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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • New Moon in Aries; Sun in Aries 10th April 2013

    Sun Moon Uranus Mars and Venus in Aries.

    Pluto is retrograde 12th April -20th September.

    Key Words:  Boldness, Fearlessness, New Paradigms, Imagination, Wisdom, Revelations, Authenticity, Action, Conscious creation, Courage.

    The new moon is for sowing  seeds, setting intentions and initiating new ventures. Also refining your beliefs and expansion of what already  'is'.

    Aries Rules new beginnings too, Initiating innovative approaches to life. Blazing new trails. Assertiveness,  Honesty, Self-Discovery, Explorations and Independence.

    I am not going to even mention the `shadow aspects` of Aries, as this is such a fabulous and supportive new moon because of all the other super planetary energy also in Aries at this time.

    You may have experience the jolting energy of the March full moon 2 weeks ago --?  But this new moon is here to make up for all that was challenging then. I am seeing so much more evidence of the old patriarchal stuff dyeing off,, and allowing the co-operating and holistic wisdom of the divine feminine to fully show her face. Time to bring your individual unique gifts to the world table.

    This is an action packed new moon. Anything you are in the process of initiating now will be supercharged for success – be it relationships, career, or business ventures – this is a brilliant time to blaze new trails and make fresh starts. Leave the past and the old ways behind you, and find new paradigms to manifest into your life.

    Only your own fear can hold you back and limit you now – so if fears are presenting, take a good look at what these may be about --? Fear of failing? OR is it fear of success? Perhaps fear of judgment and others opinions? Remember even a failure is simply a way of finding out 'how not to do it' - , and a way to find out what we actually 'do not want'.

    Life as a process- not an event ,,,, So embrace that you- and only you- are responsible for your reality and what you manifest into your life.

    Pluto retrograde time is great for seeing where we need to make real changes in our lives – not superficial adjustments which simply serve to make us just a bit more relaxed in our comfort zones. Pluto retrograde highlights the blind spots we maintain to help us ignore an issue, and let ourselves stay unconscious. So be alert to anything you `had not noticed before`.

    Mars and Venus are in full harmony, so expect ease and harmony in your relationships, and work to integrate your own male/female selves.


    Anne Clark-Caya

  • A Highers Sense of Purpose

    Deb Klepsch Profile SmallPossibilities are awakening within the self. The time of "The Awakening" is at hand. There is a stirring within the physical self that is coming into a place of remembering; knowing you are here to contribute to A Higher Sense of Purpose. You are that Purpose ~ on Purpose ~ for Purpose. The difficult times that have been experienced, or in which are still being experienced, are the weights of darkness which are trying to block out the light of Self. The darkness will not win, but will become part of the balance which exists. You are "becoming" that change which you wish to "see" in the world around you. With the passing of Easter, the time of the Resurrection of Jesus, the new light of hope has been "set" around the world. Many of you had to reach a point of "saturation." This, being a catalyst for change, had to occur in order for you to accept and allow processes of elimination into your lives; elimination of old behaviors, beliefs, people, situations and things that are no longer serving you in a beneficial way.

    The Triple A's are now being utilized to their fullest potential; coming into Awareness in order to Accept that change or eliminations must be Allowed into your lives. Now is YOUR time to allow the flow of expansion. Your sense of Purpose lies within You. How may you bring this into a positive experience? By making a higher vibrational choice, a positive choice, in accepting that all which occurs in your life is in affect put into action by your choices for a Higher Purpose.

    Difficult times will pass, as all things change. Be strong, dear ones, as the "shedding of the snake" is close to completion. Your time of New Beginnings is already in motion.

