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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • Aurora –“Comes the Dawn”

    As a native of Colorado, to me, Aurora has always been the eastern-most city suburb of the Denver Metro Area.  It was originally named Fletcher after its founder, Don Fletcher, in 1891.  After development turmoil which ended in foiled water bonds, the people finally reclaimed this early settlement in 1907, renaming it Aurora.  Literally translated, Aurora means “comes the dawn” and its charter claims the city as the “Gateway to the Rockies.”

    Today love pours in from many ends of the earth as we reflect upon the unspeakable horror of one man’s insanity. It wasn’t a war crossing our borders. The enemy didn’t shoot from across the fence, and foreigners didn’t invade us from outside in.  No, his was an “inside job.” A man’s inner war imploded wrecking destruction and hatred on innocent trapped victims, whose only crime was that they wanted to experience a phantasmal picture on the big screen. What came alive is like what many of us have felt before - his dark rage of terror demonstrates the worst reflection of human struggle.

    Ours is a reminder to release the turbulent war that rages within each of us because, ultimately, hatred destroys. Like the body’s endocrine system, anger infuses the universal grids with patterns of misalignment that doses toxic vapors, shutting down our ability to sustain life.

    So, we too, must relieve the great pressure that builds within us.  We cannot keep our hatred buried alive within us.  Peace can happen with demonstrations of healthy imbued actions: use your words. Say what you feel. More often than not the people or things you war with have no idea that you’re even in pain.  So reach out and speak your hurts and fears. Make peace with others, and make peace with yourself.

    Aurora “comes the dawn” will always be etched in my mind as an awakening. Awareness burst forth from turmoil and now lies at the center of our hearts. It calls for a referendum for peace. Gather the people, and send love to this city and to your personal world. Let your actions be the single most loving hail on earth that you do today for humankind. May we know this, Aurora, through your inspiration “comes the dawning” of a new day.

    - Dianne Fresquez, President/CEO

  • July Astrology Highlights – “Dancing with the Stars”

    Welcome to the second half of 2012, and hearty congratulations to all who have made it this far!    Are you feeling a little karmatose??   Yes, many are exhausted and bewildered, and with bumps and bruises more on the emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic levels than physical, tho a bit of that, too.   This is a good time to remind you that the effects of eclipses and slow transits last well after they happen, so we are still deep in those energies.   Astrologically, yes, I’m referring to the recent eclipses, occultations, Uranus squaring Pluto, and finally, Venus and Saturn just turning direct after their retrograde phases, so things can finally start to move forward again after some delay and reconsideration.

    After the astrological Olympian strongman triathlon of extreme impact that was June, July seems a snap by comparison.    Mostly.

    That said, the ongoing fury of fires, power outages, heavy storms and flooding, and other manifestations of upheaval weather-wise, gives us a hint that things are still a wee tad turbulent, as there may be some connection between human emotion and the weather – much of the elemental purging and purifying manifests where there is emotional unbalance.

    Further, July kicks off with more coronal mass ejections from the Sun, and more of these solar  ejections may be disturbing the Earth’s atmosphere for at least a week or so longer.   Solar flares are like other highly ionized winds that can cause overstimulation and irritability.   If you do find yourself feeling more agitated than circumstances deem appropriate, it can help to get out in nature, bare feet on the Earth if possible, breathe, and get grounded.

    While we are still very much under the intensity and agitation of the Sun in Cancer opposing Capricorn Pluto squaring Uranus in Aries that culminated at the end of June, July also kicks off with Jupiter conjunct the south node, Venus and Ceres in early Gemini, opposing the north node conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius, all squaring Neptune in Pisces.   This can all feel quite fragmented, chaotic and confusing, as those prone to extremism are triggered to do so.   There can be a curious mentality toward idealism that if not in balance, can be prone to excess and lack of boundaries.   Remember your critical thinking skills, and take a breath before diving into arguments about differing belief systems and values.   There is more than one right way…

    On July 3rd, Mars enters Libra after being in Virgo since last November, just minutes before the Moon occults intense, secretive Pluto again, just hours before the full Moon at 12° Capricorn, still conjunct Pluto (and squaring Uranus, etc!)   Mars also crosses the equator to enter the southern hemisphere bringing another shift in the flavor of energies.  This full Moon chart has a few challenges with a yod – an aspect called ‘the finger of God’ – with Venus in Gemini forming a tight 60° sextile to Mercury in Leo – now that part is all great fun, social and clever, especially with Uranus adding dazzling spark in a sextile to Venus, and forming a fast, intuitive trine to Mercury – until considering powerhouse Pluto is the planet making the challenging inconjunct, or 150° aspect, to both Venus and Mercury.  Are there power plays and ulterior motives running, or can you find your roots in authenticity and connection to spirit in your creativity and communications?   Take the high road, be conscious.   The opportunity of the Capricorn full Moon is Spirit manifesting into form.

    We must note that Mars may be activating a deep, subtle magnetism as the warrior planet quickly moves to align with the Super Galactic Center (I know… another one??  After the Galactic Center at 26° Sagittarius and Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius?  Yep. Another major point)   The Super Galactic Center is a massive black hole at 2° Libra (actually, there are 3 or 4 black holes there), with a powerful draw that can help align body, mind, consciousness and spirit.   There is more turbulence to all this, and yet also opportunity to connect to your higher self, really Listen! and take whatever action to stay connected to that center.  Mars has more fire power soon enough, too.

