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Welcome to FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE New Age Metaphysical Books & Gifts

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Channel 7 A-List

  • 2012 A-List Voting Begins!

    BEST Bookstore - VOTE TODAY!

    We've been serving you for 12 years and I am very grateful for every one of them and you! You make us the A-List best new age metaphysical bookstore - - - thank you and I hope you will KEEP THE VOTES COMING! - Dianne Fresquez

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY For Heaven's Sake!

    Do you remember 3640 West 32nd Avenue in the Highlands? OH Happy Summer and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to For Heaven's Sake! 12 years ago today in 2000, the year of the Dragon, my dream came alive and I turn keyed For Heaven's Sake into this physical reality. Into BEing.

    Thank you for being in my dream! - Dianne Fresquez, Chief Visionary Offerer

  • I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing by Dianne Carol

    I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing

    Oftentimes people ask me how I got into this business of owning a metaphysical store.  I certainly didn't intend it as a small child.  Instead, I kind of grew up into becoming it.  As I became aware of my likes, dislikes, talents and aspirations, I started living my life from this place of passionate abandon and trusting in a love greater than my circumstances would appear.  As Dennis Rodriguez in  THE SUPER HUMAN EFFECT would agree, I couldn't ignore the urge to be free to express my heart's desire. And then it happened.  Sort of like reaching a tipping point.  I knew I had to JUMP because I would rather risk the fall than die not knowing. I'm not telling you to quit your job!  But take small steps toward happiness.  Begin by putting to order all the stray stuff.  And with order comes clarity and focus, faith and personal power!



     Peace, love and endless joy, Dianne Fresquez - Owner, For Heaven's Sake - New Age Metaphysical Bookstore

  • Winds of Change~A Nick Message

    There have been many changes occurring that have been very evident these past few weeks. Drastic external changes and others internally. These are the winds of change. It is the process of moving from the old into the new. Many of you, as biological beings, have been asking for these changes, whether it be conscious or subconscious. That in which is given energy is that which is created. Many biological beings are choosing to make their transitions at the time, many are young. They are the catalyst for change for those biological beings remaining on this earth plane, helping to bring them into awareness...an awareness for/of change. The process of bringing about something that is "new" is in truth the bringing into ones experience that which has already been known but is being remembered. The earth, your blessed planet, is going into a change of rememberance, of when it was in its purity, without the pollution, without the wars, without the negativity of lower vibrations. This process of drastic change, is in effect, changing the lives of biological beings on this planet; which in turn changes the vibration. This vibration begins at one point, such as a pebble that is dropped into a pond. The waves of change flows outwardly, changing and moving the energy of that which it comes into contact. Some waves are more powerful that others, making larger and faster changes, such as your situation in Japan. A new way of living, of life, for these biological beings will now come into their experience. It is the process of change in the highest degree. This wave of change will flow into the cosmos and bring changes on other planets and galaxies. All is as one...Remembering that your experience on this plane is also an experience for others on another. Many blessings and love.~Nick~3/17/11
  • Upcoming Events


