue in the Highlands? OH Happy Summer and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to For Heaven's Sake! 12 years ago today in 2000, the year of the Dragon, my dream came alive and I turn keyed For Heaven's Sake into this physical reality. Into BEing.

    Thank you for being in my dream! - Dianne Fresquez, Chief Visionary Offerer


    The energy body is a muscle that we have often confused with the emotional body.  It lies underdeveloped and oftentimes dormant and abused, taking on psychic sludge and other people's energy.

    Perhaps you're now realizing just how weak you are.  Your energy body is doing, feeling, perceiving and psychically processing energy that is not your own.  Yet that still, small, intuitive voice says, "Use me, attune me, take your power back!"

    No different than taking a shower every day, it's up to me to keep my aura, energy body clear.  So I recently received an amazing energetic tuneup from Anne Clark-Caya. I believe that this energetic shift has given my emotional body real information - - - not other people's stuff, but my own, true filters running my clear guidance. 

    (Anne Clark-Caya works in the electro-magnetic field (aura), clearing out negativity and blockages that you may be creating for yourself. Based on Barbara Ann Brennan's work in balancing the energy centers that link into your physical body, Anne re-creates your original `Blue-Print` in order for you to move forward in your life with a clearer and stronger energy base.  She is available on Mondays from 11-5.)

    So if we take care to run our own energies with directive force:

    • We won't be bombarded with other people's energy (stuff).
    • No thing, person, place of situation can knock us of our center.
    • We will have a clear channel for our own information.
    • We will naturally align with our soul's mission.
    • We're psychically set up our day to walk in our own inner-integrity and a solid sense of personal power.
    • Our emotional and our physical bodies will appreciate it!

    If you haven't already discovered the subtle energy bodies, auras, and chakra system, I refer to a couple of books on psychic tools that can be used on a daily basis.  And hey, and we can order these for you!  (303) 964-9339:

    THE GIFT by Echo Bodine




    ALSO CONSIDER:  The Good Energy Course:
    Understanding how energies affect you & Learning to manage it Presented by Jen Dundee, 6/30/12 at 7PM

  • PASSION IS MY FLOW by Dianne Carol



  • OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI OM - A prayer for Peace by Dianne Carol

    I acknowledge God in all things.  Every aspect of me.  God-Father, I ask for a healing.  I ask for a great healing.  I ask for the greatest healing never known before now.  God, heal the pain.  Heal the heaviness, the brutality.  Heal the chains of pain and the fear of separation.  Dear God, one Father, hear my prayer for peace.  Peace in the home, our home, and the home of our nation, my home on earth, as in Heaven. 
    Let peace be my name.

    God, in Oneness, share only love, speak only kindness, know the truth of our Be-ings.  Come forth goodness in gratitude, I hear heaven sing my name.  It is done because I ask putting into motion the Divine Director into play.  My fears now turn to love. I am. 
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

  • Embodying Divinity and Living Heaven on Earth by Dianne Carol

    There's a basic need and desire to flow with all life.  Is this zen?  I beg awareness at every moment of every day.  I think it's like having your ear to the ground, listening into myself, getting quiet, wanting to 'hear' and know my Truth.  What does Spirit have for me?  What are they saying?

    I then drop into a loving appreciation for all space and life.  Flow and synchronicity make my heart sing!   Pictures begin to 'pop' into my head, and words/messages from Spirit answer me with clarity, conviction and excitement.  I want to maintain this perfect state of grace in everything I do.  Safety, clarity; I'm awake, aware, and in the flow.

    A Spiritual MUST for any lightworker.   Read the DEDICATION below and you'll know why this book makes me fly!

    WHAT IS LIGHTBODY? (revised, expanded edition) (Q)
    by  Tachi-ren, Tashira


    To the Lightworkers who are dedicated to following Spirit with each breath and each step; who are dedicated to embodying Divinity and living Heaven on Earth; who are dedicated to joyous service, fierce wholeness, impeccability, and the cosmic joke; and who are dedicated to a vision of planetary ascension that is easy, graceful, ecstatic, and high-velocity fun.  Ya-hoo!