    But the fun aspects in all that can make for a fun 4th of July, so enjoy!

    After a relatively quiet week, there is another very active, chaotic week.   On July 13th, Uranus stations and turns retrograde (Rx), and on July 15th, the Sun squares Saturn as Mercury turns Rx for the remainder of the month, turning direct again on August 2nd.    Sun squaring Saturn can bring power plays, authority issues, blockages and obstacles, and Mercury Rx in Leo can cause confusion, delays, miscommunications, challenges with technology, though easier for those who are flexible than those who are willfully stubborn.   It’s best to avoid surgery when Mercury is Rx, if possible, as there is the potential for complications or prolonged recovery.

    These challenging aspects are greatly amplified by Mars leading up to a bold activating trine to Jupiter and extreme and potentially explosive, willful square to Pluto on the 17th, then a polarized opposition to  Uranus on the new Moon on July 18th.   These are volatile and potentially violent aspects, so stay cool, neutral and aware, watch traffic and be aware there might be some intensity in the news.   The new Moon is just under 27° Cancer, with the Sun and Moon forming a t-square to Saturn in Libra opposing ‘dwarf planet’ Eris in Aries.   There can be power struggles, though the call is to use discipline and structure while maintaining personal freedom and individuality, with sensitive awareness and responsiveness.   The Sun and Moon get a further power boost from being very tightly conjunct the uranian transneptunian Vulcanus, adding focus and intensity, but not impulsiveness.

    After the new Moon, the rest of the month plays out with only minor activations.   There is a friendly sextile of Jupiter and Uranus on the 21th making a more peaceful entry of the Sun into Leo on July 22nd with Mercury Rx sextile Mars for active communications and travel.   Mercury then backs into another sextile to Jupiter on the 24th and trine to Uranus on the 25th.  These are good opportunities to revise and renew projects and plans, to incorporate intuitive awareness to consider the bigger picture.  This continues with Mercury conjunct the Sun on the 28th.  The 30th has Sun trine Uranus and on the 31st, Venus trine Saturn for a bit of stability.   A nudge from the Sun making a 150° quincunx to Pluto from the 28th to the 31st, calls for adjustment and rebalancing, and connecting to Spirit and expressing from that place of center.

    So in July, we get sort of a double dip of high activation with times of greater peace and quietude in between for a bit of rest and integration.   There is a method to this madness, if also perhaps a madness to the method… for quite some time now, we have been called to take responsibility for how we are feeling, to acknowledge and really feel our feelings, and then to release and resolve that which is not of your highest truth.  This can be quite intense!   But there is opportunity to go deeper, and when allowing and releasing such emotional content in a conscious, compassionate way, we can then access and free lifeforce energy that has been locked up within us so it can then flow freely.   This allows us to be more fully in our heart center, attuned to Spirit.

    Indeed, many have been experiencing an enormous magnification of unresolved emotional trauma.   It’s not about the story – we are not the story - but reclaiming personal freedom through understanding and release, and moving forward.  The past ends now.   It’s much like awakening from a fairytale enchantment.  This is the enlivening gift of having the courage and humility to go into those shadowy hidden places and feel what is there.

    There is deepened release, transformation, attunement and renewal, and continuing emergence of the divine feminine.  Stay at your centerpoint with compassionate awareness and grace, in gratitude, with courage and humility.   Be present, gentle and honest with yourself and others.   Again, take much needed time to rest, to contemplate, to Be.   Stand in gracious wisdom with flexibility and fearless Love.  As always, heartful, radiant warrior blessings to all.

    To receive a psychic reading by Janis in-store, she is available on Friday and Saturdays from 12-5PM or by appointment.  Call the store or drop by for an appointment soon!  Also by Janis:  Guided Meditation CD available on-line

  • 2012 A-List Voting Begins!

    BEST Bookstore - VOTE TODAY!

    We've been serving you for 12 years and I am very grateful for every one of them and you! You make us the A-List best new age metaphysical bookstore - - - thank you and I hope you will KEEP THE VOTES COMING! - Dianne Fresquez

  • Total Recall?

    Questions regarding self worth and self confidence arise. This is a time of self affirmation. One may find Karmic issues being resolved at this time; a cleansing of the past; being drawn to one due to the Law of Attraction. A "remembering" has awakened on this planet. Many are recalling their purpose in this life; many are merely "feeling" a change within. This is an energetic request by Self to bring ones awareness to what needs to come come into their experience next, through change. Certain planets have aligned and triggered energetic shifts. The effects cannot be ignored. A cleansing of the planet is answering the call of this shift; which is the same "feeling" some are receiving within. By aligning oneself with God and allowing self to draw ones faith to heart will assist in the re-alignment of internal energy. You are all the Creation of God/Source Energy. Self doubt was not included in His creation. Stand tall, enjoy your journey and surround self with love. The beauty of ones life is dependent upon the energy one puts oneself into. You have been created by a perfect God; you, His perfect child. ~Nick~7/3/12 Channeled Message from Deb Klepsch http://www.channelingnick.com

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