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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Standing Still by Holly Burger

    I am post vacation. I went to Seattle to see friends and refresh myself. Getting out of routine opens us, it gives us a chance to see what other people are doing. When I travel to other places, I love to learn about culture, religion and people. Years ago, while in Costa Rica I stood in line at a bank and waited. There were adults, elderly people and children all around me, all standing very still. In America we wiggle, text, complain and do all kinds of
    things to stave boredom. Acting American made me stand out and feel uneasy, so I studied the energy and thought, "They are so grounded." (Grounded!)

    Grounding and patience, worthy aspirations. So I tried it. I put both feet on the floor and filled my body. Filled my body. Does that sound familiar? It may not; Lightworkers are notorious for being lofty, airy or spaced out. Or we journey; past lives, future, wants, anything to avoid the moment.

    As I became fully aware of me, my surroundings and what I was doing, I began to feel something unexpected. I didn't feel bored, anxious for the next adventure, aggravated about time slipping away, in fact--I lost a few thoughts. I felt present, and happy. Happy!
    Without thoughts of the things I wanted to do after my bank visit, I felt the moment. I felt peaceful beings around me, waiting for the next thing, but present in the current thing, which was... waiting. I engaged in the waiting. I didn't move my feet, wiggle or stretch. I relaxed.

    In that moment, I anchored into a foreign country, below the Equator. My energy sensitivity, which I usually protect, felt safe and that resulted in... happiness. By grounding into the current, I felt happy. Isn't that interesting? Isn't that challenging? Still, twelve years later, I find opportunity to ground into the moment. I find myself hurrying, wanting and completely ignoring the present moment. Then I think of that bank in Alajuala, Costa Rica, where the locals stand still.



    Holly Burger shares at For Heaven's Sake - Connect With Spirit LIVE every 1st Wednesday!

    For More information/RSVP: ~  www.LightworkersAlliance.com ~  
    303-956-0334 holly@lightworkersalliance.com ~  Longmont, Colorado

  • Clearing Your Energy Field Ideas… by Paul Morey (our customer friend)

    As light workers we absorb a lot of energy, & often energy invades our Energy Field. I am learning that as my abilities develop some time’s I need to find new ways to clear the excess energy & debris I collect.


    First of all is Hydration, we need to drink a lot more water than normal, because we process more thoughts, energy, & information than most people. Taking 3 or 4 minutes a few times each day to drink H2O can & does help us to clear toxic excess from our bodies.

    Second is calling the light, we all have protective practices we use to shield
    us from excess energies. Call a ring/vale/bubble of light can really help
    shield & release these energies. Blue is great for the psychic & mental areas, Pink for the heart & compassion, Green for healing & energy. White for purity and Angelic purposes.

    Protective stone’s worn on the body can help in cleansing and clearing our energy fields. Selenite, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Herkimer Diamonds, Apache Tears, Onyx, Obsidian, & Salt rocks can help in clearing away energy’s from our bodies helping us in our daily work. (Mini Tip; when you get home takes off the stone, laid it in a dish of dry sea salt to cleanse for the next day).

    Ringing of a bell, for some reason the vibration & tones of a bell ringing can help clear energies much like a spiritual diuretic lol. I have been known to stand under wind chimes on really stressful days. Also keeping a small bell can work as an energy clearing device, and mood improving technique.

    Blowing away the energy, when you need the quick fix close your eyes take a very deep breath & blow out as hard as you can. Repeat 2-3 times letting all energy flow from your core out. Relax for five to ten minutes with your eye’s closed till you feel centered. Envisioning the energy blowing out the cobwebs.

    Smudging yourself in times of anger or duress, using a smudge stick of sage (green or white) or Santo Polo wood, Sweet grass, or Copal resin can deeply clear your energy field helping you to find clarity, (Stand in a low ventilated room, away from a fire alarm, lite your smudge of choice combing it from front to back beginning at the top of your head to the tip of your toes).  Placing the Smudge in a fire proof container at your feet allowing the smoke to drift around you. Stretching and loosening your muscles as you go.

