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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Where has Nick Gone? ~ Message from Deb Klepsch

    Deb Klepsch_Nick_event_1_op_333x250Many of you may have been wondering where the Nick Monthly Messages have gone and why I am no longer doing public readings, temporarily. There has been such a huge transformation in my life that I have had to step back and allow the process to settle into my physical "being." So much has shifted internally, and externally. It had felt as if a rubber band had been stretched to it's limits...and then released. The rubber band must now find it's new "sense of position" in the physical plane. We are so blessed, as biological beings, but many do not realize the potential that is available, once that first step is taken, in changing your life. God/Spirit is alive in all of us. Tapping into that love is essential to living in this dimension!

    I chose to step out of the fear,as Nick suggested, and made changes in my life. I have had many beautiful "gifts" come into my life because of that choice, and now more amazing changes are occurring. If you ever wondered if "stepping-out" of your fear works, well, I have the proof. Done with love and grace you can move mountains, you can swim the deepest sea...of your emotions. This has been a fabulous journey and I am looking forward to what comes next!

    Wishing you all love and joy in what comes next in your lives.

    Deb Klepsch, Channeling Marstuthnick "Nick"

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