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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • 4 Essential Oils You Need in Your Life

    4 Essential Oils that will Change your Life

    Essential oils are more than just nice scents. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, boost energy, reclaim your natural radiance or ditch negativity, these powerful plant extracts can help you achieve all that.

    With all these benefits, you’d do well to incorporate essential oils into your daily life. Here are 4 essential oils that you should always have at home.


    Transform your home or office into your personal aromatherapy oasis by diffusing 5 drops of lemon essential oil with distilled water. This is especially beneficial after a long, stressful day at work. It will fill the air with a spa-like scent. Plus, it has the ability to calm, soothe and relax the mind and body.


    Lemon is a natural, purifying oil that is often used to freshen the air. Its light, clean scent will leave the house smelling clean and fresh without the harsh chemicals.

    Lemon oil is also a powerhouse in homemade cleaning products. Just add 10 drops of lemon oil to your cleaning products and use it to clean the floor, deodorize the fridge, use it as a wood and silver polisher, clean moldy shower or disinfect your countertops.


    Peppermint oil is often used to soothe digestive issues. It can either be taken orally or used topically. Many of you have probably taken peppermint tea to alleviate an upset stomach or nausea. Peppermint oil can also relieve sore muscles and stomach cramps when used topically. Just get a few drops of oil and massage it on the affected area.

    Tea tree

    Tea tree oil is one of the most useful and beneficial oils to have on hand. It is known for its antiseptic properties and its ability to treat wounds. Using a cotton swab, dap a drop of tea tree oil and apply it directly on the wound. This will sting, but it will make the wound heal faster.

    For those who have acne-prone skin, tea tree oil can help. Just combine a few drops of tea tree oil with 30 to 40 drops of witch hazel and apply it using a cotton swab. Studies suggest that this solution works as well as benzoyl peroxide, but without the negative side effects like red, dried peeling skin.

  • Cleansing Gemstones and Crystals

    Cleansing Gemstones and Crystals

    Crystals will absorb negative energy over time. The pendulum you hold in your hand, the jewelry you wear and the stones in your pocket - all of these absorb the negative energies around you and the energies you have within you. Crystals can attract positive and negative energy, even if they have been left sitting around somewhere.  Because of that, crystals that you keep with you or work with often should be cleansed regularly.

    Cleansing your crystals ensures that they function at their highest level. This is done to clear away all inappropriate energies and to ensure that all the negative energies it has accumulated are not passed on.

    If you use a particular crystal for healing, it is especially important to cleanse it before and after each healing session. For these crystals to be effective, you want them to be at their highest vibration possible. Plus, you do not want to transfer the negative energies onto your client or to yourself during the healing process.

    Cleansing crystals is not a physical process. It is not the traditional way of cleansing, which involves the use of soap and water. Rather, it is a spiritual ritual.


    Salt cleansing is recommended when a crystal is in need of a serious cleanse. Lay the crystals on a bed of rock salt and then leave them for about 24 to 48 hours. Throw the salt afterwards as it has absorbed the negative energy within the crystals.

    Although most crystals seem to be rock-like, some are extremely delicate and may get damaged if you treat them wrong. Flourite, celestite and malachite have soft surfaces that may scratch easily.


    Water is a universal cleanser. If you have access to lake, spring or ocean water, that would be great. If not, purified water is fine as well. Place the crystal in a glass of water and leave it for 24 to 48 hours. Or just a good cold water cleanse in a pinch. You can also add salt to the water. Then, place the glass in on your windowsill and let it charge in the sun.

    Keep in mind, though, that not all crystals should be cleansed in water. Selenite and Halite, for instance, should not be immersed in water for long periods as they may dissolve or degrade. Also, some crystals such as irradiated amethyst and citrine will fade if left in the direct sunlight.