    A private prayer for Angelic cleansing and protection can be all you need. And last but not least a simple hug from someone can clear your energy and help boost your and the other persons energy’s.


  • PROTECTORS OF THE LIGHT - Channeled Message

    “Honored Ones, followers of the Light, behold your own Light and that which you contribute to the massive Light already present, and know that it stretches from sea to shining sea.  Your planet is going through many changes, and your Light helps to carry it, and each of you, through these changing times, buoying those who are on the edges of Light, sticking a toe in, yet feeling uncertain.  We say to those who are uncertain, reach out to the Light, and
    it shall carry you always, for no matter the season, no matter the perception of hardship, the Light shall carry you.  We bring messages of good tidings, though you expect gloom and doom.  It is only a matter of perception, so we say to you:  shift your perception to one that supports you and warms your heart.  Though you may perceive this as your planet’s darkest hour, it is instead a time of coming together, loving as you were always meant to love, supporting one another, and looking towards a blessed tomorrow. Set aside your fears and revel in the energetic changes, for they carry you closer each minute to total love on your planet.  Do not fear.  The Light always prevails.”


    "Oh, Lightworkers, make haste.  Your gifts are sorely needed by all those on this planet.  Every bit of light that you can provide lifts the energies on your planet and blesses and encourages all.  Your light serves to light the way for those coming behind you as they climb the rungs of ascension. You are the way-showers for many behind you who are lost and uncertain. Hold your Light high so that they may see their next steps.  Support one another and encourage always those who follow the Light with you.  The planet, the people, the animals, the trees, hunger for your Light and that which you contribute as a beggar would hunger for food and water.  You have the ability to supply it, and it costs nothing, only your heart and your time.

    "The ways in which you do things shall go back to the old ways of giving of supply
    through love and barter, giving because you see a need, not because you desire a dollar.  Give freely from your hearts and you too shall have all that you require provided to you.  Have faith that this will happen.  Give freely, always from love, and you shall be a part of the magnificent change that is sweeping your planet.  Be an agent for good and let all who touch you feel your Light.  Fear nothing, for you are in the midst of wondrous times, and you shall be well and protected, whether on that side of the veil or this one.  You can never die, so toss out that fear and go forward courageously.  Bring your gifts to bear.  Shower those around you with your gifts.  Learn and move forward quickly.  You matter. Your Light matters.  You are part of the solution, part of the wondrous new time that is descending upon all.  Go forward quickly and in love always.”

    --- Channeled message by Joyce Jarrell

    Meet Joyce Jarrell for more Metatron's Channels and Cheesecake
    AND Protectors of the Light
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  • February, 2013 “Dancing with the Stars”

    Tashi  delek!  Bal Gyal Lo!  Gung Hay Fat Choy!   No, I’m not typing in tongues – that’s auspicious wishes, happy Losar (Tibetan New Year) and Chinese New Year of the Water Snake…  round two of beginnings of the new  year, or three, if you count winter solstice…  Happy February.  The year has been a wild ride down the rabbit hole so far, and that only seems to be intensifying.

    I don’t recall where I heard this term, but we seem to have accelerated to the point of hitting ‘vertical time.’   It’s illogical and bemusing, but somehow feels right intuitively – at least to some of us.   January screamed past, and we are well into February by the time I sit to write this forecast.   (whoops!)   Many were sick in January, and many are still sick, or are sick again, and a concerning number of people are finding out they are considerably sicker than they knew.   We need to get grounded and present in our bodies, and take good care of our ‘human suits’ as they too strain to adjust to the changes…  Many are needing more sleep, more water.  This is a time for rest and integration to allow the new changes to start to quicken and germinate within us.   We will find new possibilities, and if you can take a little time out, your new direction will start to clarify and you will be very busy soon enough.