    March 26, 2011
    Saturday evening
    6:30-9:00 PM
    Meet and Talk with Mayan Elder Miguel Angel Chiquin
    2012 - Mysteries of the Mayan New Year Revealed
    "The Mayan calendars are part of something bigger.  These calendars are part of a larger cosmology which will never end.”
    "Through dark times there have been external forces that have pushed the Mayan people to remain strong.  Our people have lived a period of 5,000 years that have been very difficult.  The native peoples began to walk through a very dark tunnel. But the culture, spirituality and energy of our peoples more than ever is present.  The Mayan people were cleansed of resentment by their ancestors and that their goal is sharing wisdom.  We need to bring a message of goodwill, humanity, clarity so we can all walk on the path of light, clarity, (toward Dec. 21, 2012).”
    This past Mayan New Year, Feb. 22, 2010, marked an auspicious alignment of six significant energies known to accompany big happenings in the past. Their alignment is expected to present tests or challenges until April 14, 2012...  What's next?
    This is a free event; donations appreciated.  Please call the store to register as seating is limited:  303.964.9339 
    Repeating Events: 
    3rd Mondays 7 to 9 PM
    Sheryl is the channel for Metatron, the Archangel.  His powerful messages and energy
    are so needed in today's chaotic world.  Metatron's messages bring powerful predictions of world events,
    weather changes and energies that impact daily life.
    Call to register.  Cost:  $25/person.  For more information, call (303-688-1245), www.sherylwatson.com, lantolight@msn.com .  You can also contact the store:  303-964-9339 , info@forheavensake.com.  Presented by Sheryl Watson, Metatron channel, Palmist, professional intuitive, spiritual counselor and teacher with over 25 years experience.  "I believe each of us is a powerful, autonomous being.  My work is to empower and encourage each person to live life fully and to know and remember:  "You are the Master of your own life."  Personal channeled readings are also available by appointment.  This is a very powerful way to receive answers and guidance. 
    4th Mondays 7 to 9 PM
    While sitting in on paranormal Meet Up groups, I noticed that there were so many attendees who wished to tell their stories and share their experiences regarding their encounters with the unknown. Most Meet Ups are not equipped for this venue and often some attendees were required to cut their personal stories short so the real group discussion could begin. I also noticed that these attendees never returned. Many paranormal Meet Up groups are primarily for the purpose of paranormal investigation and research. This group, "Haunted Like Me" is dedicated to those who have experienced or are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes and in their lives and are looking for answers and solutions. Here is where the story -- your story counts.
    This is not a group for those interested in conducting paranormal investigations but for the forgotten person -- you. You are the person who is going through or have gone through events that you can't explain. Not every person , in fact very few, who are experiencing serious paranormal events wants to be paranormal investigator. Usually resolution is the primary goal.
    The purpose of this Meet Up is to assist in providing support, education and possibly some answers regarding your unusual journey. You will be able to freely share and speak with others, like yourself, who have or are experiencing events that seem unexplainable.
    Guest speakers, such degreed Para-psychologists, Clergy, licensed Counselors and hand picked paranormal investigation groups will be invited to assist attendees in providing some comfort, some answers and perhaps some resolution for your situation.
    • PSYCHIC FAIR & SALE – Denver’s Best!
    2nd weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    $1/minute; 20 minute minimum on all services AND 10% storewide sale!
    4th weekend, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    $1/minute; 20 minute minimum on all services AND 10% storewide sale


  • “For Heaven’s Sake Bookstore” is recognized by Channel 7 A-list

    (2nd only to Tattered Cover)
    For Heaven’s Sake moves north in the Berkeley District
    What a wonderful gift, as we are in the midst of moving from our storefront location to a lovely free-standing building right across from the Berkeley Park!
    Tattered Cover was once again named #1 on the prestigious Channel 7 A-list. “For Heaven Sake Books” came in #2! With 30 fine bookstores entered in this local contest, holding the #2 spot is a strong statement of value and customer recognition.  “We are so pleased,” said Dianne Fresquez, founder and owner of the metaphysical books and gift store, a proud member of the Berkeley District for the past 7 years on 44th & Tennyson. Prior to this location, Fresquez initially opened the store on 32nd & Meade. “Thank you to all of our loyal customers who voted!”  
    “We are moving a few blocks north on October 20th,” she added, “the new location affords us much more flexibility for our events, and is located in a neighborhood with a natural park presence. We are thrilled to be near the Smiley library and are really looking forward to establishing ourselves as a part of this wonderful neighborhood.” Fresquez spoke of plans that include activities of interest, not only for her loyal clientelle, but also geared toward her new neighbors. For Heaven’s Sake Books & Events hosts local talent, as well as national artists, authors, and teachers. Ms. Fresquez has cultivated relationships that reach internationally.  
     For more information, contact: Dianne Fresquez at dianne@forheavensake.com
    Receive For Heaven's Sake's e-newsletter that includes special announcements, news, events and coupons for in-store savings and sales!  Your information is always held in strict confidence and we will never sell or divulge our mailing lists.
    Thank you for your patronage!  

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    We at For Heaven’s Sake recognize that you have a life purpose to fulfill. Regardless of where you are now, this is the truth that we see for each one of us. It is our mission to support you on your path of discovery and realization of your purpose. We provide products and services for personal development, and spiritual growth, in a fun and exciting single-source healing center. Let all who enter be uplifted and healed. Let all who enter share the uniqueness of their own gifts, so we all might benefit from mutual sharing. We believe in our ability to make a difference in the world, individually and collectively. May unity, wholeness, and peace prevail.

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    2010 Colorado A-List Winner #2
    Voted 5280 Magazine Top Denver Shops 
    2008 MED Week Retail Firm of the Year
    Member of COVR - Coalition of Visionary Resources
    Founding member of the Berkeley District Merchants Association

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