    We love you very much ~ Nick 4/2/13 

  • April Astrology Highlights – "Dancing with the Stars"

    Janis_Page LargeHappy April!   No foolin’… April starts with a hopeful, optimistic sextile from the Sun in Aries to Jupiter in Gemini, but this pleasant aspect is overlaid over the still-prevailing double ‘finger of god’ yod aspects of Jupiter not only sextiling the Sun, but also Aries Uranus, Venus, and Mars all seeking individual self-expression in an uncomfortable 150° inconjunct to Scorpio Saturn conjunct uranian transneptunian (TNP) Poseidon for a limiting, judgmental overlording aspect with a dash of spiritual awareness and/or self-righteousness.   The other overlapping yod is the longstanding Scorpio Saturn/Poseidon sextile to powerful Pluto in Capricorn inconjunct Jupiter.   (I’m trying hard not to say you might indeed feel like god is giving you the finger!)   There are potential power plays that may be based on different ideologies.  Avoid overconfidence and overreaching.   Take pause to be sure you are not trying to take advantage of others through a misguided sense of self-entitlement.   With Chiron conjunct Mercury in illusory Pisces squaring expansive Jupiter, you might weave a clever justification to yourself, but you may not be as likely to get away with things as you might hope…  In other words, make sure your reality check doesn’t bounce!   (and bite you in the butt!)   

    That’s quite a tangled array of aspects to open the month.  Venus and Mars move forward in close conjunction in Aries from about April 5th until the 9th, with the exact alignment on April  6th.   Mars will dominate as the red warrior planet is in his own sign in Aries, while peace-maker Venus is weaker and at her detriment in the sign.  That means that aggression, ego, sex and desire will override the romance, harmony and collaborative compromise that Venus prefers, although there is an excellent potential for creative self-expression.

    This leads into the new Moon on April 10th with the Sun and Moon at 20° 40’ of Aries, closely conjunct rebellious ‘dwarf planet’ Eris, Mars and Venus.   The key phrase for Aries is ‘ready, fire, aim!’ and this stellium in the first sign of the zodiac screams, Me!  Me!!  Me!!!   (well, aren’t you special???)  Try not to leave tire tracks across anyone’s face charging ahead in your enthusiasm, and use the excellent motivating energy to get things moving in your life.   It might be easier to take on things that can be quickly accomplished to avoid losing interest along the way, but you would do well to focus on what is most important in your life at this time with clarity of intent. 

    Overlapping and underlying this is powerful Pluto turning retrograde (Rx) at 11° 35’ Capricorn.   Because the small but mighty power planet is so far out from the Sun, it will actually be stationary from April 7th until the 19th, and moving slowly for quite a while both prior to and following this two week period.   If you have any placements or personal points in your chart here, you will be experiencing a major transformative phase.  For some, this may even include the breakdown, transforming and releasing old genetic, ancestral patterns, for your own liberation, and also offering liberation for your ancestors and descendents.   Powerful!   For all of us, and for the broader collective, this is the next phase for the disclosure and confrontation of abuse of power.   Watch for more corruption in business, politics, and religion to come to light over these next several months… 

    On April 13th, Mercury, the quicksilver planet of thinking, communication and travel joins the party in outspoken, impulsive Aries, bringing the number of planets up to six in that sign (if we include Eris) but not for long, as Venus happily enters her own comfortable sign of Taurus on April 15th.   Venus in Taurus is good for creativity, sensuality, and finances – and yep, this is tax day.   That works.  

    There is more activity and two more planets changing signs over the next few days, making all four planets to change signs this month doing so within this one week.   First, the Sun conjuncts Mars in Aries with the potential for temperamental willfulness, but also good motivation and activation on the 17th.  This is followed by Venus making a lovely, creative and idealistic sextile to Neptune on the 18th.   Then on the 19th, the Sun enters earthy, practical Taurus as does Mars the following day.  Also on the 20th, Mercury joins Uranus for crackling intuitive insights, but also can be potentially accident prone, so be mindful not to be too hasty or impulsive.   Pay attention while driving, and look all directions before crossing – you are not the only one likely to be hasty or impulsive. 

    Saturn makes a somber opposition to Venus on the 22nd, Earth Day, putting the reins on any excess or indulgence.   This is not a day to blow your budget or your diet.   On the 23rd, Mercury forms a creative sextile to Jupiter, which should be good for planning and communications.  This leads up to a creative, and potentially lucrative and/or passionate trine from Venus to Pluto and an inspired sextile from the Sun to Neptune on the 24th.  