    While some are cruising with great joy, fluidity and ease at times, there is also much anxiety, and greater tendency to hair-trigger overreactions to situations, as so many are in a state of the equivalent of psychic ‘metal fatigue.’  We don’t have a lot of room for more stress.  In the world, there is great turmoil and violence, volatility and tension.   The shifts and changes don’t come easily, and the old ways die hard.   Those insisting on resisting letting go and evolving are shattering.   As the veils continue to thin, we are feeling the
    collective (un)consciousness of the global insanity and world pain much more acutely.   But much of the turmoil is serving to bring old corruption to light for transformation.   When we feel overwhelmed, remember mindful awareness and loving detachment and neutrality.   When intense thoughts and feelings overtake you, remember you are not your thoughts or feelings, and come back to your heart center.   That works really well…

    Still, the good news abounds!   We’ve made it across a significant threshold, and are co-creating a new world of unity consciousness and higher awareness – which is why we are more attuned to the collective energies around us.   It’s important, if not so easy, to continue to keep your consciousness at a higher vibrational frequency and resonance, and your experience will be more gratifying and useful in a productive, creative way, as well as serving to lift the energies for those around you as well.

    February is a busy month astrologically… while the slow moving planets continue to move quite slowly, five planets change signs, or rather, four – Venus changes signs twice.   Also, two planets turn retrograde later in the month – Saturn and Mercury – after a rare three
    week phase of no planets being retrograde from January 30th, when Jupiter turned direct and continues to dig in at 6° Gemini, the degree of the November 30th eclipse, holding an ongoing drone of activation of that eclipse.    If that eclipse hit something in your chart, you are probably noticing… ahem!

    The month starts with Mars slipping out of visionary Aquarius (where I did not notice last month had it in mutual reception with both Pluto and Saturn!) into watery Pisces, and Venus driving out of practical Capricorn into Aquarius less than an hour later on the 1st.   Venus is pretty happy and friendly in Aquarius; aggressive Mars is a little more challenged in sensitive and amorphous Pisces, though the placement is good for spiritual pursuits, music, dance, creativity, and water activities.   On the 4th, Mars then flows into conjunction with idealistic, illusory Neptune at home in the giant planet’s own sign of
    Pisces, causing either possible confusion or fatigue, or igniting the will to pursue your ideals and dreams.   The next day, February 5th, Mercury follows Mars to also enter Pisces, shifting thought patterns to being more intuitive, more feeling than thinking your thoughts.

    The 6th is a sparky, expansive day, as magnetic Venus forms a creative sextile with innovative Uranus, great for creative ideas and romantic sparks and flirting, and active social media contacts.   Then Mercury conjuncts Neptune, which is ideal for creative expression, writing music or poetry – practical, logical thinking, not so much.  There can be miscommunication or confusion, or possibly deception.   This is a time to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it might be, so heed your instincts to check it out.  Then, still on the 6th, indulgent Venus makes a flowing trine to expansive Jupiter,
    which can be extremely fortuitous, but also prone to great excess.   Not a good transit to stay on a budget or diet, and with the Mercury-Neptune, your thinking is not very discerning beyond what feels good.

    Mercury catches up to Mars on the 8th for some quick action, but also potential agitation and arguments.    The next day speedy Mercury squares Jupiter for potential overload, with too many things going on at once.  It could be fun…

    February 10th is the new Moon in Aquarius, a very action-packed day.   This is Tibetan and Chinese New Year of the Water Snake mentioned at the beginning of this forecast.   The new Moon at 22° Aquarius has the Sun and Moon making a tight square to the lunar nodes, which can indicate social conflicts and upheaval.  This is further amplified and exacerbated by Mars in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Gemini, which can be egocentric and bellicose, and Venus in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio.  Ouch.  Here are issues of women’s rights and the limitations imposed on them – and the resistance to those limitations! – as well as economic issues, especially with Saturn making a tight sextile to Pluto in Capricorn all month.   They continue in mutual reception, being in each other’s sign, for a tighter interconnectedness.   This aspect reflects the power structures which are called to evolve, especially with the lord of power Pluto also continuing its ongoing square to rebellious Uranus, calling for revolution.