    Smudge in Spray

    For quick and easy use, especially while travelling, we have several spray mists available for instantaneous cleansing and blessing. Choose from sage spray, palo santo wood oil, or sprays containing holy water, lavender oils and Florida water. Don't forget to spray your aura as well. It's refreshing and have immediate and long-lasting beneficial effects. For Heaven's Sake - New Age, Inc. 4900 West 46th Avenue Denver, CO  80212 (303) 964-9339 http://www.forheavensake.com https://www.facebook.com/ForHeavensSakeDenver


  • Reasons to Start Meditating Today

    Reasons to start Meditating Today

    The idea that meditation is good for you is certainly not new. For thousands of years, people have claimed that meditation has some positive effects on our health and well-being.

    But with the hustle and bustle of city life, most people would use lack of time as an excuse not to meditate. It only takes a few minutes a day. Plus, regular practice is necessary to experience the benefits of meditation.

    If you haven’t given meditation a try, now is the best time to start. Here is an overview of the biggest benefits of meditation.

    Reduce anxiety

    Meditation is touted for its anxiety and stress-reducing benefits.  Studies have shown that meditation, even for just a few minutes, can help reduce anxiety, depression and relaxes one’s mind. Consider trying meditation whenever you feel you feel overwhelmed, unstable or emotionally shut down.

    Improves relationship

    Today, more and more counselors advise couples to practice meditation. Recent studies have shown that couples who meditate become more loving, more self-reflective and less angry. In addition, couples who meditate regularly report greater marital satisfaction and experience lasting harmony in their relationship.

    Better focus

    Poor concentration is a common complaint by teachers and parents alike. According to a study that was conducted by researchers from University of Washington, people who meditate regularly stay energized, concentrates better and get more work done.

    Better memory

    Although meditation is often associated with a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, it also helps in improving memory. In a study that was conducted by a group of Harvard researchers, they have found significant changes in the brain’s gray matter after practicing daily meditation for 8 weeks. The gray matter functions by processing information in the brain.

    It’s good for the heart

    A 1999 study that was published in Psychosomatic Medicine showed meditation is particularly helpful for the heart. In fact, people who meditate have been found to have lower blood pressure immediately after meditating. Along with that, individuals who practiced meditation have been found to have lower heart rate and improved blood circulation.

  • 4 Ways to Heal with Crystals

    4 ways to heal your body with crystals Crystal therapy is an ancient art that uses stones and crystals to balance the body using the healing properties of crystals and gemstones. Adherents of the technique claim that crystals have healing powers and can cure ailments and other diseases.

    In the recent years, there has been more and more interest in crystals. These ancient minerals have been shown to have several benefits. They can keep us connected to the energy of the earth and spirit and can help our minds and bodies heal.

    Here are 4 easy ways to use crystals for healing. Try several different ways to see which works best for you.

    Placed around the home or workplace

    Rose quartz is a love stone. Place a rose quartz in a frequently used room to create a more loving atmosphere. This will strengthen love between family and friends and keep any relationship loving, peaceful and balanced. It can also be used to mend a broken heart.

    Used in bath

    It may sound strange to take a bath with crystals and gemstones, but it’s actually a great way to benefit from crystal energy.

    Black onyx, Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are great choices to use in your bath water as they help pull toxins out of the body. If you’re looking to have a romantic bath with your partner, consider putting some rose quartz in the tub. If have tired, sore muscles, Orange Carnelian may help.

    Kept under a pillow

    If you find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, we suggest that you place some crystals under your pillow. Amethyst can combat insomnia. Smoky quartz or black tourmaline will chase away nightmares. Sugilite, amethyst or azurite can increase your dreams.

    Worn as a jewelry

    Some people wear crystals because of their good looks. But these vibrant and colourful beauties can help in much deeper ways than just accessorizing.

    Wearing crystals as jewelry is an easy and convenient way to carry healing stones with you at all times. This is usually used for healing or protective purposes. Crystal pendants are recommended to people who are flooded with work. The stones have the ability to balance the persons’ own energy so free radicals can’t do any harm in the body.

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