    These several positive transits open to the first eclipse of 2013, a lunar full Moon eclipse at 5° 46’ Scorpio on April 25th.   All eclipses are intense and powerful activators, and this one is no exception.   The Sun in Taurus is still closely conjunct Mars, opposing the Moon in emotional and possessive Scorpio conjunct Saturn, the lord of karma.   There can be power and control issues, unconscious compulsiveness, secretiveness, some paranoia, security issues, and challenging willfulness.   At the highest potential, there can be great insight and the motivation and will to make creative changes to set a foundation for positive growth.  Do your shadow work - there is much to be gained in exploring the ‘roots’ of the tree of individuation, if you dare.  It’s important to find a balance between emotional intensity and practical common sense.  

    With asteroids Circe (giving and receiving assistance), Panacea (finding solutions, the cure), Memoria (memories), Eros (sexual energy), Ornamenta (gifts, decoration), Euridice (dependence on assistance), the centaur Nessus (negative, toxic, ‘poisoned shirt’), and TNP Admetos (compression, slow, raw materials) all activated on the 90° dial, there are going to be many levels of manifestation of this eclipse around interrelatedness and responsibility to others.   Much will be on unconscious levels, and there is need for impeccable integrity.   If this eclipse hits something in your chart, you could be reaping the activations and feeling it for a while.  This all sounds very heavy and hard, and yet it is fitting in this new time of unity consciousness, and there can be much joy and accomplishment in it all.   Wow.   Usually eclipses come in pairs, two weeks apart, but this time there will be three – watch for the next two in May.    

    On April 26th, Mars sextiles Neptune for inspiration, or possibly, delusion and confusion.   Use your intuition, stay in integrity and it could be good.   The Sun opposes Saturn on the 28th, a good time to make plans and build a structure for your work.   You may find some opposition or challenges to your ideas, and this possibility will increase with Mars opposing Saturn on the 30th.   Consider constructive criticism as a means to help you fine-tune or, if necessary, to overhaul your ideas.   If possible, stay out of power plays, especially those based on ego trips.   Your ‘authority issues’ could be triggered – don’t go into knee-jerk reaction or be oppositional ‘just because.’   Arm wrestling, anyone?    

    With so much Aries influence, April is a good month to remember and affirm that you have the Right to Be, and to follow your path as you see fit.   But so does everyone else, so it is important to respect the boundaries of others while you also maintain your own.   Be patient and kind.   Many are deeply challenged during these volatile times, but remember everyone is doing the best that they can.   Remember to stay grounded and clear.   Please also remember that we are in a time of drastically accelerated manifestation, so keep your thoughts and feelings as positive and resonant to higher frequencies as you can.  In this way, not only will your experience flow and expand in a productive, creative way, you will also help to lift the energies for others. 

    As always, the key is to attune from your heart center in gratitude to your higher Self, your Essence, and beyond to Source.   Don’t forget to nurture your ‘human suit’ with ample rest, activity, good quality food and water, and laughter and play.   Connect to source energy for renewal.   Remember compassion for those in confusion, fear and denial, and those near and dear to you, and for yourself.   The radical shifts are progressing, and the veils between the worlds continue to thin and diminish.  

    As we co-create this new world of unity consciousness and higher awareness, we are inevitably more attuned and aware of the collective energies around us.   Continue in mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality, which is neither indifferent nor passive, but rather, is not emotionally enmeshed.   This gives greater clarity, capacity, and presence.  

    Follow your highest path of compassion and heart, with gratitude, with gentle curiosity, courage and fearlessness, humility and grace.   Celebrate Mother Earth and Father Spirit, who give us everything.   Listen, listen, listen deeply to the pulse of life and to your own heartbeat.  Remember Who you Are, and why you are here, and get on it!   Breathe deeply, slowly, exhale, and Be...   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.  

    www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

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