    This new Moon reveals itself to be even more potent when we also consider the activations on the 90° dial, where the Sun and Moon activate Uranus, sudden changes and disruptions, uranian transneptunians (TNPs) Kronos, authority and leadership, and Apollon, commerce, multiples, and asteroids Astraea (vision, witnessing, incomplete
    resolution), Hera (partnerships, and issues of equity exchange in them, financial agreements), Nostalgia (the past, memory), Pandora (sudden surprises, chaos), Toro (strength, bullying), Atlantis (crisis, especially water crisis, issues of confidentiality and ethics), Black Moon Lilith (hidden, dark feminine, the shadow) and midpoints
    Saturn/Neptune (limitations, illusion, weakness), Neptune/Poseidon (spiritual, idealism), Kronos/Astraea (something unresolved or lingering about power and those in authority, witnessing).   It’s quite a Moon, and promises quite a year.

    This focus on women’s rights is interesting, and we can get some insight from the Water Snake, which is very feminine, yin energy.   Snake energy is magnetic and wise, knowing how to both utilize and conserve energy, including being highly intuitive in the ways of timing – knowing when to wait until the opportune moment to strike.  This is an auspicious time to come into attunement with your highest self, and from that alignment, set an intention and goals and go for it, especially in this three week time of all planets in direct motion.   This is also in perfect attunement with the rising of the feminine energy into right balance with the masculine (it takes both) and unity consciousness, which has the feminine quality of relatedness.

    Astonishing!   Because I’m so late in finishing this forecast (the last week flew by in a day) I can add that on the 11th, the day after this powerful and transformative new Moon further activating the empowering of the feminine, the Pope gave notice of his resignation – and then that night, lightning struck St. Peter’s Basilica!  (my first thought was God saying, ‘Out! Damned spot!)   This Pope has been at the center of the coverup of the massive pedophilia by priests, which is abuse of power and life-force energy at its worst.   More abusive power structures coming down… but, we’ll see what the Catholic Church does
    from here.

    Mercury sextiles Pluto on the 11th, bringing communications about power, possible secretiveness, strong intuition.   The following day, on the 12th Mars conjuncts the ‘wounded healer’ centaur Chiron, who bridges from the ordinary to the non-ordinary, from the personal to the transcendent and spiritual.   Often Chiron ‘breaks our heart,’ but it’s
    small egoic heart breaking open to greater compassionate heart.   Here is the potential for sexual healing, or some high ego trips of wounded self-entitlement or sense of victimhood.  Don’t go there, please… Mercury also trines pragmatic Saturn this day, so that will help keep things real, especially with the Mars-Chiron in a grand water trine with patriarchal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct spiritual uranian transneptunian (TNP) Posideon trine TNP Kronos, power and leadership.    There will be changes in power and those in power, with potentially harsh judgment for those out of integrity.

    The only aspect happening on the 14th is a pleasant sextile from the Moon to the Sun, so with no added stress, go with the cosmic flow and have a happy Valentine’s day!

    Mars sextiles Pluto on the 15th, then trines Saturn on the 16th.  Hard work and diligence pay off.  This is not a time for self-indulgence and procrastination.

    On the 18th, there is a significant shift in energy as the Sun joins Neptune, Chiron, Mars and Mercury in Pisces (there will be even more soon enough!) as Saturn, who has been slowing down all month, stations to turn retrograde at 11° Scorpio.   The Sun and Neptune are conjunct the asteroid Eros, for a potentially erotic idealism and illusion, and a bit of escapism?   But Saturn putting on the brakes in that tight cooperative sextile to Pluto, both in a ‘finger of God’ yod hard 150° inconjunct aspect to workaholic asteroid Vesta demands due diligence and that responsibilities not be neglected.  There is a call for adjustment here, fine-tuning or course correction and clarifying intent and focus.   Fly, but stay grounded and real!   The Sun tightens into that conjunction with Neptune on the 20th.