    Quality paperback, $14.95 in-store or on-line

    - Working for you in Light in Love, Dianne

  • I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing by Dianne Carol

    I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing

    Oftentimes people ask me how I got into this business of owning a metaphysical store.  I certainly didn't intend it as a small child.  Instead, I kind of grew up into becoming it.  As I became aware of my likes, dislikes, talents and aspirations, I started living my life from this place of passionate abandon and trusting in a love greater than my circumstances would appear.  As Dennis Rodriguez in  THE SUPER HUMAN EFFECT would agree, I couldn't ignore the urge to be free to express my heart's desire. And then it happened.  Sort of like reaching a tipping point.  I knew I had to JUMP because I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing. I'm not telling you to quit your job!  But take small steps toward happiness.  Begin by putting to order all the stray stuff.  And with order comes clarity and focus, faith and personal power!



     Peace, love and endless joy, Dianne Fresquez - Owner, For Heaven's Sake - New Age Metaphysical Bookstore

  • I Am, I cried to All One here!

    Angels await you.  All I need do is ask... I acknowledge God in and All things. Ineffable beauty, unlimited, in and through, behind, above and below, around & surrounding me in a blanket of love.  I Am, I cried to All One here!  Heard on all levels and acknowledged on all realms.  How powerful and so wonderful this feeling of peace, love, support and understanding!  My God, it's all so very perfect, right and wonderfully pungent.  Pregnant with loving possibilities!  I love the fact that Angels await me.  All I need do is ask.  I'm not alone but surrounded by the light of God and his angels, saints, cherubs, seraphim and legion of light. They ask what I need for in this moment.  For I have sent out a strong invocation and they stand en guard.  I feel their presence ringing in my ears and my heart sings full of love.

    (state your intention)

    Feel the love and release it NOW and for all time.  Knowing that it is done.  Sweetly, gently, easily, and effortlessly...  Thank you, God!  And so it is.



    My prayers are with you.  In love, Dianne

  • The forking begins!

    It's not about years. It's not about age. It's not about youth. It's about decline. And decline is about alignment, or not. Decline is about, in this moment, which way am I forking? In this moment, which way am I forking? In this moment, which way am I forking? That's all it's about. --- Abraham What I know is that we think upwards of 40,000 thoughts per day.  In a single day, we can interact with 100's and sometimes thousands of people.  Bruising, brutal thoughts of injury overtake my senses as my thoughts run rampant.  What could I have done differently?  I can feel my heart beat under my shallow breath. . . I feel the tension in my energy field.  The forking begins! “Go general.”  Must . . . get … out of my thoughts!  Go general, says Abraham. The only way to shift my feelings is to feed myself general thoughts of relief.  What is good about the situation or person?  From my higher self and bigger, broader perspective, how is this situation helping me?  What am I learning?  Oh, and don’t go to blame here!  Instead I go to the pain as a great teacher and healer, meeting it head on, finding the gifts therein, learning, and most of all forgiving myself. But say you’re like my gentleman friend.  I handed him the book, The Journey by Brandon Bays.  He read it first before deciding that he needed to get to the bottom of his emotional wounding that was now a full blown physical manifestation in the form of throat cancer.  Not enough to say that he needed medical help, but to ask his throat what was there.  I moved him into the emotion.  Deeply embedded sorrow, grief, then a situation came up around his now deceased son.   Having said what needed to be said during this process work, we re-anchored some new insights and a new expanded feeling of love through forgiveness.  I can only say that we must move beyond the wounding.  Meet it face on, take out the emotional charge to change the situation within us.  And then and only then can we unhook ourselves from the pain. Emotions are gifts.  Forking or stopping for a moment to change old belief systems that are already there.  Do the work.  It’s worth it!  In love, Dianne Carol

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