    Mercury stations to make its first three week retrograde phase for the year on February 23rd at 20° Pisces, conjunct Mars and the asteroid Nostalgia, closely trine the north node at 20° Scorpio.    What have you forgotten?   Or rather, what are you remembering that you need to revisit, complete, reconsider?   This is a time for reflection and tying up loose ends.   It’s a challenging time for communications and technology, and a poor time to have surgery while Mercury is Rx (it goes direct on March 17th – best to avoid surgery the several days before and after the Rx phase as well).   Are you becoming more intuitive, and
    more telepathic?  You might be, and starting to notice it more…  you might also have some sense of Essence recall, of who you are, and who you may have been in previous lifetimes.   Maybe.

    The full Moon is at 7° Virgo on February 25th, opposing the Pisces Sun, Neptune and Chiron (Mars and Mercury are out of orb, but also still in Pisces) and a couple hours later, Venus says me too!  And joins the planetary stellium in Pisces by entering that sign, which is a very good fit for Venus for her inherent creativity and magnetism.   That’s a lot of planets that the Moon holds in opposition, and in Virgo, the Moon asks that we attend to the details with due diligence and care and not just dissolve into the universal collective Piscean waters.   Jupiter in Gemini closely squares the full Moon opposition, so there are a lot of details and factors to address, and with any luck at all, some fun and laughs along the way, not fragmentation and confusion.   Mercury backs over Mars on the 26th – is there something you need to get back to, something to be said about a past situation?   There is again the possibility to be irritable, argumentative or accident prone, especially
    if you fall into the potential Piscean spaciness, so take extra care to be mindful while driving or working with tools.

    The month ends with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, for a long cosmic Ahhhhhhh…..  create, dream, expand in compassion and creative joy.    Stay in heart, with compassion, gratitude, awareness.   Remember courage and humility, grace and fearlessness.   Sniff out this new world, see how things are now, and how to best dance with the evolving unfolding of it all.   Be kind, be patient – remember many are ungrounded and confused, but doing the best they can.   Stay attuned and connected to Source, and remember to take time to play, too.  Be wise, meditate, rest, and nurture your body thru these changes.   Do your best to bridge between your highest aspirations and longing, while also taking care of what needs to be taken care of in your daily life.  The light is increasing, in the sense that we are more than halfway from the winter solstice to the spring equinox, but also the Light within and around us.  Pay attention!   Wake up!  But also dream, and fly in your dreams… there are new realms and possibilities to explore.

    Again – Listen, Listen… deeply, breathe, and Be…   As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    www.rubymala.com Previous monthly forecasts on my blog at http://blog.rubymala.com/

    Lovingly  dedicated to my mother, Ruth Page (July 8, 1923-November 27, 2012),
    radiant soul, breathing freely, as you shine and smile, and dance among
    the stars…

  • New Moon and Sun in Aquarius February 10, 2013 ~ Chinese New Year of the Black Water Snake

    Key Words: Community, Groups, Originality, Higher Visioning, Synchronicities, Break-throughs, Idealism, Wake-up calls, Releasing, Clearing out, Letting Go

    Aquarius is an Air sign, and this N.M. and sun in Aquarius holds lofty ideals, which asks us to clear out, and let go of everything `old` that is holding us back, and find the like-minded souls who share a common vision, and who will appreciate you `shining your own light`. – AND appreciate them shining theirs ! This allows for the group consciousness to find creative and holistic solutions to change the OLD that no longer serves us.
    This N.M. opens the door for finer and fresh cosmic vibes. Be receptive to situations or events that ` strike a chord`. Watch for the wild synchronicities that can/will present now –Chance meetings, coincidences, a piece of music with a message, license plates, numbers, lost items, unexpected changes. These are all wake-up calls at this time, to let you know YOU are the one you have been waiting for-! It is time to own who you are, find your truth, and release what is holding you back from living the life you came here to fulfill.
    We have seen already that this new energy and focus of 2013- Year of the Divine Feminine – is about collective solutions, and group endeavors to find holistic solutions to resolve `that which ails us`. This does not mean we have to surrender our own journeys, or conform to others expectations – exactly the opposite – We need to enhance and shine our own individual light , in order to benefit the collective, and to show others how to shine their own light too.
    Chinese New Year of the water Snake: A year where  feelings, emotions and empathy is heightened. A  year of opportunity to deepen Spiritual renewal, and powerful transformation. Individuals and communities will be searching for different solutions to issues which create stress and dis-harmony in their lives.
    The snake can shed its skin – seemingly creating itself anew. It is limbless, and so must subtly find its way around obstacles in its way. Snake is stealthy and subtle and uses camouflage to its advantage, it does not strike out unless cornered – rather moving out of a situation, in a smooth and graceful manner.
    **Note; All planets are still direct until 18th. USE this green light time to continue to focus on your hopes and dreams for 2013.

    Anne Clark-Caya – Spiritual Energy Healer, Merkaba Meditation Teacher – Anne Clark-Caya works in the electro-magnetic field (aura), clearing out negativity and blockages that you may be creating for yourself. Based on Barbara Ann Brennan’s work in balancing the energy centers that link into your physical body, Anne re-creates your original `Blue-Print` in order for you to move forward in your life with a clearer and stronger energy base.  Anne is guided by her own, and your, Higher Self – ensuring you are receiving the energy and information most appropriate for you during your session.  This experience is often tangible, and you will feel lighter, clearer and more equipped to deal with life`s challenges as they present.

    Anne is British, and recently moved to the USA after living in South  Africa for over 36 years.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and  international facilitator for the Flower of Life workshops.  She is an  accredited Meditation Teacher, and qualified in Aromatherapy Massage,  Stress Management, and Energetic Holistic Healing.  She is currently  studying acupressure and Vegetarian nutrition.

    Anne is also available on Tuesday and 1st and 3rd Sundays from 11-5PM or by appointment for Energy Clearing and Healing Balance.


  • Change your perception, not your experience

    Channeled message by Deb Klepsch

    Recognizing the gifts before one can be difficult. With all the lower vibrational occurrences it is easy to perceive things in a lower vibrational manner. This is a time to reach within; to re-connect with the positive aspect of your being. Allow Self to emerge by recognizing the lower vibrations for what they are not; a part of you. Those that wish to make you part of their lower vibrational experience will try to make it your experience, your belief, your story. Many may believe they are having more than their share of lower vibrational experiences. When one finally understands or recognizes that it is not the experience which needs to change but ones perception of the experience, that is the essential piece towards... peace. Approaching the experience with the understanding of how one perceives each one is when the lower vibrational lessons move forward to newer, more positive expansion processes. Making positive vibrational changes within oneself will bring about more positive experiences without.

    Those of you which are experiencing "time speeding up" are working through these expansion processes, not in "real time" but in 5th dimensional time. The faster one moves through these positive expansion lessons the quicker you are ready to assist and be of service to others. As we have stated before, we honor so much for making the choice to incarnate into these biological bodies. We know that once your "biological amnesia" took affect, you no longer had the ability to make decisions from the vantage point of the Higher Self, without conscious awareness. Continue to ride those higher vibrational currents of change which will keep you flowing towards higher dimensional experiences. Changing your outlook from a lower vibrational vantage point to a higher one will come as easy as changing your socks.

    We love you very much~Nick~2/2/13

    See ‘Nick’ LIVE at For Heaven’s Sake:

    3/8/13 - Friday from 7-8:30PM 
    Channeling “Nick” (Marstuthnick) Pure Conscious Channel on Evenings of Guidance with questions and answers

    Deborah has been channeling Marstuthnick (Nick) since January 2007 when he spontaneously “appeared” during a past life regression. Nick says, “We are of many legions. We come to help man make aware their gifts.” Deborah has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and received her Doctor of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science in 2006 from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, Alabama. To register/contact Deborah directly, call 720-581-0150.  debklep8@comcast.net http://www.channelingnick.com $15/person: RSVP Online

    “Thank you, Deb, so very much for accommodating me today with the wonderful session and powerful meditations.  I feel so much better and even a bit lighter in attitude. I truly appreciate the channeling and work that you bring forward.  It so resonates with the truth of my own being, and it comforts me.  Thank you, Deb, and Marstutnick.” -Diane

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